In my opinion we overuse this word almost as much as we overuse LOVE. :)I want everything to look perfect.Dinner needs to be perfect.In pursuit of perfection....This seems to be a common goal, especially amongst those in fitness (it spreads deeper through the veins of gym goers).

Zumba Experience Continues

It has been fun to learn more songs and dance moves to use in my classes.  My goal is to spend an hour per day on at least two new songs.  Today I loved the ZIN 33 version of Stand By Me and also the Yerbato!  So fun and easy moves to follow!   The best part of all is 1 kilo in two weeks of working out!  I am not sure anything else has worked this fast when it comes to exercise.  Using my arms a lot and loving the moves that make the dance fun.  Samba, Mambo, Cha Cha, Salsa, Reggaeton, Cumbia, and more!   

Failure...Is it all bad?

I was planning on writing my blog today, discussing the training that I am doing with friends to prepare for our Warrior Dash on Sunday, September 18th.  It was going to be quite inspiring, telling the story of someone who is learning how to run, especially since it is something I hate to do.  I have never, ever enjoyed distance running (for me, anything over a mile is distance....), but I have been getting through it and I haven't died once.  Then training happened this morning.  Or didn't.  I decided to write the blog today anyway.  I t

Suncoast Pilates is area's first and premier Pilates studio!

Get your Pilates on at Suncoast Pilates in Palm Harbor, FL! Our fully equipped Pilates studio specializes in one-on-one Pilates equipment training sessions tailored to the individual. The studio also offers duet sessions with a friend, co-worker or spouse / partner and offers select group equipment sessions weekly. Sessions are by appointment only.Suncoast Pilates has some of the Tampa Bay / Clearwater / Pinellas County's most experienced, highly trained and Certified Pilates instructors.

"Shape Up" Do they really work?

Toning Shoes such as shape ups and other unstable sole shoes have made their way into main stream with claims that they give you a work out by simply walking around. In some advertisements the manufactures of these shoes claim that the shoes will allow you to burn more calories, and increase muscle activity while you walk. In a recent study conducted by ACE Fitness, they put these claims to the test. The results, indicated that there was no increase in muscle activation, nor was there any increase in exercise response.

Benefits of Keeping a Fitness Log

Quite simply, a fitness log will help you adhere to your training.I have always kept a fitness log. I kept detailed logs when I was racing mountain bikes competitively, and when I was training for difficult events, like the marathon. A fitness log simply keeps you honest with yourself. When you are accountable to something or someone, you are more apt to stick with the schedule, plan, or program. Believe me, no one likes to see a blank page in a running log, cycling log, or weight training log!

Dangers of a Chronic High-Protein Diet

Everywhere you turn there’s another gimmick on how to lose weight. These recommendations cater to people who are looking for shortcuts. These so-called “secrets for weight loss” frequently result in a mere loss of water weight, often result in a rebound in weight, and are almost always unhealthy.

Do What You Love, Love What You Do! My Story...

In October 2007 my life changed forever when my 11-year-old daughter lay semiconscious in the intensive care unit with severe ketoacidosis from undiagnosed Juvenile (insulin-dependent) diabetes. Not only did this event change our lives, but it also made me realize just how fragile life is and how important it is to be passionate about life and the things that you do. But the only way to be passionate is to truly enjoy what you do for a living.

Online Coaching/Training is Coming Later this Month!

Approximately half of all people who join health clubs quit within 3 months. Worse than that, an even greater percentage of people maintain a membership but do not use it. Witness the wild success of low-priced fitness clubs. These clubs thrive because they recruit more members than they can reasonably accommodate, fully expecting that many will not even use the facilities. And guess what—they don’t! Many people continue to pay their membership fees, hoping that they “might” start exercising in the future.

Fun and Results

Wow is this fun!  I enjoy working with the classes showing them some simple and fun dance moves to each of the Zumba songs.  Some great instructors here in Palm Coast have asked me to sub for them.  So when I am not on the road traveling for work I can fill in here and there.  My next project is to find a location and offer a community Zumba class!  The ZIN Network provides me with great music and new choreography.  As I continue to increase my repertoire of songs I know this is going to be even more fun and challenging!
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