Typical Day at a Wilderness Therapy Camp

As parents we often fail at recognizing the source of the problem of the erratic behavior of our teenage children. Try to look at life from the eyes of a teenager and you will find a whole new world that is nothing like the one that you recognize. For a teenager the world is full of pit falls, bad experiences and troublesome years. During teenage years, a person needs guidance rather than a heavy hand. You need to act as their friends rather than worried parents. These days a lot of parents send their troubled young children to wilderness camps.

3 Reasons to do Strength Training

3 Good Reasons to Do Strength TrainingA well-rounded fitness routine involves more than walking, running, biking, or swimming 5 days a week. Sure, aerobic workouts are key to getting and staying fit. But it’s important to mix in some strength training, too.    

Intrinsic Motivation for Today, Tomorrow, and Beyond!

Good Morning! This is our first blog post ever! We are so excited to have the opportunity to help others through online blogging and community outreach! We love questions and answers about anything fitness, nutrition, and overall health and wellness so dont hesistate to contact us! Our goal is to serve our clients with unparrelled exercise expertise, healthy behavior change, and a positive connection to promote and facilitate habitual physical activity for life!

Five Ways to Stay Fit While on Vacation

Going on vacation and seeing the sites is usually the thing most people look forward to during the summer months. However, most vacations, especially if they are extended vacations, can lead to poor health habits.While there is nothing wrong with indulging every now and again, as well as taking time to relax, there are still smart, healthy choices you can make to maintain your figure while on vacation:1. Doctor

Fact vs. Fiction with Bodywrapping

In my profession, I have had clients and friends that ask me about what I think about bodywrapping?, We'll accrding to The National Center for Health Statistics, it clearly states that; Bodywrapping is one ofthe weight loss scheme which attempts to squeeze the fat away by wrapping the body from the chest to te knees wit elastic bandages that have been sterilized and soaked in harbs and moisturizers. Then the semi-mummified individual dons a nylon suit designed to keep the heat in for the next 45-70 minutes.

What you need to know about Osteopathy

Osteopathy is a kind of medical healing in which delicate tension is used on some places of your body. This helps a lot in easing the level of discomfort so that your full body can get rid of tremendous pain and various diseases. In other words, it is a great treatment that can help in improving the normal kinds of therapy. Why people undergo this treatment? 

Pumping Up the Protein for Vegetarian Bodybuilders


Why You Need a Nursing Bra

You’re expecting a new little blessing, and with that comes a lot of new topics to discover.  You find yourself looking for answers to questions you never knew you would have.  So, here is the 411 on finding the right nursing bra, so you can get back to more important things like scanning the baby name book… again.Why You Need a Maternity and Nursing Bra

Notes from a Conference

Last week, I attended the IDEA World Fitness Convention in Los Angeles. 12000 attendees from 50 countries – a world-wide event indeed. I have to credit IDEA with making me the trainer I am today. Being exposed to the best in the industry, learning the latest trends and getting inspired be presenters and fellow trainers brings out the best in us. My focus in this year’s conference was a mix of Barre and corrective exercise. 

Maintaining my edge

As you know, I'm always trying to maintain my edge.  This week, I took two steps to further that goal, to make sure that you, the client, get the best possible value for the trust you place in me as your personal trainer. Obviously it's important to exercise our bodies, but it's also helpful to challenge our minds and be open to new ideas.  To that end, I attended the 2015 Functional Training Summit in Providence, Rhode Island this past week.
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