Reading nutritional labels and playing piano, June 29.

7 a.m. - Friday Summer Morning!After breakfast I like enjoying my coffee.But what cookie I have to choose for that?   Trader Joe's Organic Animal Crackers Low in fat - Low in sodium orPalitos Integrales Whole Wheat Breadsticks?For answering this questions I have to do some math - divide Total carbs to Sugar:Trader Joe's - 6g :25 =0.24 - more than 20 %Palitos Integrales - 1g : 13 =0.07, less than 20% of sugar in the product. So, I choose "Palito Integrales", because it more healthy!

Buddy system

Refer a new friend to any of my group sessions or personal training sessions and receive a free session.

Strength Strength Strength

Keep Training..We have loads to lift and kids to raise!! Strength

Can You Break the 10 Minute Barrier?

 When I workout with my friend Teresa she likes to say, “I wish more people knew how much easier it gets after the first 10 minutes.”

Strike a Balance Between Calories In and Calories Out

If you are sweating it out each day but the scale isn't budging then you need to start looking at the amount of calories you consume compared to the amount of calories you burn. This can be tricky..because working out revs up your metabolism and torches calories...but it can also make you hungry!! A few tweaks to make to get you on track:: 

Working out at night

I have a client that routinely gets up at 3.30 in the morning and runs on his treadmill and goes back to sleep. I suspect he eats late causing excess energy. It takes more time to break down food at night and this affects a persons sleep. What do you all think about working out at night?

Is My Health Care My Choice?

I find the health care debate in this country frustrating.  It always seems we are debating the wrong points and once again getting caught up in partisan politics.  After the historic Supreme Court ruling yesterday where Obama's Affordable Care Act was found to be constitutional, I am again left frustrated with the national conversation.  Remember the ruling was to decide if the provisions were constitutional, not to decide whether they were good public policy.

The Psychological Setback of Injury

To say that I'm frustrated by how slow I seem to be recovering from this injury is an understatement.  I haven't run in 6 weeks and I haven't had a hard bike ride in over two weeks.  I've consistently gone to PT and still my recovery seems to be slow.  I can still feel the pull of my adductors as they cross the knee.  I still have pain at the pes anserine.  Although the pain has disipated when I perform squats or lunges, I can still feel it when I walk at times or when applying pressure along the insertion points of the adductors. 

Hoarding of weights

What is everyone's views on those people that accumulate plates at the gym? Or your gym has limited dumbbells they want to have six or more at once an claim that their using all the weights? How would you approach this situation without coming off s a wimp and not getting management involved? Tater telling is only for extreme cases because you risk looking like a wimp. What is the best approach? Just grab the weights and act as If you did no know they were using it? Or tell the person how many can you use at once? Or just being polite and saying I will be done quick?

CrossCore® RBT™ Training and Education Program for Military

CrossCore® Rotational Bodyweight Training™ or "CrossCore® RBT™" is our key competitive advantage. It allows users to incorporate natural and rotational movement while performing bodyweight exercises. CrossCore® RBT™ is more than suspended bodyweight training.
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