One Year Later

Here we go. I finally drug myself out of my work chair and got a workout in, which will produce great soreness just in time for a Thankgiving feast. I try to remind myself and all my clients for that matter that Thanksgiving is one day. So make it one day and enjoy it.   

Immediate Need for Cardio Group Fitness Instructors

Do you teach a cardio focused Group X format and have current CPR & group fitness certs?   We are looking for individuals with weekday morning or evening availability as well as Saturday mornings. You may e-mail resumes for this position to our Group X Fitness Coordinator at

Cold and Flu

The most wonderful time of the year is upon us.  The least wonderful part of this time of year: cold and flu season.  Contrary to the old wives tale colder temperatures, or going in the cold with wet hair, or no coat, aren’t causes for falling ill to colds and the flu.  Cold and flu occurrence has more to do with the suppression of our immune systems, and sharing close quarters in warm environments with others. 

Update: Tasty Thanksgiving Substitutes 

Being Thankful

As I've been thinking this month on everything and everyone I am thankful for, I realized that one of the things I am thankful for are setbacks.  We see setbacks as failures, but I'm seeing them as teachers....and a chance to start again.  I had the visual of the little Matchbox type race cars....the ones that you quickly pushed backwards several times to get the car wound up.  You would then let it go and the car would take off.  I think that's what happens to us.  We have to get pushed backwards to get us wound up again to move forward!

Thanksgiving Tip # 3

Some people are cooking. Some people are cooking and eating. 

Cauliflower for Thanksgiving?

Has anybody tried cooking and mashing cauliflower instead of potatoes at Thanksgiving? It's a great substitute if you want something much healthier with less calories and lots of vitamins! The recipe is online. Your family won't even know the difference! 

What can we do during the day to help improve balance?

Balance is an important concern for everyone, especially as we age. What are some issues you experince during the day regarding balance? Any suggestions for others about what's worked for you?

The Lowdown on Bread: Whole wheat, Whole grain, Sprouted grain, etc.

The Lowdown on Bread: Whole wheat, Whole grain, Sprouted grain, etc.  

Full Time Personal Trainers Wanted

We are currently accepting applications for Full Time Personal Trainers.  We help you develop your cleintele with hundreds of new members enroling each month.   Must have a national personal training certification and be able to work Full Time.  Please submit resume via our website
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