The Butterfly Stroke: 5 Tips for a Faster Fly

The butterfly stroke is tough. There’s no disputing that. Ask any competitive swimmer what stroke they loathe the most, which of the four is the most taxing, and they will almost all tell you that it’s the butterful that takes the cake for difficulty.

Reasons to People Choose the Recreational Vehicle


4 Strength Training Considerations for Competitive Swimmers

The competitive swimming lifestyle and training schedule is no joke. With a season that nearly never ends, countless hours swimming up and down the black line, and the endless eating that goes on to fuel the training, being a top-flight swimmer is tough work.Adding a strength training component to your training is one way to get more from your time in the pool, and eventually, more from yourself when you step up on the blocks to race.

New OptiMind Brain Pill: A Detailed Guide


Engaging special populations in the European fitness industry

My topic as a keynote speaker at FIBO Innovation Tour in 5 European cities in January-February 2017.

How to Start your own Home Gym

Home work out equipment can cost you a fortune. It can also break your bank if you want to start having your own set of this equipment at the convenience of your own house. However in these days, there is no need for you to go broke until the next pay day just to buy gym stuff, there are available equipment that provides multi functionalities at affordable prices.Make a Checklist

Major Health Benefits Of Collagen And Its Working

4 Proven Benefits of Foam Rolling

The foam roller has become a popular item in local gyms and weight rooms over the past few years. Everyone from first-timers to elite level athletes recognize the value in spending some time rolling back and forth on the brightly colored tubes, slowly working out the knots and releasing and loosening the myofasical tissue.

How about Making Cardio Fun? Think Out of the Box

To view the VideoBlog click this link when you were a kid? Wasn't moving fun? Whether it was trying to hit a balloon back and forth to someone or swinging on a swing set, moving was playful. And believe it or not, it was exercise!  

10 Awesome Things That Happen When You Start Using an Exercise Log

When it comes to improving how consistent we are in the gym we tend to go for the complicated, expensive solutions.An over-priced set of supplements. Expensive compression gear. A $100/hour strength coach.And while these can be useful additions to our training regimen, they aren’t the kind of things that are going to make a consistent athlete out of you.
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