How Can The PEA Help Me?

If there is one thing that has evolved over the centuries then that would be medicine. People are constantly trying to figure out a way to live longer, live better and of course get rid of anything annoying like the example really among pains. This is exactly why, there are so many different brands of painkillers out there. Every pharmaceutical companies going to release its own brand and they are going to try to convince you that, there painkillers are the best of the best.

Dentist vs. Orthodontist: Which One Should You Go For?

It goes well without saying that one important aspect of your health and wellness is quality dental care. However, choosing a dental professional could be tricky, given the numerous areas that a dentist could specialize in. The dilemma between choosing an orthodontist and a dentist causes quite the trouble for a lot of people. In the end though, it all boils down to your personal needs.

bellicon Bounce

As a group fitness instructor it is very easy to become bored with the classes you teach. bellicon Bounce is different from any other format I have every taught. Instructors get tired too especially when they are trying to fill the room with as much energy as possible. With bellicon Bounce I can give the class my all without feeling the usual fatigue felt with other formats. Why is this the case? Because bellicon removes the impact felt with the majority of formats found in the fitness world today. bellicon Bounce is a great cardio class that lets you bounce to the beat.

Thanks Art!!

Art Robinson.... my fitness mentor!!  Art is retiring and we will miss him dearly!! 

Fighting through the sore?


Respiratory Issues and Strength Training

This has always been a big issue. Over the last few decades, when the global pollution percentage raised so suddenly, more and more people are suffering from respiratory issues. There are many different issues, but the most common ones are asthma and bronchitis. Asthma can be defined as a shortness of the breath with the squeaky sound coming from your lungs while you are breathing. It can start as an allergy reaction from pollen, cigarette smoke, pollution etc.

3D Body Scanning for Fitness and Health

When it comes to physical activity and fitness, setting goals is the easy part, while turning the initial motivation into action is a daunting task for many. Have you ever thought why it is so? The answer is actually rather simple – most people who are not familiar with fitness levels, fail because they don’t see any results in the early stages of the exercise program. Moreover, they are disappointed because they have lost only a couple pounds or, what’s even worse for them, have gained a few pounds. What happens then?

8 Misconceptions in Women’s fitness

Fitness has become a huge deal lately. The gyms are filling and many people have started taking this sport seriously, which is really good. If you want to shape your body, this is the sport you need. When it comes to women, they often think of fitness as some very complicated (nuclear physics type of complicated) phenomenon. Let’s get one thing straight – fitness is really simple and it is practically the same for both genders. Of course, there are some obvious differences, but the base is the same for everyone.

Biggest Mistake People Make Returning to Exercise After an Injury

Click this Link to see the VideoBlog In this VideoBlog, I share with you the biggest mistake I see people make when returning to the gym after an injury.  I also give you a few tips that I hope will help you ease back into a workout routine.Keep moving, and I'll see you next week.
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