Perfectly imperfect in every way

As a fitness professional and health care provider, I notice a troubling tendency within myself.  I desire so very much to LIVE the guidelines- to play by the rules, and sometimes even to demonstrate the human expression of the ideal amount of cardio, weight training, the perfect diet, and self-care present.  This is simply not realistic, and in fact, the very idea that any individual, at any time in life might do it "right" is absolute delusion.

Tadalafil Awakes You In The World Of Satisfaction

Unsatisfactory sexual intercourse is what makes a man go crazy. That’s because of his inability to achieve perfect erection. Poor erection not only takes away the potential to execute the coital session, but also makes life unsatisfied and depressed. However, there is a ray of hope to such men, which goes by the name of Tadalafil, the drug that can awaken you in the world of sexual satisfaction.

Here's What You Need To Know......

Here's what you need to know... *Reps: That's what works to build a significant degree of mass. That means sets of between 8-20 reps. But you need to get stronger within a particular rep range. * The "over warm-up" is a technique where you warm up past the weight you plan on using for your rep work.

Think of the payoffs!

In need of some motivation to stick your head from under that cozy blankie at 6AM to head out for the gym?Think of the payoffs! And not any non-specific, good-for-all-of-us payoffs, such as: “We get stronger if we slave to the gym twice a week”. Think specifically about you and what you can get out of your training. Think how the exercise you are about to perform will translate into the better,s tronger you when you need it.

How to Choose the Right Supplement for Your Fitness Goals

When I first signed up for the gym, my instructor let me in on the golden rule of bodybuilding: there’s no muscle without sweat, discipline and commitment to the workout program. However, as time went by, I learned that exercise is just one aspect of good shape and overall health: diet and recovery time also play a major role in fitness results. Dietary supplements were the final block in my gym quest: these considerably improved my performance, but it took me some experimenting to pick up the right bottle for my individual workout goals.

Never Leave the Playground

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Skip’s Nugget:

You Need a Personal Trainer

You Need a Personal TrainerI know what you're thinking, "What? I don't need a trainer!"I'm not just saying you need a trainer because I want more clients or for some crazy numbers goal. I am saying you need one because of what I know having a trainer can do for you."Oh, but Caitlin, I already go to class."

Women & Knee Issues: Exercise is Key!

MELT and More – The Story of the Ugly Duckling

As the connective tissue, aka fascia, which until recently was treated like the ugly duckling is morphing into a beautiful swan, it has been attracting more and more interest from practitioners of different modalities. MELT has been at the forefront of this movement, and it still forms a foundation stone of my training. But there are others now, and as a trainer, it is important to evaluate its effectiveness and even integrate it into practice where it is of benefit to the clients and students. 
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