Making time for a home practice

Yoga before mommyhood is competely different from yoga after mommyhood. No more running out th door to get to whatever class I can hit. No more staying at the studio after hours to get my practice in, regardess of time. These days, my yoga mat is often covered with stuffed animals and Dora blanket.  Ashtanga yoga is my main practice, and I've always had a home practice, but it's getting harder and harder to fit everything in a day, and get more than five hours of sleep.

The Mediterranean Diet

Unfortunately I will be sans recipe with picture this week. I had every intention of presenting a Mediterranean halibut but ran out of time and was not able to get to it. However, since Mediterranean was the theme of the day, I thought I'd discuss a very effective diet that helped me lose weight sometime ago-the  Mediterranean diet.  About 3 years ago I was 25 pounds overweight. I exercised regularly but not often enough. Not only that but my body was used to the exercise routine I did week after week. My muscles were not being challenged.


L O V E...A word so powerful but so misunderstood.So many if us use this word but do we really mean it.We are so quick to hate, lie, fight, and cheat.But then take forever to forgive & forget.We judge when we have no right.We love with our mouths but not with out hearts.Love isn't always perfect, and it may not always be pretty.TRUE LOVE NEVER FAILSBut we fail.We fail to fight for the things that we love.Instead allowing meaningless things to tear our love apart.

Traveling Again

I am packing my bags again, this time to go to Germany for a week. Since I have been complaining about the direct flights from Raleigh to Los Angeles a few weeks ago, I am looking forward to travel part of my vacation with mixed emotions. 

I’ve Fallen, But I CAN Get Up!

A momentary drop in the temperature this week, reminded me that it’s time for my annual “Fall Prevention” post. This year, my message is more personal because the subject hit close to home. My mother, who is 85, fell in the middle of the night a few months ago. She conveniently tumbled to the ground during one of my periodic cross country visits.  She is a an active, healthy, senior, who can even play a bit of tennis when she wants to. She still fell. It was an accident, and sometimes stuff just happens.

Visit the National Posture Institute (NPI) Booth at Club Industry Conference in Chicago Oct 23-25, 2013

Visit the NPI Booth at Club Industry Conference in Chicago Oct 23-25, 2013. Executive Director of NPI, Ken Baldwin will be presenting a Lecture on TH-Oct 24th titled "Postural Alignment and Core Strengthening"


That's right, folks!  I have just become ACE Certified and I'm looking for five more people to give five more free sessions to.  There is no catch.  I really just want to spend time working on getting good at my new craft as it pertains to working with others and there is no obligation.That's it!  Short and sweet. Setting up appointments for next week so call or email today!    

Lower Back and Hip Pain- There is Relief

Are you plagued with aching back or hip pain that you cannot get relief from? Are you unsure where your discomfort is coming from and have no clue why?

Do you know everything you should about the harmful effects of Sugar in your diet?

Do you know everything you should about the harmful effects of Sugar in your diet?  


Almost everyone loves the look of a well defined stomach right? But the core is much more than your six pack muscle. However, if you walk into any gym, crunches rule the roost Seen enough crazy crunches to last me a life time!
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