Healthy Fast Food....Really?

How much healthier is "healthy fast food"? My interest was sparked again this week with a new McDonald's commercial for the Egg White McMuffin.  Egg whites have become the trend recently as a healthier food.  The truth is, eggs are not unhealthy unless you eat a dozen a day, or you're trying to control cholesterol.  


I hear that word a lot, BUSY!  I try to tell my clients even if they have 10 minutes, use them wisely.  I have one client that exercises 3-10 minute cycles.  You can run, walk or crawl a mile.  In the end, it is still a mile.  Some people compare themselves to others during an activity.  My main focus is to just be the best YOU can be.  There will always be someone that is better, and worse, then you. 

Plan for Success

There is no try…there is only to do or not, right? Well maybe. Cliché as it sounds most fitness programs succeed of fail before they begin. Well organized plans should be life altering. “Diets” are fine to lose a couple pounds but for sustained health improving habits, goals should be realistic and for the long term. Here are some helpful steps to get you started.


. Here are some questions I would like for you to consider before you start your journey to looking awesome. 1. How busy is your life?- This will determine the length of time you exercise and how many days per week. Have to fit exercise into your life style, not the other way around.

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Summer Safety

As summer approaches don't forget about too much sun exposure. Although the sun is a good source of vitamin D, we must also use wisdom in how long we stay out as well.

60 Day Fitness Challenge

 Want to get into the best shape of your life? I'm starting a Beachbody Challenge group and thought you'd be interested in joining! It's a 60-day INSANITY challenge and it's the easiest way to achieve your goals ever.

Inspire Someone

Hi everybody,

Steps to Break Your Plateau

Step #1: Reduce Sugar. A very effective way to restart your results is to reel in your sugar intake. Inspect all of your food for added sugars and eliminate items that contain high calorie sweeteners. This means no sugar, corn syrup, honey or maple syrup. 

Calisthenics, Cardio & Calorie Burners

by Marc D Thompson    Would you like some exercises that burn calories, strengthen heart and motor muscles, improve coordination and stretch muscles. You’re in luck, here are some top choices.  Calisthenics1. Pushup2. Pullups3. Squat4. Jump squat5. Squat and thrust6. Situp7. Lying Leg raise8. Kick up to handstand repeatedly (use wall if needed)9. Forward Lunge10. Back LungeCalorie Burners1. Running (Treadmill)
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