Best Protein Supplement

I have tested various protein supplements, and my favorite is BioTrust. Hands down! Great tasting products for fatloss/ muscle building/ overall health made from top-quality all-natural ingredients. Give it a try! Check out the product here:

I go to the gym

I love that, "I go to the gym"What does that mean?Do you go to the gym and talk with your friends? Do you go to the gym and walk on a treadmil?Do you go to the gym and not have any idea what to do?Do you spend more time getting to the gym than exercising at the gym?Do you go to the gym and get bored?Do you go to the gym and sit on the weight bench? This is why so many people are surprised when they do our bootcamp or personal training.

Don't be afraid to be a BITCH!


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What is Metabolic Testing?

 Physiologic evaluations based on actual oxygen consumed and carbon dioxide produced for:  • Resting Metabolic Rate – a measurement of calories used to maintain basic life functions such as circulatory, respiratory and brain function.


What are your favorite way's to get in shape?My 90 day plan..Start Date Fri June 28th!!Ready Set Go!!! 

Feeling Good..

Feeling good is the best medicine..Never Ever Stop Training..

Tips for Keepin' it Real in the Grocery Store

Sometimes it can be difficult to go to the grocery store and know what to buy. You want to shop cheap, get foods that people like, and try to purchase healthy wholesome nutrition.

Running motivation

Whenever I set off to run it is nice to have a goal, a place to get to. Since I don't live and run in the mountains of Washington State, where there was always a peak or lookout to motivate me, I have to try and get creative here in Tampa. Today I ran my dog Wilbur to our new to us sailboat which is in its new slip a little over 4 miles from us. I was excited to get there with Wilbur to see what he thought of the boat. As in all out and back runs you just have to get yourself to the turn around point. I think Wilbur will make a great new crew member!

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