The True Benefits of Cinnamon

The internet is awry with the many benefits of different foods, but one which is only just beginning to get the recognition it deserves is cinnamon. This spice is commonly used in cooking due to its great taste, however there is more than meets the eye with cinnamon... 

How To Choose The Right Water Ionizer Machines For The Homes And Offices

Looking for best alkaline water machines?

Peppermint Oil for Headaches


I cannot stress enough how important it is to be compassionate when you help others on their path to wellness, health and fitness. People come to you, oftentimes as a “last resort”, after years of struggling with either some medical problems or weight issues or nutritional habits. It is extremely hard for them to book that first date with the fitness professional, come to the meeting, sit down, open up right away and pour out all the worries, problems and stress, as they see the person for the first time in their life.

7 Health Benefits Provided By Dogs

Dogs are amazing creatures, fun to be around and a great pet. Additionally, they also provide a whole array of health benefits – here are some of the most common.

Fascinating Fascia

Not too many years ago, the term “fascia” was hardly heard. It was viewed as the body’s inert ‘packaging material’ just as bubble wrap or packaging peanuts. It was also regarded as the domain of hands-on bodyworders such as massage therapists and Rolfers. This view has changed radically over the last years, and its wording has begun to infiltrate the fitness industry. 

Follow-Up to "Too AWESOME To Fail"

This story just gets better and better ... don't you love a happy ending! After posting my rant about TOOBIGTOFAILBANK soooo many of you reached out to me and the love poured in for Fitness Bimbo Lady and her worthy cause of spreading health and fitness through the Ville. Many of you offered to invest, some sent their Money Guy's number, several clients offered to bake and sell cookies, and many of you are willing to exercise in the dark. But alas ... we won't have to! 

Walk With NAPS 2 B Fit

Form your group of five to ten friends and family, then contact trainer for an educational one hour session of varied classes and a balanced program. Times and locations are decided by participants and trainer. We meet once a week all year long; you pay for four one hour sessions in advance; there are no refunds or returns; $10/hour/person.Get your steps in and your questions anwered at the same time. 

How To Unleash Your Inner Athlete

In order to make your workouts super challenging, you have to push yourself past your physical and mental limits.  Here are some tips for upping your physical game. 1.Switch up your workouts. 

Nitric Max Muscle: What It’s Made Of And How It Works

For both the regular bodybuilder and the casual gym-goer who just wants a body to show, muscle mass supplements work wonders. These things actually significantly speed up the growth of your muscles.
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