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Come on people! A favorite quote of mine, "people who don't WRITE down their goals, work for people who do". It works. Here are a few more tips: have goals in a visible place, put a deadline date on them, focus on what you have to do to meet your goal and not the goal itself, make it achievable and reframe or lower your goal if necessary. It's your game so you can make the rules and change them whenever you want. If you don't have a clue as to what is realistic, guess. You NEED to have goals. Ps) I apologize for past, current, and future typos/misspells.

National Posture Institute News Story: Female knees and ACL ruptures very different from men’s

National Posture Institute News Story:  Female knees and ACL ruptures very different from men’s Sports training and ACL reconstruction should focus on unique characteristics of the female knee

Happy New Year 2013!!

Motivational speaker, Zig Ziglar states, “People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing. That’s why we recommend it daily.” Looking back over 2012 I recognize how much YOU, my ‘Fitness-Peeps’ have been key to my own motivation and I “Thank You!” YOU are my ‘Heroes’… YOU are the reason I continue to have Passion around my career and LOVE what I do every single day!

ARE YOU A VISUAL PERSON??? This might help!!



Fat Loss Training. The key variable in fat loss training is keeping the rest intervals short. 30 sec or less is ideal. Here is a sample training for you. Instructions 5 exercises done in a circuit. 30 seconds work. 30 sec rest. Rest 90 sec at the end of circuit. Do 3 times. A1 Dumbbell or Golbet squat. A2 Push ups any variation A3 Dumbbell Alternating Forward Lunge A4 Dumbbell Row -any variation A5 Romanian Deadlift - or any deadlift variation Are you in need of healing?


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 Quieting the quitter in us Last year my client started out with a 6 month goal of running a mile. We started with slow jog intervals of only 30 seconds at a time, with 2 minutes of walking to recover. Four months later she ran her first 5k. It was tough. This past November she ran her first 10k and placed top 10 in her age bracket- a non-runner! By her last race, she was running intervals almost the full mile at a time, recovering for only a minute or so.


MOTIVATION: TIME has a way of teaching us many things.

Treadmill Running v. Running Outside

Check out the differences between running on the treadmill and running outside:
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