Canadian death race!

got [Insert Type of Milk] milk?

We didn’t have it too bad when we were kids.  We had cartoons, toys, and milk break.  The hardest question we had to decide was, “Chocolate or White?”  Well, for me it was anyways, and I almost always went with white milk (because I genuinely liked the taste of white milk, not because I was a weird kid or anything...), which then presented the question, “Skim or 2%.”Yeah, back in the day…


 One of my goals for 2015 was to be more active on my social media pages to help motivate and inspire others to live a healthy lifestyle. I started off with posting motivation quotes every morning, and motivational videos that I found on youtube. Youtube videos have been a huge impact on my fitness journey and will continue to be. Everyone should have some source of external motivation when they can't find any internal motivation to get them to workout.

New Class Schedule! Now offering Saturday morning classes.

What is more rewarding?

Is it more rewarding to win the race... or to know you trained hard and were faithful to the process that allowed you to cross the finish line?

A Setback to Situps

As I talk among friends or potential clients, I get asked a certain question time and time again. I also witness it a lot in first time gym goers. It's that awful feeling of insecurity, the feeling that your doing something wrong and everyone is watching it happen. This is in most cases, is just your inner self talking. You have to stop listening to that voice and just go with the flow. You will never get anywhere if you don't start somewhere. Be rest assured that no one comes out of the birth canal with abs of steel doing lunges with a 95lb.

What if my knees hurt?

I am currently working with a client who had a patella issue and was told by the doctor to take it easy on cardio- no running, no jogging, minimal walking. She was very concerned this would hinder our ability to work towards her goals- short and long term. The truth is, there are a lot of people who have some sort of chronic joint condition that causes them to feel afraid they won't be able to work like they want to or be able to accomplish the things they have in mind, or will need to completely take time off and will fall off track.

Mineral deficiencies

Mineral deficiencies can play havoc with your system. If you are deficient with any of your minerals, it can affect your mood, metabolism, sleep and GI tract. if you don't know if you are lacking any of these minerals, than it may be a good idea to go to your doctor and find out. This can help your well-being significantly.

How Much Water Do I Really Need?

Do you drink enough water? Most people have heard 8 glasses a day, but did you know it is really .5 oz per pound? Also when you drink alcohol or coffee you need one glass of water just to cancel out the dehydrating effects. So my 2 cups of water first thing in the morning just cancel out the effects of my 2 cups of coffee. I still need 70 oz more water for the day.

Don't forget to try something new today

Routines are great! They help us stay on track, but don't forget to change it up and keep your muscles guessing. Don't be afraid to try a new exercise or a new cardio routine! You may find something you love more than you thought you would, plus it is a great way to push yourself and to get past some of those plateaus we tend to hit and to make improvements in your fitness level! For example, if you love burpees- or a better way to say it- if you do burpees as part of your workout routine- try jumping side of side, instead of straight up!
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