Busy, busy, busy?

Don't tell yourself that you are too busy to workout! We get energy from our workouts so they are even more important this time of the year! Staying on a regular workout schedule gives us the ability to sustain the extra errands, parties, and outings that this month is known for! Head to the gym and then the mall... you will get twice as much accomplished and feel better doing it!


Sugar Substitute ~ SPLENDA .... VERY IMPORTANT READ FOR EVERYONE. I just had a in-depth conversation last night with a friend that has been suffering from severe migraine headaches and vertigo issues, as well as complication with tinnitus, as we spoke I realized it was some of the same symptoms that I had experienced years ago, and which my doctor misdiagnose. But hearing what she had to say, and the pain, suffering and fear she had and was going through made me decided to do more research.

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Reduce your Stress...... right now

REDUCE YOUR STRESS......RIGHT NOW. Feeling stressed during this time of the year, well it's inevitable. But you don't have to sit idly by and let stress overwhelm you. Here at The Balance Guy I will give you the tools to cope with the holiday madness. Set aside 6 minutes of your day when you get home and do this Static Back Exercise

Give The Gift of Fitness


CSD Fitness Classes for 2014

ZUMBA 10:30am Tues and Thurs


Personal Training...

Adult Fitness class at Helendale CSD Park and Rec

Friday - 10:15am$5 a class760-951-3508
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