Overweight & Active Vs. Skinny & Sedentary

I attended a fitness convention about a year ago, and my favorite seminar was given by a Physician that stated, "It is better to be fit and fat than skinny and unfit." As a Fitness Professional, it can be difficult to take "body type" out o

Cortisol "The Stress Hormone": How Can Stress Effect Weight Loss

Are you unable to make progress despite your spot on nutrition and active lifestyle? Are you stressed? Stress can cause irregular levels of Cortisol which is why we call it the "Stress Hormone". Did you know that irregular Cortisol levels can effect things like immunity, appetite, energy levels, metabolism, maintenance of muscle tissue, and weight loss?

MOTR (More Then A Roller) aka (CFR) Core Fitness Roller

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Strength Training 101

First of all, lets face it: Putting everything else aside, life is EASIER when you’re strong.  Carrying groceries? One trip. Children to carry? No problem. Car stuck in the snow? Push it out with ease.Plus, whether you’re 100 lbs overweight or just need to lose the last 15, strength training is one of the most effective ways to burn fat and build muscle.

To count or not to count: That is the Question.

Math, like language was created by man. There have always been things that could be counted and sorted, but we have not always counted and sorted them. There are cultures like the Piraha that have concepts like one and many, but no system of counting a group of things. Systems of counting and math began as a way to keep track of stuff, particularly stuff that belonged to the ruler of a culture large enough to have a lot of stuff to organize. In a larger and more complex society it was practical and useful.

How To De-Stress Those Long Family Car Journeys

Even though I’m all grown up now with my own family, I still have distinct and horrifying memories of seemingly endless road-trips taken years ago with my brothers and parents, usually over a sweltering bank-holiday weekend, and without fail punctuated with spells of intense boredom; fights on the back seat; spilt cans of pop, and Dad swearing that this was the last time he’d ever take us all on a long car journey which, of course, it never was. 

Should Asthma Sufferers Stay Away From Carpet?

Over 5.4 million people in the UK suffer from asthma. The condition is caused by numerous factors, but experts agree that dust mites can aggravate those who suffer from the illness. 

12 week Challenge

Daily Herald sponsors a challenge among Park Districts and Corporate Companies each year.  Our Park District jumped on board this year. With only twelve weeks given competitors are to lose as much as possible.  I am proud to say that I was captain of this mighty ship.  With interval training and learning to make better food choices our crew was shedding weight as never before.  Our team had their final weigh in last week May 2 and we have lost 129.5 pounds all together!!!  May 15th Grand Finale we will discover who the winner is.

The Busy Person's Guide to Fitness

Come on, we are all busy and have a ton of stuff to get done every day.  We all also need to exercise or suffer the consequences of not getting it done.  
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