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Bina’s Rules for Healthy Eating  If it isn’t food

Lynda, our November 2013 "Athlete of the Month"!

Desk Jockey Exercises

If you work at a desk, or spend time sitting in the car and commuting a long way to work. You should be making attempts to get up and move more to keep your body feeling and looking it's best. This link showes about 7 good exercises to do at your desk. Make sure the desk and chair you use are stable and solid. You could repeat these exercises every hour or 2 while at work and actually feel some significant improvement. Good,Mac Dodds

Saying Good-Bye

As a personal trainer, it is my job to assist clients to achieve their goals. Those goals are usually body-related, be it weight loss, gaining strength, improving stamina or bettering the handicap. They can also be mind-related; finding a way to deal with stress or learning how to focus on the connection between mind and body. But in any case, the goal is to improve, to make better and stronger. 

Enjoy the Moment

This life is so precious.  Spending precious time with my wife and my litle ninja has reminded me of that.  Every little moment I am so thankful.  Being a parent is one of the greatest gifts that a person could have.  Are you enjoying your precious moments.  You don't have to have a child to enjoy precious moments.  Just take a moment and look around.  You are living in a moment right now.  Be thankful for that moment no matter what season you are in.

Is Vitamin E important for my health?

Vitamin E comes in 8 forms, yet it is still a relatively unknown and, unfortunately, neglected vitamin. While Vitamin C and B get all the hype, Vitamin E exists somewhere out there, but where? In what? In what form? Why should I eat stuff which contains that? What, finally, contains it?!...

Saturated fat“is it really bad or just wrongly accused??

Today I will be discussing a pretty hot topic, I don’t know if you saw a few days ago on the news or online, a Dr Aseem Malhotra published an article in The British medical journal that begins questioning the myth that saturated fat is the cause of heart disease. According to Dr Malhotra food containing saturated fats is being overstated and demonized by the current food guidelines that we are provided.

Are you sure I can't have Hermione's time turner?

 This past week has been really busy. Actually things have seemed rather busy for a while now. It is at the point that the piles of 'to be done when I get the chance' on my desk have dates at the bottom of the pile that would be way past due if they were cartons of milk. Some of it if it were packaged cheese. At least I am not at the dried bean stage. 

Yoga's Benefits Over Time

7 Habits of People who Keep Their Cool

In the Fall, sometimes we tend to get stressed out with all of our upcoming responsibilities and demands, I found this article and thought you might be able to use it. Live Good. DoddsLive Good Fitness
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