Hey Everyone! It sure has been a long time! Been busy with new clients and preparing workouts for each individuals' goals- so exciting. One of my clients says to me "Did I pay for this (as she was panting for air)...why don't you just beat me." It was so cute and actually, I told her I couldn't beat her because she needed to return to me for her sessions. Just imagine how much I kick my own butt before I see them- just think about that for a second. So back to website, below is a preview of my bio- have any thoughts?

WELCOME to Lori's FYI!

To all my Beloved and Valued Clients, Friends, and Colleagues,


We're going bigger and fatter, that's where. I do not see the obesity problem stopping or getting better anytime soon, or at all. It's a trainwreck and one that will wreck this nation sooner than anything else. And I'll tell you why. Food is altogether too accessible. Here's the crazy part--When my clients tell me what they have overeaten, most often the food came right out of their own kitchens and they bought it for themselves! What do you think was going through their minds?


Even the WORD agave sounds appealing; no danger here! Certainly a nicer word than schlag! Or popover. Agave....Amore! Svelt-e.......But it's just another trick. One of those AHA! moments where we get to realize that, yes, we must be ever vigilant. Because agave is another big, fat, ball of calories out to get us. But it's often do we get to do blue food. Well, we don't. This swill has MORE calories, and is sweeter than sugar. And, let's go through the drill again, OK???Excess sugar like this one, is WHAT? That's right, a tri-glyceride. And what's that?

Week 4

Bootcamp: Another great class! The kickboxing circuit added a little variety this week and the obstacle course had everyone moving quickly. ;)

Love this compliment

Since I started teaching the Mind/Body Fusion class four weeks ago, I've had three students approach me after class on separate occasions to tell me it feels like they just got a massage. What a great feeling--to know that what I'm doing is helping someone feel better than they did before they walked through the door. ;)  

Friday 10/22/2010

AM BOOT CAMP!! 6:30AM! It was freeeeezing this morning! Cranked the heat and got warmed-up! Today's workout was focused mostly on core + upper body Circuit #1: Glidey Pikes 12x Glidey Mountain Climbers 30x Physioball hand-offs 20x Circuit #2: 2x thru

MELT and Fibromyalgia

Yesterday, I presented MELT to a fibromyalgia support group. After a brief description of MELT, I let the method do the talking and did the MELT foot treatment with the group. We used to soft balls only, and MELT did not let me down. The participants reported that it made them feel better, not only in their feet but also up towards their lower backs.

Back Stretches (for Martha)

Here are a few diagrams of back stretches I found on the web.  These are various ones I like to do after a workout.

Do You Have An Attitude of Gratitude?

I heard something last night on the radio that got me thinking, how thankful am I for what I have? 
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