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I want to start by saying someone emailed me and let me know they enjoy reading my blogs!  I tried to write back to you to say thanks for the input, but the email came back undeliverable!  I appreciate any input you want to give me. I just wanted to say when you start a program, don't expect to see results right away.  I had a client that was 44 years old.  Her previous trainer told her if she does what she did, her body would look like hers!  I had to tell her she is 44 years old and her previous trainer was 21!!!!

High-Protein Diet: Vegetables Low in Carbohydrates

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Fitness Classes Taking The World by Storm

Whether we enjoy it or not, keeping fit is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle. If you often find yourself stuck in a fitness rut, research shows that exercising with friends or in a group can be a great motivator. Participating in a group exercise class can encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and push yourself beyond your perceived limits. If you’re looking for ways to drag yourself up from the sofa, here are five fitness classes that are taking the world by storm: Burlesque

Mobility and Stability

Just wanted to blog really quick and address mobility and stability.  Obviously both of these are major issues in our field.  Unfortunately, the more I pay attention the more I see the lacking of both of these issues.  Unfortunately, we also can't help everyone.  As trainers, we need to make sure to address this immediately.  First session.  You can't hold off and assume it will eventually get better or the client will work his or herself out of it.  Correctvie exercise is an absolute component to your repertoire.  As I mentioned before, the t


Flat Belly TipsExercise:

Exercise Improves Joint Pain Associated with Aromatase Inhibitors

Postmenopausal women whose breast cancer is fueled by hormones are typically prescribed aromatize inhibitors (ALs) for five years after the surgery or primary treatment. The side effects can sometimes cause harmful side effects such as bone loss and heart problems. The most common side effect experienced by 50% of women is arthralgia, persistent joint pain and is reported the main reason women stop taking the drug.

Burpees Every Day!



Something I always tell my clients is "don't deprive yourself of the things you enjoy, just enjoy them in moderation".  I'm a firm believer in this because I personally feel that deprivation can lead to unhealthy, food-obsessed behaviors.  Sugar is known to be highly addictive, even more so than cocaine!

Back Pain?

When we talk about back pain we usually envision someone reaching down to pick something up and fall to the ground in pain. Finds out that the person with the pain had accident that caused the injury and it was 20 years ago. Now I have clients walking though my door that are younger and suffering from chronic back pain.  

Give up your need for control

Het was de bedoeling heel de afgelopen week mijn dagmenu door te geven. Helaas is dat niet gelukt. Niet omdat ik niet wilde maar omdat ik er gewoon de tijd niet voor had. Je kan alles zelf onder controle hebben maar door iets onverwachts kan alles toch net even iets anders lopen. Zo ook vanochtend. Ik was mooi op tijd wakker – 05.30 uur – en hoorde de vogeltjes al fluiten. Ik ben dus maar opgestaan en ben om 06.00 uur lekker een rondje gaan rennen. De laatste tijd rol ik van de ene blessure in de andere dus is het tijd om een beetje gas terug te gaan nemen.
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