Summer 2013 at OH

 WOW…what a great summer indeed.  This year, to serve community needs, we changed our summer programming by adding FAMILYfitness and OH-Athlete Summer Camp.We learned from past summers that many of our morning clients did not attend fitness classes because their children were at home from school.  This gave us the idea to open summer session morning classes to FAMILYfitness.  It was extremely well received. Program Success:

5 Ways to Counteract Wearing High Heels

Wearing high heels can wreak havoc on foot, ankle, knee, hip, and lower back health. However, that sure doesn't stop a lot of women from wearing them. With that in mind, CP coach Greg Robins devoted today's guest post to "undoing" the damage one brings on when wearing heels.

Boston University is Hosting CEC Fitness Workshop! NPI’s Posture Analysis-Resistance Training CEC Workshop (Sept. 21-22)

Boston University in Boston, MA will be hosting a 2-day Posture Analysis and Resistance Training CEC-CEU Workshop presented by the National Posture Institute (NPI) on (Sept.

Mudras in Yoga


Please Spay or Neuter

I just received an e-mail which prompts me to depart from the fitness world onto an issue close to my heart. A well-meaning e-mail was written on behalf of an elderly neighbor whose cat just had seven “adorable” kittens. Unfortunately, all that adorability did not help them to be accepted by the ASPCA or other local animal shelters because they are already full of equally adorable kittens. So now there are seven little kitties looking for a home, and I sincerely hope that somebody will just be looking for a cat. 

Food Fight: Combating Injury with Smart Nutrition

        Sustaining an injury is a tough trial to turn, but understanding the needs of the body on a cellular level can empower any injured individual to combat their injury wisely. You may ask yourself, "How did I get injured in the first place?", but that is not the point of this specific article. Once you are in an injury "cycle", it is your responsibility to get out of it. What does "injury cycle" mean? Perhaps this chart (courtesy of Trigger Point Therapy) will help explain:The Injury Cycle:

Challenge yourself this weekend!

Do at least one thing today that challenges your mentally and physically. I am doing a color run-something fun, yet active!

National Posture Institute's Sweepstakes Giveaway-set of “The Complete Resistance Training Program 7-DVD Series” (a $199 value)

National Posture Institute is giving away a set of “The Complete Resistance Training Program 7-DVD Series” (a $199 value). No Purchase Necessary. Enter Now:

Strength In Numbers

Small Group Personal Training 2-4 people What is it?  It’s an affordable way to get the benefits of working with a Personal Trainer/Corrective Exercise Specialist for a fraction of the cost!How does it work?  Groups can be established by: Time of the day available Topics: Cut to the Core-Abs, Perfect Posture, etc. Fitness Level: Beginner Strength for Women,  Metabolic Training Equipment used: Kettlebells, TRX, Training Ropes… 

Reset the Body and Mind

On the weekend most people want to just kick back and relax. Instead most are running around doing errands, cleaning the house, food shopping, etc. Your body and mind need downtime other then watching TV or sleeping. So turn off the TV, Computer, Radio and any other electronic device. The more you unplug the more time you will find to let your body and mind reconnect. This connection is very important for downtime. A nice quiet walk is a great way to relax, mediatation works or even just go out and look at the stars like we did as kids.
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