Teach your children carefully!

Easy? Really?

Congrats kids!

Be a doer!

Avoid painful heart attacks!

Keep moving!

BEACH PILATES AND PADDLE BOARDING SAT, Sept 27, 8-10am Escondido Beach, Malibu

Challenge yourself to move in new directions, while enjoying dynamic people, and building community in the spectacular outdoors.

How Losing Weight Can Improve Your Sleep

We now know a lot of different reasons why we should lose excess weight to improve our health, but one area of health that you may not think that your weight effects is your  sleep. New research shows that not getting enough sleep at night can cause you to gain weight, but not getting enough sleep at night might also mean that you need to lose excess weight.

Winter is coming – 5 ways to avoid the dreaded coughs and colds

If you don’t want to catch the dreaded lurgy this winter, it’s essential to take care of yourself and your family by eating well and maintaining a good standard of hygiene. Germs can spread like wildfire, so check out these handy tips and stay in tip-top shape throughout the coming months.Wash your hands

How Not to Get Injured When Working Out

If you want to stay injury free, the best strategy is to do different exercises everytime you go to workout.  If you rode the bike Monday, jog or walk on Tuesday, Swim on Wednesday, etc.  If you worked your chest and back on Monday, work legs on Tuesday, work shoulders, triceps, and biceps on Wednesday, etc.  Full body routines are fine to do also, but make sure you don't lift too heavy if you are only going to give yourself one day off in between strength training sessions.
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