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The Problem With Fitness

IDEA World Fitness Convention is rampant with positivity. Everywhere you go you see smiling instructors, coaches, personal trainers shaking hands and connecting with colleagues. It’s a microcosm of what this industry aims to produce. 

Making Connections: What's Your Story?

Whether you like it or not, in the fitness world you are always selling. On the broad scope you sell your services. Within the realm of a training session, indoor cycling class or coaching call, you’re selling an exercise, cadence or behavior modification. But how are you selling it?

Challenging Convention

This conference is designed to create light bulbs. It's designed to shift mindsets and pose questions. However, this year there was a definite rebellious bent. Each session I attended challenged conventional wisdom. From the importance of core training and corrective exercise to current common business practices to calorie obsessionl, this year seemed focus on rethinking what is thought of as truth. 

It's All About the Hormones

For as long as I can remember, fitness and wellness professionals have eagerly informed weight loss clients that the path to their goal is simple: eat less, move more. I know I've spouted this phrase with confidence. Over the past several years I've learned that this model may be flawed. These days the experts are looking deeper and have sights set on something a bit more complex: the hormone.

Express Yourself!

As I write this post, the sun is gently setting on an uncharacteristically blue Pacific. Just inland, the vibrant greens of the world-famous Torrey Pines golf course have developed an amber glow. It's been a while since I've felt this peaceful.I'd like to say that the calm I feel is due to the lush surroundings wherein the 2011 Inner IDEA Conference is being held. That's partly it. However, as a first-time attendee, I readily admit that the dominant factor leading to my current state is the message I picked up from all the learning I experienced today.

Meet Them Where They Live

It's hard to walk through the halls of the Los Angeles Convention Center without noticing the various footwear worn by attendees. I'm pleasantly surprised at the number of professionals donning what are now referred to as minimalist shoes.. I've seen some pretty incredible designs. Some seemed like they come from the future. Others look as though they were molded specifically for the foot, serving simply as thin rubber protection from the elements. Of course more traditional options still abound.

Face It: We're in a Social Media World

 Today is pre-conference day at IDEA World Fitness Convention. That means the halls are still quiet and the registration booths are only two people deep. Despite what I refer to as “the calm before the storm,” there was still plenty of education to be enjoyed. Of particular interest to me was Chalene Johnson’s all-day session on leveraging social media. “If you’re not using social media, you will not be successful,” she warned the surprisingly sparse crowd. “Social media is where it’s at.” 

An Event Never to Be Forgotten

Peace of Mind Each time I attend one of these events, I try to take a bit of time to myself, take off my staff badge and take a class for fun. I always intend on participating in some sort of high intensity movement-oriented class, but after two boot camp classes and what feels like several miles worth of walking, I somehow find myself in a class that focuses on becoming calm and centered.   read more >>

It's Time to Get Wet!

Wake Up Call The alarm buzzer got me up early today; so early that I don’t think the sun had yet risen. At this point, as with every convention past, the body starts to feel the effects of long days of walking, learning and having fun. But sleeping in isn’t an option today as I get ready for another boot camp challenge, this time at beautiful and scenic La Jolla Shores. We met in the lobby of the Marriott Hotel and as I scanned the room, it was apparent that I wasn’t the only one experiencing a bit of fatigue.   read more >>

And The Beat Goes On...

Day two and the energy is going strong. Some attendees seem a bit bewildered and fatigued, but each seems eager to push their limits in order to obtain any available bit of information to better serve their clients and participants. What's the punch line? When I walked into Chuck Wolf's Friday presentation "Functional Integrated Abdominal Training," I was a little shocked and worried when he told participants to punch one another. read more >>
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