6 Ways Technology is Improving Health Care

If you get a cough or notice another health symptom, although you might still call your doctor to discuss possibilities or to make an appointment, people are relying more on the tools of advancing technology to take control of their own health.

Achieving Skin Fitness

The skin is one of the most important organs of the body. Unfortunately, stress, bad eating habits, smoking and environmental challenges can harm its appearance. In addition to taking good care of your body through healthy foods and exercise, your skin deserves the same amount of hard work, dedication and pampering.The Right Tools

The Mommy's Day Reflection...

Why is it so important to me that my daughter likes to exercise? And, by "exercising", I mean both activities, structured around the gyms, studios, and soccer and other fields, and the games and other active pursuits, which she likes while not even realizing that she is working out (such as trampoline jumping or running with the dog).

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Roller Back Plank

Hi Everyone. This is a great way to work your posterior chain (the back of your body). It makes your core strong and is a great part of a strength training program that helps keep your back healthy. Check back for more videos.   

Vacation Time

Hi all!  I will be leaving soon to go on my vacation to my dream spot, Colorodo Springs!  I have heard so much about this place and I'm very excited to finally go.  We will be riding horses through the Garden of the Gods, taking the cog railway up Pikes Peek and going white water rafting.There is so much to do in this town we won't be able to do it all.  If I can do all these three things, I will be happy. 

The Glycemic Index

The Glycemic Index (GI) ranks specifically carbohydrates from zero to one hundred.  This numerical value is based on how they affect your blood sugar levels after you eat them.  Eating foods that have a high glycemiic index number, such as soda, white flours, and candy, typically cause a major spike in blood sugar levels, which in turn results in crazy energy crash. A couple examples that would be good for you choices would be raw honey, brown rice syrup (this is great to bake with), fructose (fruit), agave syrup (great on oatmeal), stevia.

Oh My Aching Neck!

As we get older those little annoying aches and pains start adding up. Why oh why am I working out and taking care of myself only to feel 10 years older than I really am? And it’s little wonder too. We have jobs that have us stare at a computer all day or manual labour jobs that have us performing repetitive movements day after day…what’s a body to do? A common complaint is a stiff neck and it is often associated with what is called Upper Crossed Syndrome characterized by a rounding of the shoulders and a forward head.

Top 5 Things I’ve learned as a Fitness Competitor!

How To Utilize Fitness Competition Prep work For Anyone Looking To Lose Weight!

How To Track And Assess Your Fitness Progress

IF YOU ARE NOT ASSESSING, YOU ARE JUST GUESSINGTracking your progress is an important part of staying on track with your fitness goals.
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