Examples of HIIT workouts

Examples of HIIT workouts There are different ways to do a workout with high-intensity intervals. You can use the stairs, treadmill, elliptical, bike or just add while you’re running outside. My personal favorite is the treadmill. I have outlined some of my favor ways to use intervals in your workouts. The warm up 

How to Work-out with Stuff in Your Home

How to Work-out with Stuff in Your Home

What is Ultherapy?

What is Ultherapy?

How to use before and after pictures of breast augmentation

How to use before and after pictures of breast augmentation

Do You Brush at Work? Why Not?

If you’re wondering how many methods are there to brush teeth, there’s no single way. In fact, there are many effective methods to brush teeth and they depend upon two main things:

Feed Healthy Milk to Your Baby via Breast Milk Storage Bags


Top Fitness trackers in today’s time

An activity tracker, otherwise called a fitness tracker, is a gadget or an application for observing and calculating wellness measurements, for example, distance strolled or run, calorie utilization, pulse and quality of rest. The term is presently principally used for smart watches that are synchronized, to a computer, laptop or cell phone for a long time health information tracking. It is basically advanced digital version of pedometers. It uses accelerometers and altimeters to measure mileage, calculate calorie burned, and monitor heart rate and sleep quality.

BARRE with Bailey Hall ... By The HG Ghostwriter

In my time as an HG member I have come to really appreciate the differences among the instructors - their teaching styles and their classes. I feel fortunate to belong to a gym that offers such a variety, taught by instructors with vastly different styles and personalities. Who would have guessed that classes like Yoga and Barre could be taught in dramatically different ways?! 

Reduce your Back Pain by Choosing a Suitable Mattress

Using incorrect mattress will lead to a lot of health issues including back pain.  Nearly 80% of people suffer from upper, lower or middle back ache at least once in their lifespan. If the mattress does not support your body, then your muscles are strained and do not keep your spine in proper alignment and you will get lower back pain.

Valuable Hints to Evade Sleep Problems

A restful sleep is quite essential in order to maintain our general health. In today’s fast paced world millions of people are suffering from insomnia which plays a key role in disturbing the smooth functions of our body part. More often people don’t give importance to rest, which affects their physical as well as mental health.
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