Motivational Coaching

I have decided to re-offer motivational coaching services to my current and future clients.  Stay tuned for future information concerning the web based platform which will allow us to better identify your fitness dream, 3-month goals, and weekly goals.  We can also identify those obstacles getting in your way of your fitness dream and brain storm ideas on what to do about getting around them. If anyone is interested contact Pete to discuss the service and the philosophy of motivational.   


It is that time of the year for many of my clients who have spent the last 5-7 months racing and training hard to begin to think about their transition period of training.  This is the time to re-charge the batteries and get away from a lot of the structure of those workouts that helped so many of you make some serious progress this year.   

Stretch Much?

Ok, so maybe Stretch Armstrong is a little stretch of the imagination of how flexible we may be, but ya get the point.  A question I get a lot is how and when to stretch. There are several different types of stretches, as well as different techniques so I'm not going to dive into the fine detail and definition of all of the possibilities.

Weight Loss Tutorial

Many clients I meet want to lose weight & live a healthier life. Most don't know how to create the changes needed to accomplish their goals.  Here are some basic facts (based on scientific research) about weight loss techniques: 1.  'Success is always a work in progress.'

Atkins Website 12/20/11

Hi!!  Check me out on the webite on 12/20/11. My story of weight loss success will be featured on the site on that date.. Thanks for stopping in!!!  I will return to my blog soon!!  Having such a great time being busy and helping others reach their goals!!!!

Friday Fall Fitness Outdoor Workout Plan!

This is the training menu for my bootcamp class in Central Park today! Friday Fall Fitness  9/16/11warm up and stretch for a few minutesOne Minute Intervals:

Why weight? Jasper News 9/15/11

  I don’t have time.  I’m too tired.  It’s so boring.  I just don’t like to move.  I always end up quitting.  I’m too old.  I hate doing it alone.  My kids get in the way.  My back hurts.  I’m too fat.  I’m thin already.  I have arthritis.  I never get results.  I don’t know what to do.  Getting healthy is expensive.  I don’t feel well.  I have no motivation. I don’t care.

Have Fun!

If exercise isn't fun, you probably won't do it. Find something that excites you whether it be dancing, exercising with a friend or group, walking the dog, gardening, ......something! Don't forget to switch it up from time to time to prevent boredom & plateau. 

Winter is just around the corner.....

Do you workout at home or outside year round? Are you wondering how you should dress for your winter month workouts?When exercising outside during the winter months there are precautions that you should take just as you do during the summer months while working out and enjoying the outdoors. During the summer you have to worry about the heat and how it will affect you. During the winter months you need to pay special attention to the cold. There are several things that can happen if you don't dress properly for exercising outside during the winter. 


I have been busy preparing for the floodgate of clients to appear, I have set-up class times and locations, I have been working with the Goodwill and REACH here in Tacoma WA, teaching both healthy cooking and yoga to the clients in there system. the REACH program serves kids from 14 to 24, 65% are homeless and neither fitness or nutrition is a fous.
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