Back Pain Overcome by Expressive Writing

If you have back pain you would probably go for surgery or any other technique. But research suggests that the surgery should be last resort in back pain.

Best Home Decorating Tips You Should Consider For Your Home

Everyone loves to have a great appearance, and when it comes to the home décor, then you will find so many great options that you can have so you can make things better and beautiful for your home. If you have never considered the best DIY tips for your home décor, then you should try them because they will help you build an excellent appearance for the guest.

Strength Training Can Damage Your Teeth!

Being a fitness instructor, people usually ask me about how to lose weight, build muscles, improve stamina and all those “standard” questions. Also, over the years now there’ve been many more questions about various gadgets and apps used for improving fitness, but also those related to the influence of our lifestyle on our health.

What Team are You on for your health and wellness? Choose ID Life!

Good Posture is the New Sexy are over-rated. Good posture is the new sexy.I have to admit it took me a while to figure this out, but it seems rather obvious now.  If you are in a crowd which individuals catch your eye? The ones standing tall, right?

What To Know Before Going In For Orthopedic Surgery

We are all aware that any surgery is a serious decision. In many cases, particularly in cases of orthopedic surgery, a patient might feel some trepidation about having to have a procedure performed, especially if they are active and fear that surgery could limit their ability to play a favored sport or pastime in the future.

I am LABFitness, LLC

FitArtistry: Transforming ones’ creatively written words into physical movement. A moment in your life shared as your body flows to earthly sounds. Caribbean Flow: Group Exercise Fitness: Customized group exercise classes: Sensuous Salsa, Soulful Soca, Afro-batic Drum Beats. And more!  Corrective Flow: Movement and Meditation Therapy for older Adults and Youth and YOU!  Value Being You: Certifying fitness professionals.

Back To You 8 Week Fat Loss Challenge in Minnesota!

 Here at My House Fitness Hopkins, MN we have an 8 week Fat loss Challenge that is starting up soon! Are you ready to kickstart your Health and Fitness journey?

Prioritize your Fat Loss Goals

A majority of my training clients want me to deliver a high-energy, results-driven workout to help them lose fat. However, many of them fall short of reaching their goals. Why? Because what you eat and drink is far more important for fat loss than your workouts. If your true goal is fat loss (not weight loss) then you need to change your thinking and your priorities. 

Just Getting Started

Yesterday I had a very spiritual experience, that brought me back to why I started to get back into shape. To begin my day I set my goal, I wanted to complete a solo open water swim, up current in the Connecticut River. My plan was to get in at riverside park and swim up to the 291 bridge, about 3 miles by land. When I got to the dock, it was beautiful, the sun was shinning, the river was moving, a light breeze, but nothing  significant.
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