My Clients are AMAZING!

Yesterday was tape day for 4 of my clients, ALL of them seen progress in the month's time! The scale hasn't been moving like one of my clients wishes it did, however she has lost inches off her whole body! I always remind them it's not about the number on the scale; its how you feel, look, and seeing progress in other non-scale challenges. SO PROUD OF ALL MY CLIENTS! *one lucky coach*Non-Scale Victories:


I am going to be getting certified in Yoga this month and I am so excited about it! Yoga not only increases your overall health, energy, and vitality but also a stronger and leaner body, reduced stress, better posture, improved concentration and a higher level of fitness.Once I am certified I  will post when and where I will be teaching so you can attend! 

Should Fitness Technology be used with Children?

After Reading Ryan Halverson's article in IDEA's fitness Journal: I thought I would write my take on the article as well.It has been shown that children who are relatively sedentary and are opposed to physical activities whether it due to being psychological or physical in nature the use of Active Video Games (AVG’s) may help these children who are apprehensive to become more active.

Skin tags - Why Do They Appear and How to Safely Removed

Skin tags are a harmless dermatological condition that affects about half of the world’s population. They are benign tumors that are attached to the skin by a thin stalk.You’ll find that they appear on parts of the body where there is a lot of skin-on-skin friction, such as the neck or underarms.

Resistance Training and Body Transformation for Women

Weight training is great for women who want to look better in a swimsuit and have more self-confidence. Most women would benefit from adding resistance training to their aerobic or cardiovascular training.

The Benefits Of Using A Private Gp Service

When it comes to maintaining the health and well-being of you or your family, only the very best will do. Whilst many people choose to ‘put up with’ the limited range of services available on the NHS, going private with your healthcare can unlock a range of benefits from advice and diagnosis to treatment, referrals and aftercare. Here we take a closer look at the advantages that go hand-in-hand with private GP services so you can decide with confidence whether private healthcare is right for you.

Fit Tips: 16 Simple Moves To Fix Tight Shoulders

Think like a Champion

Think like a ChampionThis month, I have been reading “How Champions Think In Sports and in Life”, by Dr. Bob Rotella, a well-known sports psychologist.  The book explains that a successful life is based on how you perceive yourself.  Wow! If you take a hard look at that factor, it can be an intense review.  But, let’s keep it a bit lighter for the beginning of 2016.

I Want You to Know How I Lost 80 Lbs...

It started my sophomore year of college. Somehow, I'd managed to avoid the Freshman 15, but I was not so lucky this particular year...

5 Ways Schools Can Prevent The Spread Of Staph Infections

Staph in Schools
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