Leg Series: A Gentle Yoga Series to Open the Legs and Hips

Leg Series is a set of postures I developed as a very gentle way to stretch the legs and hips.  I particularly like to use it myself after I have been travelling and sitting a lot, or at the end of a long day.  It is gentle enough that it works for most students.

Movement Screening - What is it? Why does it matter?

For those of you who are not well versed in the manners of movement screening/functional movement screening, I aim to shed a little more light on the subject and hope to simplify the reasoning behind why these screens are important, both to the client and the trainer.   

IDEA Personal Trainer Institute East 2014


Exercise And Pain

When should we start an Anti-Aging skin care routine?

Has Sugar Become Our New Food Enemy?

In the battle to stay healthy, there will always be bad guys. For the last 40 years or so, that arch super-villain has been saturated fat. The evidence is everywhere: supermarket shelves are laden with 'fat free' meals. And yet, generally speaking, we haven't got any slimmer. The reason? That reason could well be the new food enemy, and it turns out he framed poor old fat so that he could slip into our lives un-noticed.

March Fitness Challenges!

Here are some fun challenges you might want to try this month. Join a few of the following challenges to keep you motivated this March!

on a runners high

So yes I am on a "runners high" -  just finished another half marathon - yippy!  I trained 12 weeks on a strict running protocol (6 x week running) along with cross training (2 x week) working on strength - and it all paid off.  I ran my fastest half marathon to date at 1:32:09, that is a 7:03 average pace per mile.  The weather conditions were brutal but my mind was focused and my body willing.  If you set goals, put in the time, work hard, and stay focused, you CAN acheive your goals.  Now that the race is over it is time to focus on

Facing Your Fears

So, due to my back issues I have not run in a while, I have missed it so much.. Of course I have been working out daily but my running has been put on the back burner.. My back has been ok so thats not the issue lately.. it was my "fear" or "anxiety" of getting back into it.  Will I mess my back up again? will I fall, will I make my goal of 5 miles today?. Sometimes that hardest part of getting your workouts in or starting a new workout program is the "fear" of failure, or not making it, or not being good at it.

Dedicated to all of my great clients who always give it their all!-Rick Dant "THE" Trainer!
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