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Now that’s an IDEA—member! I can spot an IDEA member from a mile away, without wearing my glasses and not necessarily within the context of an IDEA event. An IDEA member walks quickly through the aisles, takes the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator, has energy bars sticking out of his or her pocket and generally offers free health and fitness advice to anyone who will listen. Congenial in the face of sleep deprivation, IDEA members have found that one sure path to happiness in life is through making best friends with your own body—and sharing that path with others.

In Gratitude

I am not gonna lie ... I am wiped out! I've been saturated in 4 and-a-half days of pounding music, whoops and wails, thoughtful professional challenges and cool tips, tricks and toys. I've walked up miles of escalators, taken pages and pages of notes and shanghaied a few stability balls to experiment with flexion and extension. I rolled out of bed this morning and had to borrow a smile from my neighbor. My feet ache, my back hurts, my shoulders are scrunched up permanently around my ears and you know what? It was all so worth it.   read more >>

Moving Through Space

Sometimes I have dreams that I am “swimming” through the air. I love it when I wake up from one of these dreams because for a few brief moments I can actually still feel the solid molecules of this ambient space. This is what Tai Chi feels like to me. I felt like I was dreaming in an awakened state while watching Scott Cole’s session “Yoga Tai Chi Fusion” this morning. First let me say that Cole has an amazing presence. He commands softly, and effuses balance. He’s a wonderful presenter.   read more >>

Will Group Fitness Survive? It's Up to YOU

I'm curious. Do you think group fitness has a future? Think about it before you answer and consider the state of the industry itself. Now, I have another question for you. If you are an instructor, are you full-time or part-time? Are you what Shannon Griffiths Fable calls a "hobby instructor"? Do you do it for fun because you get a free membership and you get a good workout in? At this very point in the industry's lifetime we are at a crossroads. read more >>

Electric Skin Is In

Ooohh...I just got chill bumps! You know that static electricity feeling you get that resonates from your spinal column and spreads out through your nerves, to your skin? It feels like a thousand tiny little prickles of unmitigated joy. Waves of wonder. Some people call it "the chills." I get the chills often, and not just when I'm in a cold convention center room (ha ha). It happens when I meet a person with exceptional character.   read more >>

A Taste of Inner IDEA Satiates Preconference Attendees

I learned something new today. Did you know that propioception is the sixth sense? This is one of many concepts Lorna Francis, PhD, presented in her talk "Living in the Full Presence of Life." Her presentation was part of "A Taste of Inner IDEA: A Body-Mind Experience," an all-day preconference event (one of many concurrent sessions) that helped get IDEA World Fitness Convention 2007 off to a mindful start.     read more >>

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