Self Love!

SELF LOVE, friends! So often we are focused solely on weight loss and the journey seems difficult, overwhelming and can be frustrating. However, if we focus on becoming healthier versions of ourselves, it's a perspective change that can shift our thinking. Tackling one area at a time, meaning instead of making multiple drastic changes, pick one change at a time. Whether it is incorporating exercise a few days a week, monitoring your water intake throughout the day or going to bed earlier at night. All changes matter and are a WIN towards pointing you in the right direction.

Top 10 Benefits Of A Workplace Wellness Program

Second Chances In Life

Did you know I have a podcast?No?Yes, it's not on my HEYlifetraining Fitness and Wellness website BUT on my other women only brand called: Heike Yates - Pursue Your Spark.Pretty cool right?If you landed on my HEYlifetraining website no problem because you can get a direct link to Pursue Your Spark and check out what I got there.

Ageless- How a lifetime of exercise keeps you young


Best Airbrush Makeup Kit – How Much Better Is It?

Airbrush makeup kits – Can technology really help you out?One thing is for sure about our lives nowadays, we are just too busy that we never seem to have much time. Fortunately, there are contemporary conveniences that can greatly help us save time, even on the dullest tasks that we perform just about every day. One of such conveniences is to make use of an airbrush makeup kit. You have perhaps seen infomercials advertising or commercials regarding airbrush makeup kits – the idea happens to be quite interesting.

New Blood Pressure Guidelines

Just with the stroke of a pen, about 14 % more Americans will all of a sudden be considered as having high blood pressure. Only blood pressure that is below 120/80 is now labeled ‘normal’. Stage 1 hypertension is now 130-139 over 80/89. The good news is that diet and exercise are still major factors to lower and manage high blood pressure. 

Top 4 Strategies To Market Your Gym

Comparing Boxing Gloves for the Right Pair for You

Not all boxing gloves are created equal. Some are meant for professional pugilists only, and are not good for the amateur. Other boxing gloves have loads of padding to soften the blow for those concerned about injuries during an amateur match.

How To Build An Exercise Plan

How To Exercise With Limited Mobility

Exercises for people in wheelchairs and fitness tips for people with injuries or disabilities
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