How to Relieve Stress at Work l 6 Stress Relieving Exercises



Motivation is defined as the reason or reasons one has for acting or behaving in a particular way. Motivation is a feeling, and like all feelings it comes and goes. How is it that some people can stay motivated in regards to their workout and training regiments while other teeter and fall off? The answer is their motivation is stronger than others. Your motivation to train even on tiring days has to be strong enough to pull you out of bed. Your motivation has to be so strong that you think about throughout the day, to the point that it keeps you awake at night.

What I do as a Trainer

I believe that as a personal trainer, my job is not finished once our one hour session has ended. My job ends once we hit your goals and I teach you how to live a healthier lifestyle. When most people come to me with their initial goals; It's not your usual questions. How do I lose 15lbs. before this wedding? Or how can I improve my overall endurance on the football field? What they are usually asking me is, how can I achieve this goal and then MAINTAIN it?

Developing Power For Your Sport

Nowhere can you see such a variety of sports in one place than the Olympics. Athletes can train for years just to reach an event that could be over in seconds such as the 100 metre sprint.


Hi Everybody, I wanted to share a great and effective article on motivating yourself. It's got real behavior change strategies to get you to well, change your behavior to what you want to do. 

Living to 100 on the link above to see my latest VideoBlog! One of my favorite clients turned 100 a few days ago. I've been giving a lot of thought to what I've learned about aging well through my experiences working as a trainer.  

Breaking The Myths On Edmonds Landscaping Services

Breaking the Myths on Edmonds Landscaping Services

4 Reasons An I Pad Restaurant Pos System May Or May Not Be Good For You

4 Reasons an I Pad Restaurant Pos System may or may not be good for youThe question of whether or not to buy a Pos system is not always obvious. To some businesses, a Pos system is indispensible to their success. However, some businesses would better off buy a standalone terminal rather than a Pos system. Stick with me in the next few minutes therefore, and learn whether you really need Pos for your restaurant.

Why do I make everything harder...

Functional Fitness - For Stronger Living is passionate about the major health influencing variables. However, instead of incessantly preaching on these variables why not focus on one that does it all.What is shown to improve sleep, stimulate thirst, drive healthier food choices and reduce stress?

8 Things to Know Before Getting a Facelift

When it comes to facelifts, many are pleased by their choices while others tend to look back at their experiences and wish that they’d have known about what they were getting themselves into. So, if you’re someone who wants a facelift then here are 8 things you should know about!1.     Find yourself the right doctor
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