THE secret to getting that six-pack abs....shhhh!

Target your lower abs to finally get that 6 pack!! Ok, now that you've read the opening sentence and want to know how, I'm here to tell you to forget about it!! First, you can't really target "lower abs" Lower abs isn't even a muscle. The muscle at play (that's right, the 1 single muscle) when you see a six-pack is the rectus abdominis. You no more have a lower ab than you do a lower bicep or lower triceps muscle. When you contract your rectus abdominis, it contracts from top to bottom.

Taijiquan Deer And Tiger Training

Real Tai Chi With The Deer and TigerThere are several steps you'll have to take to enter "real" Taijiquan training. You already know them as they're part of your DNA. It's only a matter of relearning how to express them at will. 

Health Insurance Cost is the #1 Expense for Businesses in our Nation, as well as in Hawaii, Corporate Wellness & Work Site Heal

Growing up in a family run business, managing it, and learning all the ins and outs of what it takes to NOT JUST STAYING IN BUSINESS, BUT MAKING A PROFIT EVERY YEAR, the most important thing I've learned is that without good, happy, healthy employees, WE HAVE NO BUSINESS! The #1 MAJOR PROBLEM TODAY THAT ANY BUSINESS CORPORATE OR SMALL IS DEALING WITH IS THE EXTREME COST OF HEALTH INSURANCE!!!

Virtual Training / Coaching WORKS!

Virtual Training: provides much more freedom and is becoming an extremely popular option for those wanting the guidance and support of a personal trainer, but who also live very hectic lifestyles. With online virtual training you are not required to meet me at the gym at a specific time each week. Perhaps you don’t even like to go to the gym or perhaps you prefer to work out in the comfort of your own home. No worries! I will design a program specifically for you, based on your goals, wants, and needs.

Exercise and Breathing

Time Management Tip of the Day: YOU'RE LYING TO YOURSELF...

YOU KNOW YOU GOTTA EXERCISE, you know that don't you??? Yep, sure you do! And the #1 comment every women makes is, "I JUST DON'T GOT THE TIME, after the kids, the house, the dog, cat and everything in between, I'm pooped!" YOU DO HAVE THE TIME! YOU'RE JUST NOT SCHEDULING EXERCISE INTO YOUR WEEKLY TO DO LIST! That being the case you're CHEATING on the CEO of your ohana.

Bloating, Dehydration, and Hang Over, Health Tip of the Day

After yesterdays festivities, all the extra food, beer, wine and late night partying, you're going to feel a little bloated, drained and may be even hung over. 1) Make sure to drink lots of water and rehydrate yourself. 2) Choose light easy to digest foods today, since you probably over did it yesterday. 3) To help with the bloating, drink some GINGER, MINT, or CHAMOMILE TEA. Iced or hot, is up to you, but try to stay away from sweeteners, it will only add to inflammation and bloat.

Brian Donovan Fitness Wins Chicago Reader Best Of Chicago 2014 "Best Personal Trainer"

Thank you to everyone who voted for me for the Chicago Reader

Bone Basics for Men Following Cancer Treatment

Maintaining bone health is essential throughout cancer treatment for both men and women. A nasty side effect of Intermittent Hormone Therapy is bone loss. Aromatase Inhibitors (AI’s) block the production of estrogen and are associated with an increased risk of osteoporosis sand fractures.  For many men following prostate cancer bone loss is not explained by the oncologists. A simple sneeze or couching fit can break or fracture a rib. Vertebrae can break for no reason, causing a curved spine.

Your Path To Perfect Taijiquan

by Lester SawickiAnd the BEST Taijiquan style is…The two most common questions asked of Fit4Zip™ are:
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