It’s not only about how your skin looks. Is it also healthy?

You are working on your looks every day. You want to look good. Everybody does. You want to feel healthy and work hard for it. When it comes to your skin, it’s a big part of how you look. We are all looking for that nice glow. But is your skin also healthy? With skin cancer rates on the rise for decades now, it’s time to take attention.

5 Essential Tips For Running With Your Dog

It’s important for us to keep fit but also our pooches as well. Many people enjoy a morning jog or the evening run along the beach in the cold fresh air.  Jogging with your dog isn’t just a perfect way for the both of you to get some exercise but it’s the best way to spend quality time with your dog. While running with your dog, it’s important to remember a few important factors. Your dog has different limitations than you. Putting your dog at the top of the priority list is important. Here are a few tips while running with your dog:

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وقتی یه کاری رو شروع می‎کنیم همیشه دوست داریم مستمر و مداوم ادامه‌اش بدیم، اما گاهی این کار خیلی سخته به ویژه وقتی قراره اون کار ما رو کیلومترها از دایره‌ی امنمون خارج کنه؛ دو ساله که متعهد و مداوم سر کلاس‌های Functional صبا حاضرم، این تدوام یک انگیزه‌ی قوی می‌خواد و این همون چیزیه که یه مربی محشر می‌تونه به وجود بیاره، یک مربی که آ

The Best Foods to Eat to Improve Digestion

Digestive issues leave you feeling less than your best. In some cases, they can cause additional health concerns, ranging from an upset stomach to serious medical issues requiring emergency medical care.

Spice Up Your Life!

We all tend to be creatures of habit especially for many when it comes time to prepare a meal. It's always the same old thing but did you forget that sometimes just a little spicing up of your meal can give it just the zip you needed. There are so many good health benefits and protection from some chronic conditions in spices. They are plant based and come from the seeds, roots, and bark of the plant. Take for example turmeric which is a plant base of the ginger family and is the main spice in curry giving it it's yellow color which has anti-inflammatory properties.

Fitness is FUN!!

Did you know that besides teaching fitness fun in my own studio, I also teach as a volunteer at the Jo Abrahams fitness center at ballast point Park? Please come join us Tuesdays and Thursdays at 8 AM!

An Encouraging New Technique For Control Of Weight

Manga gástrica is a technique used to treat the patients with obesity. It enables patients to eat less food. It involves the use of Gastric sleeves. These Gastric sleeves has sophisticated purposes, since this surgery is only focusedon the restorative reasons, since its motivation is to expel the patient from a scope of extreme stoutness and sullen bringing about a low quality of life and bringsthe chance. Gastric sleeves additionally cures or enhance various metabolic maladies.

The 1-2-3 to survive a heart attack

 As in this changing and fast-moving world like the one we live in, anyone could be susceptible to suffer a heart attack.We should all be ready to overcome them in the case we are suffering one or are near a person who is having it.Technology has made very possible to have a better outcome when a heart attack is in progress but the most important thing is to recognize a heart attack and have the knowledge on what to do.

When is IPL treatment recommended

Who should get Breast Reduction?

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