Progressive Relaxation Techniques for Stress Management — Part of a Pilates Instructor’s Teaching Arsenal

Have you ever had a client arrive for a Pilates session completely stressed out?  What did you do to help?  Perhaps you started the session with focused breathing or movement; but sometimes the client might still not be able to focus or relax enough to get the full benefits of a Pilates exercise session.  As the American economy continues to struggle, more and more people are complaining and getting sick physically and emotionally from too much stress.  We are an overstressed nation.  The American Psychological Association’s study on stress statistics includes

Body Systems Contributing to Balance and Mobility, part 3

The third of three major body systems that contribute to maintaining balance and mobility is our sensory system, which helps us interact with our environment and understand our body position relative to our environment.Copyright 2012, K-FitPro  

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Actively Participate In Your Medical Care

I love my physical therapist!  Our sessions are a true cooperative effort.  We both participate in the sessions.  I tell her where I'm still feeling pain, what efforts seem to be relieving the pain, what makes the pain worse, what new areas seem to be involved and my thoughts of possible causes.  She evaluates the areas, assesses any new new areas of pain and puts me through various tests to see where areas of weakness, inadequate flexibility or misalignments may occur.  Together we discuss treatment options, when we'll re-evaluate and what our next course of action will be.

Summer's Half Way Point

We are half way through the summer.  Hard to believe that it was not too long ago we were celebrating Memorial Day.  How have you used the summer time to stay active? Are you putting to the test what you have gained in staying fit from your hard work the previous nine months?  Summer should be a time to enjoy with family and friends.  It's a great time to participate in activities we may not do during the other months of the year.  Also, depending on where one lives, the weather may be more appropriate for certain types of activities. 

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