Run when Turkey is in oven, September 9.

8 30 a.m. - Rice Pudding, coffee, water.9 a.m. - Picking up the frozen Turkey, making from foil and meat rolling-stone.Bringing in oven and forgetting about it for three hours.Preparing myself for getting out.

NEW National Posture Institute Certificate in Sports Nutrition (Approved by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics) Earn CECs

NEW Online National Posture Institute Certificate in Sports Nutrition and Performance (Approved by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics) Earn CECs/CEUsThe Online Professional Certificate in Sports Nutrition and Performance has been designed to meet the growing demand for Registered Dietitians, DTRs, personal trainers, athletic trainers, allied health/medical and fitness professionals, and the general public who want

Martial Arts and Fitness (introduction)

Hello, fellow fitness professionals. I am going to start a weekly blog talking about martial arts and fitness. How can these elements come together for programming? This topic as well as others such as defining key terms will be discussed in detail.My goal is to build awareness on the topic. I hope others well find it interesting and educational. Please PM me with any questions or to provide further information if I missed or said some thing inaccuate. Another hope is to build a collaboration with those interested. 

Martial Arts and Fitness (part 1) still in progress

With all the hype around MMA individuals new to martial arts join as their first style. Training to fight or self-protection is well and it attracts many pepole. What about Fitness? How often do you hear people wanting to start a martial art to reap the physical benefits? There is starting to be combative arts emarging into a new life in the fitness industry. can all martial arts be used in a fitness program?            

Try this get ripped quick program from Larry Bird!!

Consistency- The single most important attribute to a client reaching their fitness goals. Larry Bird would shoot 100 three pointers before every game. It wasn't coincidence that he was a 3 x NBA All-Star and 3 x 3 point shoot out champion.


Come and hang with me...Pamper Chef!Hi guys....just a reminder that tomorrow, Sunday 9th at 2:30, is my little Pamper Chef "hang out."  Please come if you can.  No pressure to buy anything!!! Just come and hang out!  Hope to see you there!If you need my address just let me know....I will check my page for address request.

Cross Training

by Marc D Thompson We’ve all hit plateaus. Even if you’re exercising regularly you may be feeling unmotivated about your current routine. Maybe you went on vacation and stayed on fitness vacation even after returning home. Or even being new to fitness you had hit the gym running but suddenly you’re making excuses to skip the workout. 

How Fit Are You? by Jane Birr, Life Coach

 I just kicked off two groups of 25 this week for a 12-week journey to live on purpose and reach goals that matter to us. How exciting! Join us by taking pre-tests this week!

The National Posture Institute (NPI) - HUR iBalance System-Balance Testing Equipment (SPECIAL OFFER)

The HUR iBalance Testing/Training Platforms allow for baseline testing, continued monitoring, evaluation and training. The iBalance System allows you to see how proper balance training protocols can drastically reduce the chance of having reoccurring falls. HUR iBalance System comes in 3 versions so there is a solution for everyone's needs, and a price point that fits everyone's budget.  Learn more about the National Posture Institute HUR iBalance Testing Platform

Enjoy Your Next Vacation....And The Foods You're Looking Forward To Eatting!!!

Vacation....White, sandy beaches.  Snow skiing.  Family.  Friends.  Free time.  Ice cream.  Desserts.  Fruity drinks with little umbrellas.  Exotic, foreign locals.  Everyone has their own idea of what makes up vacation bliss.  It usually always includes lots of good eats, dessert, drinks and free schedules. Which also usually means that your exercise and healthy eating habits go out the window!  But, does it have to be that way? 
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