Post-Halloween slide toward New Years?

For most, the last quarter of the calendar year (beginning with Halloween) marks a season filled with family, celebration, and (let's face it) FOOD.  It's a cultural norm for Americans to celebrate holidays and special occasions sharing food with those we love.  For many Americans, it also marks the beginning of a weight gain slide that can add up to an average of 5-7 pounds per year!  Yikes! 

Urban Boot Camp - Week #1

Urban Boot Camp: 4 weeks, 5 days per week, at 0430 hrs of fitness training for EVERYONE regardless of their fitness abilities. Week #1 proved that very statement. Beginners to advanced, men and women completed week one feeling accomplished in their capabilities as well as being empowered to reach their individual goals.

If you are trying to contact me I am best reached at 336-684-3129. However, if I am with a client, please leave your name, number and a brief message and I will get back to you. I do turn my phone off when I am with a client. Spinach and Mushrooms1 ( 10 oz ) package of frozen spinach10 large mushrooms of choice2 tsp olive oil1 tsp minced garlic1 Tbsp low-fat parmesan cheese grated 

"Come On, Let's Go!" Healthy Halloween Giveaway

It's Halloween time; let's celebrate with THREE giveaways!  I was recently a guest on FTNS Fitness Radio “Boomer’s Rock” and posting about healthy treats and activities for Halloween; now I’d like to hear from you, and you could win a prize for sharing your Healthy Halloween ideas!  Read on about our prize and how to share your Halloween idea:

A State (Af)-Fair

It’s this time of the year again; the leaves are beginning to turn, the temperatures are dropping to just about perfect conditions, and we are having the State Fair with all things mind-boggling: the longest alligator, rides for the fearless, animals with ribbons, the largest pumpkin, and food to make the producers of cholesterol-lowering medication jump with joy. How can I pass up that opportunity for people watching? I was there to see it all. 

Finally Friday!

New Move.....New Look!

Well its been a while since I've been on here!!  My just takes ya sometimes!  Well after my last bang/harrah before departure I slid in a half Marathon in New England on Oct 2, 2011 at Hampton NH Smuttynose with my bags already packed to hit the road for cross country trip out west to Tucson, AZ for my new residence!!  The race was obtainable for I did recover from plantar fasciitis from my last half marathon in Worcester June 2011 yet I was exhausted from all the packing and all the goodbyes.  Yet my daughter Carie and I managed to pull it off any

Make sure you include fiber in your diet as it works to keep your digestive tract healthy and eliminates wastes from your body. Drink plenty of water ( filtered please ), and make sure you take in extra water on hot days and with exercise. Talk to your physician about the optimal amount of hydration that is right for you. Make sure you eat breakfast daily & never, never skip meals as this will slow your metabolism. Never eat after 8pm.   

Cardiovascular Exercise & Aging

 My husband’s grandmother is 88 years old.  She has had several strokes, and for seven and a half years now has not been able to care for herself.  Restricted to her wheel chair, she sometimes remembers him and can call him by name, and sometimes not.  Almost everyone has either had a grandparent or loved one with dementia, Alzheimer’s, or at minimum reduced cognitive function.  We look at such conditions as normal, the body’s way of slowly shutting down after a long life.  But what if it could be different?  Is there something we could d

The Irony of Machines

Consider the advancements in everyday technology and machinery. They have helped us reduce our workload tremendously.  Although, I'm not sure these updates would qualify as advancements in our health. If you think about the lifestyle of people a little over 100 years ago, there was no need for health clubs, treadmills or even boot camp classes.People stayed fit doing their everyday work responsibilities-lifting, cleaning, cooking.  Their foods were not processed or came in a box, but grown and consumed almost immediately.
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