Today's Health/Fitness Tip: PETS AND HEATSTROKE

Did you know that pets can suffer from heatstroke?  Contact your veterinarian immediately if you notice that your pet is displaying any of these symptoms after being in the summer heat:  excessive panting, staring, anxious expression, refusal to obey commands, warm and dry skin, high fever, rapid heartbeat, vomiting, or collapse. If you suspect heatstroke, stay calm and act quickly by applying towels soaked in cool water to hairless areas of the body to help bring your pet to a more stable state. 

Food choices impact hormones??

Nutrition is so important if you want to keep your hormones properly balanced. All hormones are made from either cholesterol or amino acids (proteins). So, diets high in carbs and low in protein (and believe it or not, cholesterol) can cause hormonal imbalance. Since all hormones are related and connected, excessive levels of one may throw others out of balance. For example, the high insulin levels created by many typical American diets high in refined sugar and other simple carbs disrupt the function of thyroid, reproductive and adrenal glands.

Keep a Food Journal for Diet Success

Clients often ask me if I do the same things I suggest to them, whether it be a lifestyle decision, strength move or stretch.The answer is...yes.About keeping a food journal...absolutely, positively, yes; I keep track of what I eat. It has been proven over and over again, over many, many years, that food journaling equals diet success long term. Who wouldn't like that?


  Shane Mclean, ACE Certified Personal Trainer, T. Boone Pickens YMCAWhenever someone asked me what my hobbies were, I answered, “Can sleep be a hobby?” I seriously loved sleep that much. However, then I was a young man without a care in the world and hardly any responsibilities. How times have changed.

Overtraining – When is Enough Time to Recover?

   Overtraining – When There Isn’t Enough Time to RecoverPosted on July 25, 2013 by NASM By Stacey Penney, NASM CES, PES, FNS

Today's Fitness/Health Tip: TAKE BREAKS FROM SITTING

Taking one- to two-minute breaks from sitting throughout the day could help trim waistlines and reduce levels of C-reactive protein, an important inflammatory marker for heart disease, according to a study in the European Heart Journal. This study examined the health effects of prolonged sitting in sedentary and active people. If you find yourself sitting at your desk or in front of the computer for hours at a time, try scheduling brief walking breaks into your day or even just get up for a minute or two.

Saving Calories by Substituting Greek Yogurt for Mayonaise

If you like eating egg salad, tuna salad, or chicken salad, instead of using mayonaise, try using plain greek yogurt instead.  1 tablespoon of mayonaise contains 10 grams of fat and 90 calories.

Free Fitness Information

So far this week I have seen more free advertisements then ever before about how to lose weight. To me this is crazy because each one will only give you a taste then require you to pay an amazing amount to get the rest. Stop wasting time and energy on the free information. You need to hire a "Qualified" professional to design a personalized program for you.

CrossCore180® to be the bodyweight tool of choice for the new Nautilus XPload Zone Training System

Nautilus XPload Zone Training System - The XPload Zone is a REVOLUTION in truss training equipment! This rugged all-steel anchoring system allows up to 10 users to anchor CrossCore® Rotational Bodyweight Training Systems™ and other suspension straps. Overhead reinforcement allows for anchoring of heavy bags for boxing and MMA training as well as monkey bar overhead suspended ladder training. Each side frame features six steel anchor points positioned at high, mid, and low points for anchoring power conditioning heavy ropes and resistance tubes. 

3 ways I deal with this success-killing addiction‏

ByAdam Steer, Co-Founder Shapeshifter Media NCSA-CPT, NCCP 3, CSIA Lvl 4 Course Conductor, Biosignature Certified, MAT Lower Body Specialist CSCF 3, AKC Certified Coach    
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