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John Gray, PhD, signs books in the IDEA booth

Helen Vanderburg Teaches an Extreme Interval Class

Clicking Into a Different Mode

Okay, so it's the fourth day of the show for me and I am feeling wiped out. I am also feeling that familiar malaise that comes from covering a fitness convention and not being able to participate in the sessions. You might as well stick me in the middle of a room lined with the finest dark chocolate and tell me not to lick the walls.

Pain as a Doorway to Fitness

Did you come to fitness via a need to quell pain? From my casual observation (and radar-equipped ears), I’ve seen and heard a lot of IDEA members talk about their personal histories and how they came to embrace fitness. One woman was obese in high school and decided she wanted to join the cheerleading squad in college. She also had a crush on a football player, but he ignored her.

Pure Energy, Caffeine Free

Two weeks ago, I gave up caffeine and sugar. I gave up coffee 2 years ago, which was a feat among feats. I switched to green tea—which is much better for you—but still has caffeine. In the middle of a cleanse I realized how much better I felt without consuming caffeine and sugar and had the epiphany that I (and my adrenal glands) am super sensitive to America’s favorite drug. So I quit, cold turkey.

The Quality of Your Power

Today I arrived for the preconference events at IDEA World Fitness Convention™, albeit a little late thanks to thunderstorms that "narrowed the flight corridor," affecting most other flights in the sky. But I made it.

Step Out From Behind the Desk

I noticed something different when I checked into my room on Thursday, and I’ve carried it with me the entire weekend. The front desk staff at the Hyatt Regency O’Hare hotel has noticeably stepped up their customer service. Front desk personnel are generally affable people, otherwise they wouldn’t be put in this front-line service opportunity. But the man who checked me in punctuated his service with one small gesture that made a difference. After keying in all the proper details, he stepped out from behind the desk, came around to the front where I was standing, handed me my room key and showed me which way to go.

Owning Your Strength

Have you ever admired someone else’s strength—physical, mental or emotional—only to discover one day this very person staked no claim to this strength? Was it shocking? Did you instantly see the disconnect between this person’s lack of ownership and some divots in his or her life? Fitness professionals tend to model positive attitudes and behaviors, but are just as human as everyone else. One theme at today’s show is shaping up to be how to model a positive attitude on a consistent basis.
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