TOP 5 Benefits of SEO

Recently Search Engine Optimisation has become widely adopted as an internet marketing strategy mainly attributable to its effectiveness. Here are the 5 main advantages of SEO: 

SEO Glasgow

Over the last year, I have been perfecting knowledge of search engine optimisation. This has allowed me to rank on Google for competitive terms such as 'SEO Glasgow'. Why am I sharing this with you? Well, there are thousands and thousands of personal fitness professionals in this group who are always on the lookout for new clients. Where do clients go to look for a new personal trainer?  Yes, Google. 

Osteoporosis and Weight Training

Weight training for ladies has many important benefits. It's good for your bones, cinches the inches, among other things. Women have a higher risk of osteoporosis and supplementing with calcium can be important but so is lifting weights. Weight lifting stimulates bone growth by placing resistance or force against the bones and muscles. Bone is active tissue and it is continually rebuilding and replacing bone. With weights, you are also increasing muscle which is metabolically active and helps increase your metabolism. They all go hand in hand so remember a strong body is also a healthy body.

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Excellent Article on Emotional/Compulsive Eating and our Brain

Written by my coach, Ellen Schumen eat to zone out. I eat for the pleasure it gives. I eat as a reward for working so hard.”

Benefits of Exercising During Pregnancy

Being a new mom - you pretty well know that sleepless night is part of the deal Pregnancy often brings all kinds of sleep disturbances, leg cramps, heartburn and nausea and bad sleeping pattern during pregnancy may make it even more worse. With regular bathroom runs, the nocturnal kicking and the boulder shaped stomach, it is a miracle for an expecting mother to catch a shot-eye.

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