Heel belangrijk: SLAAP!!


Get your pumpkin ready!


Closure for me and a lesson for you

This is something that has been laying heavy on my mind for a while. Something that still affects me daily and I NEVER want anyone to feel like this. I have some skeletons in my closet, as I am sure many do. I would like to open the door, tear it down and throw it out.

A Better Focus...For Health


25 Ways to Get Fit Under $25


Time is Flying by!

This week is going to be a blast!! We have a trip to Dallas on Friday- and until then I'll be eating my GREENS (and proteins), working out, prepping for the trip, shopping and doing my taxes.M- run, tennis cycle day 27 T- upper body lift and some bike intervals W-tennis and LOTS of driving- Th- Leg workout -tax appt F-NO WORKOUT- drive to Dallas, rehersal Dinner Sa- workout at hotel; wedding at 7 Su- workout at hotel in am before drive homeLet's have a stellar week #8!! Time is Flying by!

Falling for Fall


Maintain, Don't Gain this holiday season!

I know, I know, it's only October. But before you know it the holiday season will be upon us with all of its requisite opportunities to indulge.  And who among us hasn't struggled to maintain a regular workout schedule between Thanksgiving and New Year's Day?

National Posture Institute NEWS STORY- Shoulder dislocation in older patients poses different challenges in diagnosis, treatment

NPI NEWS STORY- Shoulder dislocation in older patients poses different challenges in diagnosis, treatment- Although shoulder dislocation can occur at about the same rates in both younger and older patients, injuries in older patients are likely to be overlooked or misdiagnosed, resulting in years of persist

I blew it!

 On July 14th I competed in my first bikini competition. I trained for 12 weeks prior to that- I lost 15 pounds and got to a ridiculously low body fat and weight. So much weight that my grandma saw my pictures and said “Oh Honey, you look like you need a sandwich!”  As challenging mentally, emotionally, and physically as it was, I can truly say I enjoyed the process and the results. I will definitely compete again.
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