Avocado Cup Salad with Black Bean Confetti


Power Yogurt Breakfast

by Team Beachbody1 cup Fage Greek plain yogurt3 Tbsp. wheat germ3 medium strawberries, sliced1/4 medium banana, sliced1 tsp. unsweetened shredded coconut, toasted

Fail....and so soon....

January Specials are up!

Happy New year!


HAPPY NEW YEAR!!I hope 2015 brings you health, happiness and of course a good dose of FUN!!One of my goals for the new year as your personal fitness trainer is to share with you each month a blog about what is happening in the health and wellness world and how it can directly benefit you.

Healthy New Year!!

Get back to basic's, plenty of fresh water, greens, grilled meats, fish, vegetables, fresh air, and exercise. It really is just that..Oh and some fruits!!

XTREME Fitness Makeover - Balance Personal Trainings FIT LAB

Tomorrow we kick off a challenging six week program.  2 teams of 7 will work individually and as a group to rally up by improving their body comps and weight. The person who creates the most change will win a years membership to Balance Personal Training's FIT LAB.  Throughout our journey I'll be blogging our progress.  Let's all rally around all these hard working individuals!  

Which direction are you going?

Do you wonder frequently during your day what you should have done in the past or need to do in the future?   When you constantly get pushed in the past or pulled in the future, that becomes a problem because you almost never live in the present moment!!    Whether you are doing something as mundane as brushing your teeth or as intense as working out, you need to focus on the quality of what you are doing at that moment; otherwise, you are setting yourself up for unfortunate issues in the future.

How Strong Are Ayou?

Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will-Mahatma Gandhi Strength is not always determined by size but by your desire to succeed nd be best you can be. I don't care how much you can lift or move objects, what I care about is how much you care about YOU. Be strong in your convictions, morals, compromise, etc. Then you can truly lift up others, now that is strong!
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