Explaining Epilepsy and the Treatment Options Available

Epilepsy is a condition that affects the brain and central nervous system. As such, its primary symptoms are seizures, a loss of awareness, unusual sensations, and uncharacteristic behavior. The primary focus in treatment has always been on controlling seizures, because of the safety risks they pose to the individual. While research in developing an outfight cure for epilepsy may be slow-going, recent developments have established new and better ways to control seizures and reduce their intensity.

Healthy Holiday Treats: 6 Gifts for Family and Friends

With the new year so closely following Christmas, many people are already stating their intentions to be healthier after the first of the year. It makes sense then to give a gift that can encourage them on their new journey to healthfulness. But how do you do that? What can you give that's healthy, but won't break the bank or seem insulting? Here are 6 healthy gifts you can give your friends and family this year.Fruit baskets

Resurrecting My Fitness Blog

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Choosing between a complete facelift or a mini facelift

Why should you consider getting breast augmentation?

Psychological impact of breast augmentation

How is cosmetic bonding performed?

Fasten your healing from breast augmentation

Choosing between Botox injections and creams

Understanding a facelift

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