Perdida de peso? es cuestion de perspectiva.

  Desde el momento en que pensamos en la frase "perdida de peso", el simple concepto nos en marca en una perspectiva totalmente equivocada y programada al fracaso; no tenemos ni idea de lo que nos proponemos a hacer o de lo que, en realidad, estamos buscando. Nos extraviamos facilmente y perdemos la perspectiva de lo que significa tener un equilibrio entre nuestra composicion corporal, nutricion y estilo de vida.

The struggle I am having lately

Lately, I am struggling with my social media feeds. I am fans and friends with many different people from all walks of life that are involved somehow in the fitness industry. I admire so many competitors’ physiques and athletes’ talents that I am bombarded every day with all these messages/photos/diets/mantras/videos….but quite frankly it’s starting to drive me a little nuts.

Feeling like a Million Dollars!

Do any of you wake up with all the intentions in the world to eat healthy, get that amazing workout in AND complete the list of chores you have been pushing back? This is the morning when all of this is going to happen.....Then you wake up.

Getting Ready to Pick a Figure Coach? READ THIS!

I presented at a seminar in Annapolis, MD, targeted towards body building competitors or would-be competitors. My topic: How to Prevent Rebound. If you are unfamiliar with this term, it simply refers to the massive amount of weight gain many competitors experience after they step off of stage and begin eating normally again. And yes...a majority of this weight is in the form of fat. Not all competitors go through this--as long as they are fed properly during competition. What I have seen over and over again, however, is that most competitors are not.

And the winner is....

Christy Cloer! She just won a FREE 5 class punchard ($20 value). Thank you to all who entered my contest. Be on the lookout for more special contests and deals. 

Fad Diet?

Don't make someone else Rich - Nutrition Business Model

How many times a day, week, month do you have clients/strangers come up to you and ask you about your nutrition? I am always surprised when I start to break down how many people I talk to about nutrition and find out those numbers range from 30-100+ a month. What advice are you giving them? Are you suggesting the Whole 30 diet? Paleo? Eating Organic? Or just marketing certain grains and vegetables that you have found work for you? Anyway you are answering this question you are helping someone else make money.

Getting Real

Let’s get real. 4 minute abs doesn’t mean you will get a six pack in 4 minutes. It means it is a 4 minute workout targeting your abdominal muscles. If you want a six pack or a flat tummy you need to do at least two things. Develop strong, tight abdominal muscles and shed excess fat in and around your abdomen. Before starting a new exercise program or diet of the week, ask yourself, am I really ready to change my lifestyle? Because that’s exactly what it’s going to take to reach your goal.

Resistance Training For Fat Loss

Ok…so you’ve finally broken down and realized the benefits of adding resistance training to your workout routine. Good for you!! You’ll increase bone density, increase tissue strength, increase metabolism, endurance, power and decrease body fat. Wow!! Sign me up! But the problem is, beginners aren’t really sure where to start. I mean c’mon…reps, sets, intensity, tempo, training variables…what’s it all mean?

Weight Gain during Cancer Treatment

This post was obviously not written by me but I am working with a client that has gone through cancer and had some weight gain.
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