Tai Chi Classes Give A Brain Boosting Workout

The way to life long fitnessIf you want to achieve lifelong fitness, the new saying is true: You have to train smarter and work your brain harder. 

Things to consider

So I have been thinking about some things relative to fitness trainers, but also to anyone that is currently training or considering it.

Holistic Nutrition

Holistic Nutrition

3 Planes of Motion Is Where It's At!!

When we talk about exercise, we reference movement as occurring in 3 planes of motion. Sagittal (front-to-back), frontal (side-to-side) and transverse (rotational) Life occurs in these 3 planes of motion yet a lot of times people go workout in the gym (or workout at home) in only the sagittal plane. Examples would be doing some biceps curls, triceps extensions, forward lunges, running a bit on the treadmill and doing some crunches and then calling it a day. Doing this may get you really really good at going forward and back but you are missing out on the other 66% of how you move in a day.

Workout Wednesday

What a great day it is to have a workout. I am reminded this morning of the importance of working out, not just in the physical but in mind and spirit as well. In order for us to grow we must water our self (not selfish) seed. Making sure we take time for mind, body and spiritual (with or without religious preference) needs are important, then we can be trey helpers and givers to others, being strong in all facets of life.

THE secret to getting that six-pack abs....shhhh!

Target your lower abs to finally get that 6 pack!! Ok, now that you've read the opening sentence and want to know how, I'm here to tell you to forget about it!! First, you can't really target "lower abs" Lower abs isn't even a muscle. The muscle at play (that's right, the 1 single muscle) when you see a six-pack is the rectus abdominis. You no more have a lower ab than you do a lower bicep or lower triceps muscle. When you contract your rectus abdominis, it contracts from top to bottom.

Taijiquan Deer And Tiger Training

Real Tai Chi With The Deer and TigerThere are several steps you'll have to take to enter "real" Taijiquan training. You already know them as they're part of your DNA. It's only a matter of relearning how to express them at will. 

Health Insurance Cost is the #1 Expense for Businesses in our Nation, as well as in Hawaii, Corporate Wellness & Work Site Heal

Growing up in a family run business, managing it, and learning all the ins and outs of what it takes to NOT JUST STAYING IN BUSINESS, BUT MAKING A PROFIT EVERY YEAR, the most important thing I've learned is that without good, happy, healthy employees, WE HAVE NO BUSINESS! The #1 MAJOR PROBLEM TODAY THAT ANY BUSINESS CORPORATE OR SMALL IS DEALING WITH IS THE EXTREME COST OF HEALTH INSURANCE!!!

Virtual Training / Coaching WORKS!

Virtual Training: provides much more freedom and is becoming an extremely popular option for those wanting the guidance and support of a personal trainer, but who also live very hectic lifestyles. With online virtual training you are not required to meet me at the gym at a specific time each week. Perhaps you don’t even like to go to the gym or perhaps you prefer to work out in the comfort of your own home. No worries! I will design a program specifically for you, based on your goals, wants, and needs.

Exercise and Breathing

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