The Posture Game

Holding the correct posture during the usual forward crouching activities that are a hallmark of the average person's day is one of the most difficult things to keep in mind. Mindfulness is the key here. There are exercise upon exercises that can be performed for improving posture, but the one element that is in my opinion most crucial, yet most often neglected, is simply being aware of what your shouders, head, upper back are doing. Being mindful of the present. At any given moment hundreds of core muscle fibers are firing at one time to hold the position of your body.

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The Importance of Moving Well

Our bodies are designed to move. This is very evident in that we have legs that allow us to not only crawl, hop and walk, but also run, jump and skip (yes, adults should still be skipping and hopping). Our arms and torso are also designed to help us move and play an important role in our gait (if you don’t believe, then start walking now and watch how your arms and torso help to move the rest of your body). When done properly, exercise will enhance the ability of our bodies to move.

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Free and Affordable Personal Training

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Why You Exercise is Most Important

Hi there it's McAllister Dodds again. Why you exercise is almost as important as exercise itself. Exercising to look good and to reach a swimsuit goal isn't powerful enough to create serious lasting change. I hate doing things I hate and if you do too your not alone. If you hate doing exercise because you "have to" it will never work long term (which is the key). You need to convince yourself that it's something for you, that you can't live without. If you don't get to do it, you're missing out.

Make Every Workout & Meal Count...

Tip of the Day: Make every workout and meal count...

New Year! New You! Join a Fitness Revolution!

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