Hello Spring!!

Longer day's mean more time to enjoy the great out doors. During the month of April I am offering 2 free Health Coaching sessions with a package of 8 Personal Training Sessions.

Why Everyone Loves Dance

You can be any size, shape, race, gender, background, income, or education level: 

Why you should interval train with ICUfit TRAINING

Why are intervals better then doing steady state cardio?

Alcohol and Your Health

Does drinking alcohol help your health or is it better to just say no? For some people the benefits outweigh the risks; for others the risks are far greater than the potential benefits.

The Office Workout

Get your workout on while you are at the JOB. Click HERE now!




Do you like to dance...Please sign up for April 2nd at my studio with Louis Van Amstel from Dancing With The S

Save Your Back!!!

Have you ever heard of someone’s back ‘going out’ on them when they were doing something as simple as picking a pen up off the floor?? Picking up ‘clutter’?? Standing up out of a chair?? Setting their golf ball on a tee?? Picking up a ‘Lucky’ penny?? Usually this is the ‘last straw’ or result in a compilation of ‘spinal’ stress issues.

What makes it easy to overeat?

Well, there are plenty of occasions when you might feel the urge to eat. Oftentimes, we even do not think why it is now and here we want to eat anything within the perimeter of our eyes (or in the fridge). It can be the stress. It can be that we are tired after a long work day and walk into the kitchen, ready to indulge. It can be that we are at a wrong place at a wrong time: the so-called situational eating or indulging.

Reasons to Exercise Outside this Spring

Reasons to Exercise Outdoors Living in the Northeast, I tend to get major cabin fever during the spring. So when warmer, sunnier weather kicks in, I tend to want to do everything outside“including exercise. Whether you live in the Northeast or not, many of us stick to ourselves inside“in smelly, crowded gyms“when we work out. But this spring and summer, there is every good reason to take your workout outdoors. Here are some of the best reasons: The Outdoors is Free. Exercising outside doesn’t require any money.
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