Protien Pancakes

High-Protein Pancakes Recipe(Feeds 2 Hungry Beasts)Ingredients:

The Best Workout


I love Saturdays

Started the day with spinach, raspberry, lemon and coconut milk shake. Great session with my client this morning, tackled the stairs this afternoon and now watching TUF finale.  I love Saturdays!

100% not good enough!

Why not look at the world with a different perspective. Open your eyes to everything you are missing and you wont believe how amazing you can be.  Fortune favors those who choose to see it coming. Prosperity belongs to those who work to bring it to life. 

Capoeira Spring

                                       "Santa Clara clariô, a flor da capoeira brotou."

Sleep Matters!

Sleep. We barely give it thought, until we can’t, yet it is fundamental for health and productivity. We spend approximately one third of our lifetime asleep, crucial time  when the brain recharges, and goes to work consolidating the days learning into memory. Except for babies and children, our need for seven to eight hours of sleep each night doesn’t change throughout our lives, but our sleep patterns do, as anyone wide awake at three in the morning knows. An older adult who goes to bed earlier and wakes up earlier might nap more during the day .

Exercise in the Morning...

Last Day in Kathmandu

We are on our last day here in Kathmandu.  Many of us have quite a long flight tomorrow as we head for home.  It has been a great experience. I look forward to sharing many more photos and stories with everyone when I return home.

"Walter" Magazine

 About two months ago, I got a call from a young lady named Charman Driver. She introduced herself as a reporter for the “Walter” magazine and was asking me about MELT. She writes the fitness column for “Walter” and only about things after she had gained some personal experience. Well, we spoke, and I explained as well as I can what MELT is all about. MELT is one of those techniques that, while explainable, have to be experienced to ‘get it’. But Charman promised me to attend one of my classes. 


IF you must walk on a Treadmill in the next day or two , do this incline training, too shake things up a bit. Enjoy 0-3 min 1% incline 3.5mph 3-6 min 6% incline 3.5mph 6-9 min 3% incline 3.0mph 9-12 min 9% incline 3.5mph 12-15 min 3% incline 3.0 mph 15-18 min 12% incline 3.5mph Cooldown for 2- 3min and done HOPE YOU ARE ALL HAVING A GREAT THURSDAY!
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