5 Ways to Lean In To Your Wellness for Women's Health Week!

I have one Facebook friend who sends out a Happy Friday post every week! I sure feel WELL when I see that!


 Show your love for mom by giving her the gift of health this Mother's Day, which means helping her to eat healthy and exercise.  Why not start by cooking her up an unforgettable breakfast? Here are five tips for making mom a delicious heart-healthy breakfast this Mother’s Day:

Patience is a Virtue

 Patience is a Virtue 


 I often to get the question ' what do I eat after a weight workout?' Or 'when do I eat after a weight workout?'

rest day 9

So last night 3 classes in a row, wow, my hip flexor hurts , apparently I overdid it, thats alright. Im only resting today, no biggie, tomorrow 2 classes back to back, yes this is teaching , but i do the entire class. plus, count and talk and motivate. I love it.... lunch was a good  turkey meatloaf, rice and tomatoes. yummy!. so far I am seeing a little more tightness in the abs, it takes a while , i want to be back to 130 and ill be good. .

Be Full Of It

TEAM MOTIVATION: If this mind of mine is to be used at all, let it not be used for empty shells, hollowed thoughts, recycled attitudes, unstable and unsuitable, spaces.

The "Take Three Questions" to Healthy Eating

I love this.  It comes from Mindy Mylrea's Tabata Bootcamp program.   Before you take the next bite that you really don't want or need ask yourself these three questions:  1) Am I Hungry?  2) Is it a smart choice?  3) How much do I need?.  I started asking myself these questions when I was seemingly famished!  I'm getting pretty good with my answers.  Thirst can disguise itself as hunger!  A banana has taken the place of chips.  One of anything is usually enough or a smaller dinner plate instead of a big one. 

Let down your inhibitions

When I was a kid I was quite shy around those I did not know well. In fact up until just a few short years has it been that I have I developed the confidence to live MY life not as others see me living it, but as I see myself living the life I was meant to live. If you would have seen me 10 years ago I would have been back of the room sitting in a corner waiting for others to ask me to join in. I was not anti-social--I just did not feel as though I belonged. Sadly, I believe much of this had to do with my weight and the insecurity it brought to me.

Healthy Fast Food....Really?

How much healthier is "healthy fast food"? My interest was sparked again this week with a new McDonald's commercial for the Egg White McMuffin.  Egg whites have become the trend recently as a healthier food.  The truth is, eggs are not unhealthy unless you eat a dozen a day, or you're trying to control cholesterol.  


I hear that word a lot, BUSY!  I try to tell my clients even if they have 10 minutes, use them wisely.  I have one client that exercises 3-10 minute cycles.  You can run, walk or crawl a mile.  In the end, it is still a mile.  Some people compare themselves to others during an activity.  My main focus is to just be the best YOU can be.  There will always be someone that is better, and worse, then you. 
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