What a quadriplegic taught me about running

Back in 2001, I ran my first race. It was a 10K that I trained for with a friend. I ran it on a cold, Cleveland, April morning-we only shed our outer layers after the first mile or so. I ran slow, but I finished in just over an hour. I still remember all the food vendors, the massage tables, posing with our our t-shirts and race numbers-basking in the high of, "I just did that!"That night, a woman named Joni Erickson Tata spoke at my church. Here's a brief synopsis of her life and accomplishments:

4 Steps to a Killer Beach Body

Warm weather and summer will be here before you know it and it’s time to start whipping your body into shape. If you want to be confident in your bikini body, you need to focus on staying fit, not just dieting and weight loss. The secret to toning your body to beach-ready perfection this summer is a combination of fitness, dieting, and skin care. 1. Combine HIIT and Cardio 

A good trainer?

When I first became a trainer, it was because I wanted to have a career in fitness and I know that my starting point would have to be somewhere. I was in school for Kinesiology and was trying to learn everything I could from the other trainers I worked with. I look back at that time now and realize how inexperienced I was, I knew some, I knew how to spot good vs. bad form, but I struggled with creating a long term and short term plan for clients, and struggled with identifying their true weaknesses and imbalances.

Does Alcohol Prevent Weight Loss?

Did you know that alcohol consumption can decrease testosterone in men by 23%? What about how alcohol directly affects your ability to lose fat?Alcohol is deeply entrenched in our culture as a way to have fun, let loose, and be social. Companies that market alcohol from vodka, to whiskey, to beer know the right buttons to push. Our brains are seemingly wired to desire a cold refreshing alcoholic beverage after a tough day at work.

Hypertension – Make a DASH for It

Hypertension is one of the common precursors to heart disease and stroke, and millions of dollars are spent on medication to control it. 

Break through Your Progress Plateau's w/ any of these 4 Fitness Tips!

Does it feel like no matter what you do in the gym, you just aren’t moving forward? Nothing is more frustrating than hitting a progress plateau, but sadly, it’s something that virtually every gym-goer will face at some point in his or her fitness career.

What type of exercise do you prefer?

Everybody enjoys different types of workouts. Some people prefer running, biking and swimming. Others enjoy cross fit or group exercise classes. There are others that prefer the traditional weight and cardio routines of the gym. Whatever exercise you decide fits you the best is the one that you are going to do the most. To be honest, some of my clients prefer the one-on-one experience and enjoy the personals training workouts the most. Studies have found that you will stay more consistent and make it a lifestyle change if you enjoy what you are doing.

Looking to Connect!

New here and saying what's up to everyone!!

No Equipment, no problem

I love to train outdoors, even when it is cold (in southern california, i use the word WInter very loosely) I still like to be outside, but sometimes it can be challenging to create a workout with nothing. The great thing about this situation is that it requires me to be creative with my clients and make the best of any situation. You can get a great workout and acheive results even if you don't have equipment so don't ever let youself feel limited by what you don't have. Change the perspective and look at the optimistic side of it, feel motivated by what you DO have.

Probiotics: Everything you need to know

Today I'm blogging about an article I read about probiotics. I have referenced the article below.
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