How to prepare yourself for liposuction consultation

What is Functional Medicine?

How I found inspiration from Bobbi Brown........

  How I found inspiration from Bobbi Brown…. As I was driving home from the gym one morning, as always, I had the radio on. Much to my husband’s chagrin, I am a serial station changer…..yep, I’m one of those people who constantly changes the station until I find something that I want to listen to……for a while at least…..then it’s on to the next station!

Eat Beans, Lose Weight: 5 Convincing Ways Beans Blast Fat and Curb Cravings

Legumes or beans- and ‘pulses’ as referred in many other countries—are considered superfoods yet underrated. Learn how to consume a lot of beans to lose weight and boost body health. 

Here Is How the Internet Is Being Used to Make Us All Healthier

The internet gets a bad rap. Okay, some of it is well deserved. Actually, quite a lot of it now that I think of it.

Here’s Why You Need To Drink More Water

There are more people carrying bottled water with them than ever before, making this the second drink in terms of popularity, being surpassed just by soft drinks. This is because people started to realize how important it is to drink more water.Buying bottled water and installing a good water purification system at home are very good ideas, because drinking enough water offers the following health benefits, among many others.Maintaining Body Fluid Balance

Listening To Your Baby’s Heart During Pregnancy

Every mother and father to be, know that, from the moment of the pregnancy, their entire lives are going to be changing. Everything is going to be about the new baby. He will want to make sure that the house is going to be ready, the baby’s room is going to be ready, their entire lives are going to be ready to accept this new little human that will always drive them crazy but they will always love.

Advantages of DecaDuro over Deca Durabolin Steroid

What Is It?

Selecting a Tactical Watch

There are a number of small items of gear that could be forgotten. Does it really matter just what socks you put on or just what sunglasses you select? Yes, actually, it does. Convenience, usability, high quality, functions-- the little points can make a huge difference in your day. And also the very same holds true for your wrist watch.There are many good choices available, so long as the choice you make fulfills particular needs.

Taking Care of the Calf, Agility and a Great Recipe

A few ramblings all newsletter style.Read up on what I think is a forgotten calf stretch (at least I don't see anyone doing it) a new toy I bought myself and a GREAT recipe for the vegetables lovers. I made this dish the other night with some roasted chicken and Mmmm mmm! My wife loved it, I loved it and my two Pugs may have gotten a piece of carrot or two. 
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