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Ladies !!!!! Yes just walking alone isn't the only thing that will keep you looking your best but also it won't help you feel your best either. Resisitance training will not only give you those sexy curvy hips,arms, and back you want but it also improves muscular strength, muscular endurance and it helps the body manage chronic ailments such as diabeties,obesity,hypertension,joint and bone diseases (osteoarthritis & osteoporosis). Hurry ladies!!!! Train for a overall better you !

Are We Really Improving Quality of Life?

Over the past decade or so I've given much thought to quality of life. When I look at the strength and quality of life of people 50, 100, 150 years ago to the strength and quality of life of people today I'm not sure we are doing the right thing. I have told my family that if I am ever in a position that my life is dependent on machines, medicine, artificial blood cleansing - I am not interested, I don't want to live that way.

Athlete of the month

Why You Should Strength Train

You probably know that strength training has many physical health–related benefits, including a lower risk of all causes of death, fewer heart attacks and strokes and improved body composition (Garber et al. 2011). However, did you know that it can also help with your mental health?

I am gong to try this again:)

I have gotten several new contacts and clients recently (which is normal for this time of year) and some of them say the blog is helpful so I am going to try to be more consistent  with these:)  Life has been busy! Very busy! Single mom raising three boys who are involved in every sport you can think of. Work is crazy busy and just trying to manage it all as well as keep up the healthy eating and exercise, it's not easy!  In fact, its down right HARD.

Tai Chi for Mental Fitness

Mind-Body-Spirit News:

Can Feng Shui Improve Your Health?

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese design system, aimed to help you achieve harmony, comfort and balance in your surrounding environment. Carrying out Feng Shui in the home will also have an uplifting effect on you and improve the way you feel, clear your mind, and give you energy, otherwise known as ‘chi’. Things like the wrong colours, poorly arranged furniture and too much clutter can have an impact on your mood and the energy in your home. Below are some ways to introduce a little Feng Shui to help improve your health and wellbeing:

The silent disease that can crumble your foundation

Osteoporosis, we don’t feel we have it until it is severe. The fact is that not knowing that we have osteopenia (a milder form of bone loss) or osteoporosis can put you at a greater risk for breaking bones and fractures. Many of our fitness clients or class participants don’t know the condition of their foundation (the skeletal) . Avoiding risky moves, exercises, positions or activities can make the difference between independence and dependency.

Fitness secrets revealed.

Check out my latest article. Reckon it's my best yet.

Fitness Myths Busted

Ok,  with so much misinformation out in our big wide world, The Balance Guy will set you straight. 
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