A Yogini's Thoughts on Taking a Spin Class

The other day a few students and colleagues were engaged in an online chat about a spin class the gist of which was that the class was difficult and awesome. The end result of the exchange was to make me want to go take the class. 

What happens when you boil out the sugar in Coke

This video shows you how much sugar you ingest in coke and other carbonated sodas.  

Want to get Fit this summer at about 1/2 the cost of one on one Personal Training?

Grab a freind, co-worker or someone who is about your fitness level and train together! It gives you the benefits of personal training at a much lower fee. You get to have FUN with a friend and receive the same amonut of attention as personal training. Sweating it up with a friend also gives you accountablity to KEEP going. Call today to set up an no obligation consult.

Day to Day

Today is a great day to be alive, well if you are reading this then I have stated the obvious. Let your day be spent with a little quiet time, activity and a hearty laugh.

You're Doing Tai Chi And Yoga All Wrong!

Perfect Tai Chi™ Austin Yoga...The Real Thing

Tri Triathlon

Thumb Tacks Got My Back

<a href="">Soul Fitness Hawaii for your Mind, Body &amp; Soul</a>Here's all the information you need to choose me for you wellness journey... check out thumbtack for my latest interview about why I train the way I do? What makes you so important to me?

The Marathon: So much more than running.

It's been a while since I've felt inspired to write a blog post, but this weekend I had the extreme pleasure of sharing the marathon experience with 17 incredible women. Hence, the following thoughts:

Free Meditation

Happy June!  Join us Saturday, June 14th at 10am at McClean Park in N Myrtle Beach for meditation.  Hope to see all of you there.
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