Farm Fresh right to your door North County!! Promo Code 6164800-796-6009I love getting my Vegie and Fruit Box from Farm Fresh.. They have just started offering fresh brown eggs, and fresh granola. Living Well,Nancy WilliamsonHeart Personal Training"Helping People Of All Ages live Healthier Lives" 

What's Your Plan? Personal Safety

Warmer weather brings a flurry of outdoor activity including gardening, walking and hiking, jogging, biking and more. Unfortunately, predators become more active too. Along with an increase in temperature comes an increase in assaults.Over 5,600 sexual assaults are reported to Wisconsin law enforcement annually, according to the state Office of Justice Assistance. However, because more than 60 percent of sexual assaults go unreported, the actual number is probably closer to 15,000.

Beautiful weekend weather

DO you have a bike just sitting in your garage? WHy not dust it off and take a ride. Its relaxing, yet a great workout, and you control the intensity. I went for a bike ride with my husband along the trinity river on saturday, and it was a nice way to spend time together in a healthy way.Speaking of spending time together with friends and family, how about trying to do somethng actve, and not center all get togethers around eating. Or, first something active, a walk,  bike ride, swim, meet for bowling, whatever... then a light meal..

Stand Tall and be Powerful!

Change your body position, change your brain chemistry, and your ability to succeed at any challenge before you! The message of Amy Cuddy's TED talk is; Stand in the Victory Pose and feel the power!


For my ZUMBA PEEPS!!!!at the Helendale CSD

ZUMBAthon - join on FB!/events/511329078990581/?notif_t=plan_user_joined

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ZUMBATHON FUNDRAISER – Pay it forward and Step on Breast Cancer! for Valerie Barrows

Join us May 17th at 11am at the CSD Community Center - to help the daughter of Valerie.
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