Not By My Hands

In reading a devotional this morning I came across these words and they really hit home to me, "No amount of human effort can fulfill God's laws.  You were born of the Spirit when you believed. Now live by the Spirit.  Cry out to God for Him to live His life in you, and He will accomplish your righteousness." 

Why Taking Personal Responsibility for Your Health is Vital

Earlier this week, the American Heart Association released the 80/20 rule regarding how to avoid heart disease. It discerns that 20% of your risk for cardiovascular disease is based on genetics, while 80% is based upon your lifestyle choices.

Practice What You Preach

I feel that for any person in an educational or coaching type of work should practice what they preach.  I'm sure that we've all heard someone who had been a mentor to us (in the fitness profession) or have read this in a book.  How many of you actually do it though?  What I mean by that is if you're coaching a marathon runner, how many of you fitness professionals have actually been through a training program specific to a running race?  What about training a powerlifter?

Antioxidants Reduce Exercise Results?

Winter Workout 2013

P { margin-bottom: 0.08in; }A:link { } It feels like a flash back to the year 2010 in the Washington, DC area. We currently experiencing the biggest snow fall of the season 2012/13.

Strong First

I've read many books, listened to many podcasts and seen to many youtube videos.......and it comes down to this quote: Mark Rippetoe — 'Strong people are 

How to Strengthen your Willpower Muscle

Do you wish you would more often choose the healthy items at the breakfast buffet and ignore the pastries?  Do you want to be able to stay on the treadmill for the time goal you set, even though each minute is a little harder tha

Exercise can make you RICH with Success!

You know exercise is good for you, but do you know how good? From boosting your mood  and self confidence in that little black dress to improving your sex life and even work life, exercise is a great way to improve your overall experience on a day to day basis.


Last night as I watched our Olympians race my thoughts went behind the scenes.  Their drive, what they give up - but most importantly what makes them different from the rest of us.  I believe it takes heart and  an amazing amount of support.  The majority of our Olympic athletes are the youth of today.  Not seasoned college athletes who turned pro.  Some of their stories are really amazing.  One athlete races for himself and his handicapped brother.  Our female snowboarder is deathly afraid of heights.

Yoga's Healing Powers

photo by Rene Johnston 
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