Do you CRAVE chocolate or ice cream? Is Food Addiction real?

Recent research finds that many foods are highly addictive - so don't be so hard on yourself!  Below is a list from the American Council on Exercise magazine "Pro Source" listing the most highly addictive foods beginning with the highest and ending with the least problematic. Many of my clients have a REALLY hard time giving up these very foods - especially ice cream! What foods do YOU crave? With a few little changes in habits - you can KICK the bad ones! Let me know which foods you crave most!  Stay Gold!  Jami

Vacation is Over!

Well I am back after two weeks.  I visited Colorado Springs and Gunninson, CO.  It was beautiful and the whether was great!  The bad part was not realizing I had to get use to the elevation!  I couldn't walk up Pikes Peek or do white water rafting.  But I did ride horses, go up Pkes Peek on the cog railway and shop!I did  a lot of walking and it was an experience I will not forget.  We are already planning on going out west next year and maybe taking 3 weeks off.  We'll see :) 

Got Goal?

Need an energy burst? Check out the quotes below from Carly, Cheenuj and Jaime who just completed a 12 week Live on Purpose goal-setting class that I teach and see what you observe... 

Minus a stoke and it's not in golf!

If you though you saw vacation pictures of me at the Ritz Carlton last Monday on was not. Those were pictures at the local hospital.  I was admitted with a possible brain attack…a stroke. After a day of testing everything came back negative. What a blessing. The symptoms were similar but negative. I am fine.  And was released a day later.

Weight loss & Diet Fads

Whats the newest diet ot weight loss programs you have tried? which ones worked and which ones got some success?

Gym vs Personal Home Training

I have found many people are not savy about gyms, what are you thoughts?

Why Gym Instructor Courses Are So Important

Ambling into a gym for the first time can be a nervy experience.Aside from the assortment of puzzling equipment, there’s the intimidating group of grunting weightlifters in the corner, the seemingly superhuman runners on the treadmill, and more Lycra than you can shake a stick at.

Do Something Different

I was listening to a fitness specialist speak.  

How to Stay Healthy While Traveling

Healthy habits are easy to break, especially when you remove yourself from the friendly confines of your daily routine. We’re talking about vacationing and traveling. Why does it seem so much harder to eat healthy and stay fit while on the road? Let’s take a look at a handful of tips designed to help you make smart, healthy choices while away from your normal home environment.Maintaining a Healthy Diet

Free Yourself From The Shackles of Procrastination To Stop Dragging Your Feet
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