The Waist Cincher aka the Corset

My client asked me this morning: “Have you heard of the

Overall Fitness Benefits

by Marc D Thompson Fitness has many benefits, some of them are as follows:1. Improved overall health2. Improved cardiac health3. Improved sex life4. Improved sleep5. Increased productivity at home, work, etc.6. Improved sports performance7. Improved balance8. Improved functionality9. Improved coordination10. Improved posture

Exercise, Eat, Drink, Weight Train and Rest your Fat Away!

21 tips to help you lose and burn unwanted body fat and keep it off!Know your numbers! Start by getting a physical examination and health check-up to find out your Blood Pressure, BMI, Cholesterol, Fat percentage numbers, your waist circumference, and your weight. 

Pre-planning is your key to success

The key to being the best that you can be is preplanning. Don’t just go through life by the seat of your pants. Strategize. Book your exercise sessions like they are mandatory meetings. You will be mentally prepared to workout at your scheduled times. Plan your routine based on the amount of time you have available. If you only have 20 minutes, maybe work on speed training. If you have more time, maybe focus on slow and steady distance. When strength training, give muscle groups 72 hours to recover. Make a grocery list before you go food shopping. Stick to the list.

What's Exercise For Anyway??!!

There is an overwhelming theme coming from the media that I just have to address!  It seems like everytime I hear about exercise on television and/or the radio, exercise is being referred to as a fat loss tool.  Now there is no doubt that execise helps you burn "more calories" but even this is a misnomer.  We are always burning calories as long as we are alive and all movement burns calories.  But this fact has taken over an excessive amount of the conversation.  And I'm not naive to the reasons why ...

Functional Fitness Training

WHAT IS FUNCTIONAL FITNESS TRAINING?Functional fitness training can be described as any program that includes exercises designed to mimic and/or help you to perform daily tasks or activities safely and efficiently.

How To Get In Shape For A Fitness Photo Shoot

Six weeks from my fitness photo shoot, I was 178.5 lbs., around 12% body fat, and in decent shape, although not camera ready. By following a few steps outlined below, I was able to get those numbers down to 169.5 lbs. and 7.5% body fat in time for my shoot. If you are looking for some tips on how to do the same, read on.

5 Practical Ways To Maintain Your Fitness This Holiday Season

Eat, drink, and be merry. It’s that time of year again. So before we kick off this month and a half marathon of good times and overindulging, let me weigh in with 5 practical steps you can take between now and New Year’s Eve to minimize set backs and help you to maintain your fitness this holiday season.

Nutrition Tips To Help You Stay Fit

Drink plenty of water every day.Take a multivitamin & fish oil supplement every day.Eat when you are hungry, stop when you are full.Focus on lean meats & veggies, nuts & seeds, some fruit, little starch, and no sugar.Fad diets do not work. They may at first, but in the end, you'll gain the weight back and more. No diet will do what eating clean and healthy does.See last tip.

The Many Benefits Of Fish Oil

A lot has been made of fish oil over the last few years. In the health & fitness industry, many consider it to be somewhat of a miracle supplement. Studies have shown that fish oil has many benefits with little to no side effects when taken in the correct dosage.
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