Aiming For A Healthy Diet PlanAiming For A Healthy Diet Plan

End Weight Gain with Proper Diet 

Do Something 2.0

Hi Live Gooders, I did a post a few months back about just doing something and not putting a high achievement level on every workout you do or are thinking about starting.  

Eat Like A Caveman, But Don't Act Like One!

 Nowadays most guys either are very soft and cuddly with their skinny jeans, hair buns and dad bods or super macho and showing everyone. These extremes are just plain sad. To both groups I beg you please WAKE UP! Do you really think that real women want either?

The Official Happiness Project

Where the mind goes, the body follows.  This is probably the best lesson I’ve learned working in fitness for the past six years.  If your mind is headed in a positive direction, your body will move that way too.  About a year ago, Elizabeth Morgan created the Official Happiness Project on Facebook.  If you want to be inspired I encourage you to check out her Facebook page.Her goal is to share positivity and happiness.

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Hello El Paso!

Is Your Educational Background Truly Healthy?

Given the overwhelming number of different job types there are nationwide; did you ever stop to think approximately how many of them you would actually be qualified for?Yes, you are probably over-qualified for many of them, under-qualified for your fair share too.That said getting as much education as possible (both before and after you start your career) certainly can’t hurt you.So, is your educational background truly healthy? Are You Studying up on Your Needs?

Essure Complications make Health Canada issue warnings

warnings made it very clear to healthcare practitioners that Essure undoubtedly causes several complications, and that there are many risks associated with its use! After a closer look, the American agency has now added the Black Box warning to the device’s label in order to mark it as dangerous. This is an attempt to warn patients about the risks associated with the device.

Things to know Before getting a Breast Augmentation.

Many ladies select to get breast augmentation as an approach to build their certainty and feel more appealing. Many simply need to recover their unique pre pregnancy figure from their more youthful years. While breast surgery can be an extremely compelling method for enhancing your appearance and reestablishing self-assurance, there are sure things you ought to know about previously.

Personal Training Aimed to Help Older Adults Stay Independent Longer

Staying healthy and free of injury is essential for older adults who desire to stay independent for as long as possible. It takes good strength, balance and mobility to protect our independence from falls and related injuries. One-third of people 65 and older falls annually, and 1 out of 5 falls causes a serious injury such as head trauma, hip or other bone fracture. More than two-thirds of deaths from falls were at home and 40% of older adults receiving chronic or long-term care are due to fall injuries.
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