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If You Want More, Be More

There is more talent and personality embodied by IDEA presenters in the Rosemont Hyatt at this moment than I can possibly even fathom. There is the usual star power—Blahnik, Purvis, Glick, Kolber, Roskopf, Murphy, Anderson, Fable, McMillan (x 2), Brooks, etcetera. Too many to mention or count, really. And then there is newly mined gold that IDEA conference programming director Aprile Peishel has carefully cultivated to ensure that conference education stays fresh and relevant to today’s fitness professional.

Fusion Defined

Fusion couldn’t be a more apt name for this event. Concepts from all corners of fitness have fused and morphed and overlaid beautifully over the past few years to give pros from all disciplines interesting and meaningful training choices for their clients.

Reality Fitness, Pole Fitness

If there’s one thing I love about working in the fitness industry, it’s the variety of things I get to try. Take today, for instance...

Fun & Fit at the Sarasota YMCA

I was on vacation in Sarasota, Florida, a couple of weeks ago visiting my brother and his family. I’ve been down there a few times now and have happily made the Sarasota YMCA (the Evalyn Sadlier Jones Branch)—which is just a few miles from their neighborhood—my home away from home (away from home). What an amazing fitness facility and what an incredibly talented staff.

Cooking With the Seasons at Rancho La Puerta Spa

Anyone who knows me out there well understands that I could wax on forever about food, recipes, wine and the culinary arts in general. I try to go to at least one cooking class per month to keep myself in the game. Wednesday night I attended a terrific class with IDEA Fitness Journal art director Esther Coit, who shares my food passion. We are both fairly accomplished cooks, so it’s not always easy finding a class that is different enough to justify the money and time, but we scored a bulls eye last night when we picked “An Evening With Rancho La Puerta Spa and Deborah Schneider.”

Welcome to My Blog!

The IDEA editors have been blogging and video logging (vlogging) our events for a few years now. However, I wanted to share thoughts and observations with you on a more regular basis, so our intrepid web developers set up this blog for me. Welcome and thanks for reading! I’ll look forward to hearing your feedback and insights.
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