Stay far away from "exercise machines"!

Don't try! Do!

Klickitat trail run in November 2014!

Sandra kicks butt in the "RoyWebster Swim"

truck signs look great!

Dog Mountain meets "Bulgarian Bag"!

Prep Time Saves Time

Prep Time Saves Time (prepare meals ahead of time)

Pilates and Paddle Events

I am just in from another great pilates and paddle event at Escondido Beach with Tyler Lennon of Cove Paddle Fitness.  We enjoyed leading a corporate group of six gentlemen from different parts of the country, in an hour long pilates class on the beautiful beach, getting aligned and centered, followed by a stand up paddle session across the majestic ocean.  Tyler and I lead monthly events at Escondido Beach and are available for private group sessions.  Join us for a revitalizing day on the beach and ocean!

Plant Based Diet?


The easiest way to lose weight and improve your health is to reduce the amount of sugar you are having, and I'm not talking about the fruits in your diet. Sugar, especially in liquid drinks, is not processed by the brain in the same way it is when your eating other types of foods. The brain does not tell you when you should feel full from eating or drinking sugary snacks. Actually. It will make you want more of them throughout the day. So, of you consume a certain number of calories from a sugary drink, then your brain doesn't make you eat less of something else instead.
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