Flexibility is a trait all great golfers have

The goal of a golf swing is to strike the ball achieving maximum distance with a high level of accuracy.  All great ball strikers have the same exact kinetic sequence.  The golf pro will help you with your skill while, as a fitness expert, I will help your body get in the position for an efficient swing.  The “five physical pillars” are flexibility, balance, strength, endurance, power. Make sure that you always do specific golf stretches before play.

Balance is Key to an Efficient Golf Swing

 TPI philosophy of the swing: “We don't believe there is one way to swing a club. We believe there are infinite numbers of ways to swing a club, but we also believe that there is one efficient way for all golfers to swing a club, and it's based on what they can physically do.”

Why am I stuck

My experience with running has taught me a lot about how to break through barriers so that you can compete at the next level. For example, I did a speed workout once or twice a week- usually something different each time- so that my muscles would have to adapt and strengthen so that I could consistently improve my times. But what if you aren't a competitive runner? Does this apply to you? ABSOLUTELY! I recently was asked a question, to sum it up, "I have been jogging every day and doing the video I have at home, and at first I was losing weight, but not i'm not.

Feel Good. Not Bad!

Change your workouts

Have you ever noticed people at the gym that seem to always be there, but never seem to change. This is because they are doing the same exact workout every time the come in. This is great if they are in a maintenance phase, but many of them are not. There a many benefits to working out even if your body isn't seeing physical changes on the outside, however if you are looking for physical changes on the outside you need to change up your workouts. This includes wether you are trying to lose weight or gain weight (put on muscle mass).

Habits That Will Help You To Live More

We all want to live more. This is definitely an understatement. The problem is that what we do on a day to day basis can easily lead towards shortening our life, which is not what we want. In order to help you out, let us consider some really simple habits that will help you to live more. Incorporate them into your life and you will notice all the benefits that you surely want to see.Never Overeat

How to Practice Mindful Eating


What keeps you motivated?

As a fitness professional, you would think that it's easy for me to stay motivated and although I enjoy working out and find eating the right types of food enjoyable. That doesn't mean that I always want to stay on track. Sometimes, I fall off track too. So, what keeps us motivated? How do you motivate yourself to do the right thing. Some of us might have events that will help keep us on track. For example, running a race or looking your best for a wedding. Others, might want to look really great for a vacation. It seems that the biggest motivator is health concerns.

Do I Need Supplements?

Here is a popular question that is often asked to me and I'm sure my colleagues. Question being, do I need supplements? Well, as most things in life that is a "depends" answer. In general, if you are eating a diet that meets all your daily needs in terms of vitamins and minerals, fiber, and caloric goals, then supplements are probably not needed in my opinion. Here are some suggestions I always ask people before they dive into the mysterious world of supplements.

Where Did We Go Wrong? - Part 4

Here’s Part 4 of the “Where Did We Go Wrong” series.  I’ve discussed where we went wrong with proteins, carbs, and water.  So the only thing left to discuss for this series is fats. First and foremost, YOU SHOULD NOT BE AFRAID TO EAT FAT OR SEARCH FOR FAT-FREE FOODS!!!!
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