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S-I JOINT INJURY, PREVENTION AND TREATMENT As the Sacroiliac joint (S-I joint) becomes more and more involved in overuse, injury and rehabilitation, it is important to know what stretches and exercises can prevent or treat the area. Below are some basic stretches (asanas) and 4 progressive workouts.S-I Joint StretchesCamelChildsCowfaceExtended side angleLizardLow lungePigeonSeated forward foldSupine eagle legsTriangle

Passing the Barre

Given my love for ballet, it was only one logical step for me to look at a Barre certification course. And just at I had decided to look into it further, an opportunity for the very thing presented itself in Raleigh J. The stars were lining up. 

Nutrition Tips To Help You Stay Fit

26 NUTRITION TIPS & 4 SUPPLEMENT RECOMMENDATIONSDrink plenty of water every day.Take a multivitamin & fish oil supplement every day.Eat when you are hungry, stop when you are full.Focus

Balance -

Functional Fitness?? One of my ‘specialties’ but what is it??Think about everyday activities: Picking stuff up off the floor – Climbing stairs – Getting into & out of a car – Getting up out of a chair or getting up off the toilet!!Bending, Stooping, Turning, Lifting, Reaching… These are ALL ‘Fundamental Movements’ in the ‘Game of Life!’

Instant exercise upgrades

Get them right here right now......straight from the horses mouth :)

Where Did We Go Wrong? - Part 2

Last week I discussed in brief detail on where we are going wrong, but that still doesn’t answer where we went wrong.As you know, there is a TON of information out there.  If you’re looking for answers, you can simply type something into Google and watch the auto-fill and links all start to pop up.  A lot of those links will have different similar, but different information.

3 Tips to Stay Focused Despite Fatigue

Everyone knows what it’s like to get out of bed with a foggy head and the feeling that you just can’t face the day. Sometimes a poor night’s sleep has caused the problem – a fretful child, snoring partner, demanding pet or simple muscle ache can be enough to disrupt your normal sleep pattern and make you cranky and forgetful the next day, prone to snap at those you love or seriously resent your job.

What motivates YOU!

Thankfully, motivation can be from internal sources and external sources.... so think about it...


I have the best, most passionate clients ever! They all come into my studio and kick butt, working toward their goals but never forgetting that it is the "Journey " that is of most importance!
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