Losing Weight Through Diet or Exercise?

If you are wondering about what is the best option to lose weight fast - Diet or the workout. Let me tell you one thing, the main thing is the motivation and after that, diet and workout both are necessary to lose weight as fast as you can without getting in risk. So, let's try what options do we have here to get rid of fats as soon as possible. Getting A Great Morning

Common Weight Loss Myths

I have people approach me almost everyday seeking my advice about losing weight, or they have started started a diet and exercise regimen, but seem to have reached a plateau in their efforts.  I know the topic of weight loss is always a confusing one.

ACE Certification Committee Meeting

Participation as a Subject Matter Expert in a 3-day meeting by the American Council on Exercise in San Diego, CA regarding the Personal Trainer Job Analysis/Role Delineation Study for the ACE-CPT Certification Exam.


The transformation of seasons is upon us, and provides an opportune time to reflect on change. I am very grateful to be visiting Paris this month, a city where I activated a huge shift in my life, moving from my third year of medical school at UCSF, into an international dance career. Visiting my friends in Paris fills me with excitement, as I remember the transformational times I have experienced there.

Move Out of Pain with Pilates

Happy September to All. As we bid farewell to summer and return to work and school rhythms, it is a prime time to imprint healthy patterns for the season ahead.

Q and A for Partner-Free Dance at OASIS!

What if you could meet your instructors, make friends, and ask questions before committing to a new class?  

Timing is Everything

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Back At It!

Hi!  I was just released from the doctors to resume my core workouts.  Hard to believe it took so long.  When you are injured and can not work out, it is a negative circle.  I will never complain about not doing  something in record time.  Just to be able to get back on the floor for some core work is a blessing. I have been doing SPIN classes and personal training all along.  Now I can actually do the routine before I have my clients do it.  I find myself my sympathic if I do it first :)

Them Stop Today Young People All Over The World Are Using Drugs.

There is absolutely no argument when we are saying that, one of the most dangerous things in the world is drugs. If you are a parent you want to make sure that you will be able to keep your child away from drugs.
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