Losing the Weight AFTER having the Baby

When of the best experiences of my life (after college graduation and getting married) was the birth of my son, Max. However, the road to bringing him into this world was not as easy or simple as I wanted it to be. Losing the weight was not going to be as simple, as I gained nearly 50lbs... Read the rest of this article HERE.

Preventative Care

Most of us don't think about fixing our car, until it breaks down. Then, it's expensive, time consuming, and sometimes, can be too late. Our bodies and minds are the same. Consider a healthy balance of taking care of YOU, before you get sick and need loads of prescriptions. Balancing life is tough, I get it! Consider baby steps and make a plan.

Best Fruits For Losing Weight At Home

Losing weight is certainly one of the most difficult tasks of the world. It is quite easier to put on weight but when you began to lose weight, you have to put a lot more efforts and time to shed just a few pounds. But with a few simple and easy foods, you can change your lifestyle and you may never even have to indulge yourself in weight losing efforts.

3 Fitness Apps You'll Be Needing This Summer

Getting in shape can be a rocky path, especially if you are a beginner. You can easily experience a lack of motivation or feel like you’re wandering through endless fitness rules. But, with free or affordable fitness apps, reaching your fitness goals has never been closer. Maybe you want to lose some weight and become fitter, or you want to improve your overall physical and mental health? Whatever your starting motivation is, there is an app to guide you through your fitness process.MyFiziq

Fitness is a Mind Game

Fitness is a Mind Game.The secret to success is all in our head. This is one of the key observations I’ve made over the years working with people.  The more they were able to focus their mind on creating a new life for themselves, the more likely they were to show up to the gym day after day working toward their goal. Training the body is all about training the mind. If the mind is determined, the body will find its way to the gym. 

How Much Strength Training is Enough?

Most of us have a ready-made excuse for not working out - I don’t have the time. The best gym in town is too far away. I’m too tired after pulling a nine-hour shift. Excuse follows excuse, and the Monday that will finally see you enter a sanctuary of fitness never seems to dawn. However, the truth is you don’t really need to be going to the gym every single day. In fact, you shouldn’t be training daily, not if you are aiming to lose a few pounds, keep a few pounds off, or simply live a little bit healthier.

Glucosamine sulphate – Dosage and safety factors

Glucosamine sulphate in dietary supplement form has been found to be effective in treating arthritis and osteoarthritis, and certain ailments related to joints, tendons, cartilage, and bones. Extensive studies have been carried out in this regard and clinical trials have proved that it can indeed help patients suffering from the above ailments in getting relief and at least leading a normal life again. However, there are certain important aspects that you need to take into account if you intend to start this supplement.

5 Steps To A Perfect Bicycle Crunch

Steps To A Perfect Bicycle Crunch

Modifications to the Bicycle Crunch

1. Add Weights- Adding weights to a bicycle crunch will increase the difficulty. This increase can be a little or a lot, depending on the amount of weight that is added. Wrist and ankle weights come in various sizes, and these can be added in a small amount or higher weights. If the typical exercise is not challenging enough then adding weights can give better results and present more of a physical fitness challenge. 2.

21 (genuinely useful) Ways to Modify your Eating

1.      Make your plate a different color than your food. According to Wansick, if your plate matches your food, you’ll eat 18% more. Also, eat off smaller plates to eat less.
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