Everyday I here and see people saying I want abs. Great goal for sure but what each of these people fail to understand is to have visible abs you must learn how to cook and eat clean. Exercise will strengthen the abs and burn fat, but it will not give you visible abs on its own. Nutrition is the key to any weight loss program and it all begins in the kitchen. Understanding what eating clean means is one of the hardest concepts for people to understand I have found. There are numerous diet plans on the internet, but very few actually explain what eating clean means.

MELT Online Training in System Test

In the past, I have been a sceptic whenever somebody brought up the issue of online personal training. It seemed a contradiction in terms to me. Yet, I now find myself giving it serious consideration, and I need to explain what brought on this transformation. 

Summer time delight for the mind and body - Smoothies


Exercise: Miracle Cure

You should always be a little suspicious of people who offer "miracle cures," but recently, doctors at the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges in the UK have declared that exercise itself is worthy of the name, "Miracle Cure."

Fitness Forecast May 26 - 31 2015 east bay area

Monday was Memorial Day so I hope you got out and did some kind of fun outdoor activity. Tuesday - Total Body detox workout. Do a 30 minute run or hike and push-ups, lunges, squats and pull-ups at any available stations. 

Keeping Going

I've been keeping going with the every day in May! got in a casual workout on Friday of a Hike 30 mins, a good track workout yesterday of 8x100's- 30 mins total and today hit the bike, did some yoga, back, abs and booty work- 40 mins total. Kids have been keeping me going like here, go there, etc... Today has been much better- thank goodness since it's cycle day 2. Travis and I are going to watch "American Sniper" to get in the mood for Memorial Day.I'll post more tomorrow, later babes~ Michelle

My Personal Blog

I manage my blog on my businesses website at able to keep my content on my website allows me more time to focus on learning so I can deliver my clients the best possible results.Please visit my website and if you have any questions do not heistate to contact me at 

Fitness Tips From Bethesda Personal Trainer


How To Live an Optimistic Life by Henrick Edberg

This blog is timely considering a month of constant heart breaking losses and set backs:We all face tough days or times. It’s a part of life.

Do you care enough?

I heard a great message this weekend that included this simple phrase. Do you care enough? It makes complete sense. For example, if you are trying to lose weight and you have challenging events or situations that have occurred, are you able to resist the temptation to choose the wrong foods and get your workouts in no matter what. The question is, do you care enough to make the right decisions. If you really want to lose the weight, you will. If you care, but don't care enough, then you will allow yourself to cheat or fall of track. Take time today to ask yourself that question.
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