Improving Joint Range of Motion Function

When range of motion in the joints is limited it can cause discomfort and lead to injury.  Even daily activity can become difficult.  Exercise that work on range of motion can help to stretch the stiffing joints.  There are some do’s and do nots when it come to stretching exe


Flaxseeds are a great source of Omega 3 fatty acids. To regularly consume flax seeds, sprinkle them on your cereal, salads, and sandwiches or put in soups and stews. 

Ahmad Baari – The Celebrity Fitness Trainer In Miami!

Ever desired a body as amazing as all the celebrities out there? Well, now you can have one! Ahmad Baari is an amazingly talented celebrity trainer and fitness consultant based in Miami. He is one of the best lifestyle coaches and personal trainers out there who would like to motivate and inspire people to maximize on their own potential.

New book for Personal Trainers by Human Kinetics

Pleased and honored to be a contributing author!

What Health-Conscious People Should Look For When Moving To A New Area

Moving yourself or your family to a new area, whether it’s relatively close to your previous home or hundreds of miles away, can be very stressful.

iDealing With Acne After Your Teenage Years

One of the most common misconceptions about acne is that it is a skin disorder that only affects teens. However, that is not the case. Although there is no one sure thing that causes it, there are more than enough things that can trigger it or make it worse. Even in adults over their 30’s.  Your hormones may be having a party

Raw Vegan Lifestyle

It has been a while since my last post...busy with life: started teaching this spring semester so there was a lot of prepping for two new classes which is what took away from my posts.  Squeezing in a little update during my lunch break.  This new lifestyle is quite challenging to say the least.  As my body was going through detoxing, I had some days where I just didn't feel great or with energy.  My husband  helped me through this phase because I didn't want to continue.  One of the great things of choosing to make changes is allowing yourself some gra


 Ginger is a tasty spice with several health benefits. Studies have shown that ginger lowers LDL cholesterol, keeps your blood from clotting by reducing the stickiness of your platelets, and is a powerful antioxidant.

Why you might want to buy a fitbit

Naturally I'm skeptical of fitness trackers as a certified personal trainer. They're limited in accuracy. Technology seems to be the fastest growing field in the world, how long was your cell phone the newest one? With all of this new technology you might be asking what sort of things you should consider spending your money on. Fitbit has it's limitation, but it might be worth the try. Fitness Trackers Have Changed a Little: 

How to Look Your Best While You Lose Weight

Losing a significant amount of weight can be life changing. Losing that weight can reduce your risk of certain health problems, such as insulin resistance, and it can improve your energy, regulate your mood, and help you get better sleep -- all of which will make you feel amazing.Losing a lot of weight can also significantly improve your self-confidence. The better you look in the mirror, the better you are likely to feel about your body and your overall attractiveness.
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