5 Reasons to Never Miss a Monday Workout

5 Reasons to Never Miss a Monday Workout    1. You’re more likely to work out the rest of the week.

Excess Sugar

 Many healthy-sounding foods such as breakfast cereals and granola bars contain a lot of added sugar. Learn to read labels and watch for ingredients such as corn syrup, fructose, sucrose and dextrose.    

Starting Over

    Ah, starting over. Everybody starts over, right? It can be quite a bittersweet experience. As a military spouse, starting over is definitely something I’ve become accustomed to. Frequent moves, finding new employment, meeting new faces and saying goodbye to old ones, characterize my life in a nutshell. However, nothing quite prepared me for a different battle I would face in the name of starting over: knee surgery.

The Anti-Aging Benefits of Exercise

It’s no secret that as we age, our bodies begin to change. Our energy decreases as our muscles and bones weaken. We may notice that activities we used to find enjoyable or easy are now more difficult, or that somewhat involuntary things such as balance or gait may be off-kilter. Also, our internal systems, including circulatory and cardiovascular, start to work at a less efficient pace and memory and sight begin to wane.

Some Thoughts on Yoga and Self Transformation

There is always a pull in yoga between adapting practices to the needs of the individual within our current world, and honoring and understanding its often complex traditional principles and practices. I think I've made the point before that I think it is like a chef cooking a traditional dish from a culture, with the original ingredients and methods, and another chef creating a dish that represents a fusion of cultures, or a modern take within a culture of a dish that has been around in different forms for a very long time.

4 Ways Walking Can Add Years To Your Life

10 Things That Can Give You Immediate Toothache Relief

Tooth pain has no definite schedule or warning when it will strike. It comes unexpectedly and most often, it comes on a time when your dentist's office is close and you have nowhere to go just to spite you off. Will you still wait until you can go to your dentist or you will do necessary treatments on your own just to help you relieve the pain?

How to Prevent Your Teeth from Getting Stained

When we are young, we all have a bright, white smile. However, over time, many individuals neglect their teeth and they become stained and discolored. The food we eat, the drinks we drink, and the way we take care of our teeth all contribute to this dental problem. There are ways to address this problem, though, and the most effective ways include the following.

We all have a is mine.

My passion for health and fitness began in 2010.  At 4'9, weight was easy to put on, but hard to take off.  For years I struggled to lose weight by trying just about every product on the market only to gain the weight back and sometimes more.  When we moved to Colorado I noticed I would get winded walking up the stairs.  I blamed it on the altitude change, but 6 months later who was I kidding, I was out of shape.

Simple Addition

 As some of you may have seen, I posted a short video on my Facebook page ( with the caption "If you focus on results, you will never change....if you focus on change, you will get results". 
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