Traveling Companion :)

My little traveling bear that has traveled with me all over for the last 6 years. He was attached to my backpack on his first flight from Kathmandu to Lukla. 

Pictures along the trail

Hiking through Phakding to Namche.    


 This is the Starbucks we found that is waiting for me on the way back with pizza and an ice cold beer.....keeps me going on the trail. (-: 

Canine hiking buddy!

 Hiking from Phakding to Namche I had a little friend.  This dog started following me for quite awhile.  When I stopped, he stopped and waited for me and would not move until I started moving....watched me like a hawk.  It was really cool I guess they know animal lovers! 

Women Love Pampering – But Are Those Beautiful Nails Worth The Risk of Cancer?

The recent controversy over the use of UV lamps causing cancer in the nail bed when used to dry has many women concerned and opting for alternatives.

It's getting real in the Whole Foods parking lot

Seriously, have you driven through there lately?  Who has time to deal with that? Apparently I've already inspired higher veggie intakes in some people so I want to give you some tips on how I'm making this a little easier on myself.   

We do not always have internet up here and it may get worse as we ascend higher.  The Wilderness Medical Society is posting daily from home base.  If we go under the radar for a few days you can check to see where we are on our journey.  I also challenge people to pennies/ft for the Valley Animal Center.  In an average hour we travel a little under a mile.


Walked over to Namche Bakery Cafe today.  I was brave and tried a pastry, very good.  Just finished our CME lectures on high altitude pulmonary edema and it's time for dinner.  

National Posture Institute-University of Maryland at College Park 2-Day Posture CEC Workshop- 15 Days Left to register

15 More Days Left  to register for the Posture CEC Workshop & NPI-Certified Posture Specialist™ Program at the University of Maryland (April 12-13, 2013 | College Park, MD).  To Register:


Sorry, brief intermission to buy more internet time.  I have to type fast because they don't give you much time.  We will be doing some acclimatisation hikes while we are here in Namche at 11,386ft, climbing up high for the day then coming back down to sleep.  The group went on a small hike today to a local sherpa museum.  John and I both stayed back to recover.  Tomorrow we will be hiking up to the Khunde Hospital to observe medical rounds.  I won't be missing that!  
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