Is Fatigue a Good Reason to Skip a Workout?

From time to time, even the most energetic of us can suffer from fatigue and excessive tiredness. And, if you’re working out regularly in addition to your regular day to day life, after a while you might find that fatigue is creeping up on you.

Fitness Exercises For Men At Home with Busy Schedules

We all know that health and fitness should be a top priority in your life no matter what. After all, you only have one body and the better care you take of it now, the better off you‘ll be later in life.

Why Sex Toys From Japan Are Most Popular?

Adult sex products are used by many people who want to have different sexual experience. Every person will have their own idea of having sex and they may not be able to right partner at the right time to fulfill their needs, these sex toys and sex dolls help them to achieve what they want in sex life. In the recent years there is great demand for Japanese sex toys in the US and in UK. There are many online companies in the US which provide Japanese adult sex products. These online shops offer discreet shipping of the items needed by you.

Today, I will...

Awakening every morning, we are each given the unique and irreplaceable gift of a new life- a life lasting exactly 24 hours.  We choose how to create this finite chapter, and it often seems as though one day, one regular AM to PM has little, if any, long term effect.  Nothing could be further from the absolute Truth.

The Mistakes You Make on an Elliptical Cross Trainer

Stop making these mistakes when you’re on the elliptical cross trainer and will be able to maximise your calorie burn.Too Lazy to Enter Your InformationMost cross training machines are calibrated for a 150-pound person – but personalising the settings to suit your body type and shape will help you get a more accurate calorie read. You should aim to burn around 100 calories per 10 minutes of exercise.You Have No Resistance

What Went Well Today?

Listening to a podcast today from Optimize with Brian Johnson about the power of positive thinking, I was reminded of a simple practice that can change your outlook quickly and easily.  By asking the simple question; what went well today, I am training my brain to look for the good even in the small things that happen throughout the day.  Thinking this way immediately made me feel happier.  The universe gave me a subtle reminder to take a moment to enjoy the simple pleasures in life, something I need to do more often.  So, my list of what went well today...I

7 Ways to Relieve Stress

DecompressPlace a warm heat wrap around your neck and shoulders for 10 minutes. Close your eyes and relax your face, neck, upper chest, and back muscles. Remove the wrap, and use a foam roller to massage away tension. Place the foam roller between your back and the wall or floor. Then move the foam roller to another spot and continue. Laugh Out Loud


There is no doubt the power of belief is the number one secret of top goal achievers. When all other things are equal, it is the reason why one person makes millions and the other struggles to make a living. It is the power of belief. 

Standing vs. Sitting: Why Movement Boosts Our Health

It seems to be pretty common knowledge that we spend too much time sitting these days.  I don't think anyway would disagree.  Be careful though, just standing up is NOT the solution.  The key is MOVEMENT.  Does not have to be a lot of movement, but what is important is moving throughout the day......even as simple at moving in your cubicle/at your desk at work - standing up, sitting down, kneeling, hopping, standing on one leg, etc.

Fitness and nutrition rants

Fitness and nutrition rants
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