Do you need to do what I do?

If you are a client of mine, family member or close friend you probably know that over the past 6 months or so I have ventured of

The Best Diet: Part 3

You want to lose some weight? Gain some muscle? Change your figure? Get leaner? Burn more fat?

Is Your Tablet or Phone Making you Grumpy?

Is your lighting making you grumpy?  It could be if it's keeping you from getting a good night's sleep by interrupting your circadian rhythms (your body's natural sleep and wake cycle)  

Quote of the Day

"All great achievements require time." -  Maya Angelou

Drinking enough water???

Have you ever wondered why your weight might fluctuate on the scale if you check it everyday?? it could be what you ate the day before but most likely it is due to the lack of daily water consumtion.

Tracking your food intake - What it's really for.

Recently, an injured shoulder has forced me to make my workouts less intense and has also meant I'm restricted in day-to-day movements. No doubt this means I'm currently expending less energy than I usually would be, which puts my balance of energy intake vs expenditure, at risk.My solution to maintaining control has been to track calories and, a bit more losely, macro-nutritents.

You ALL are the BEST

Thank YOU, thank you, thank you!!!As most of you know this has been a trying time due to my foot surgery....BUT, you have so rissen to the call for me.You have taught classes for me and brought me lots and lots of good food!!You have called and checked on me and just been there for anything I needed and I can't say thanks enough!So THANKS!!!!Finally starting back and it feels GREAT!!

Does Dancing Really Help You to Lose Weight?

Does dancing really help you to lose weight?  Yes, it does!  Dancing for exercise increases stamina and cardio.  It's a fun way to shed a few pounds and learn some new moves at the same time. There are plenty of dance videos that are excellent for building a better body. 

What Causes Male Hair Loss?

Most people lose around 50-100 hairs every day but don’t notice because they are quickly replaced through the constant cycle of re-growth. Baldness happens when that re-growth cycle is disrupted. 

Cancer Survivor Training Program

This week I've been busy doing intakes for our upcoming Livestrong Cancer Survivor Group Training Program at the YMCA.  The small group training program meets twice a week for 12-weeks to help the participants design an individualized plan to improve strength, energy, and wellness.As part of the intake process, I am humbled by the opportunity to have each person share with me their story and what their goals are for the program. 
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