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So You Think You Know it All?

One of the most dangerous sentences I've heard fitness professionals utter is "I don't need to go to conferences because I already know everything." If you don't have the money or time, that's one thing. But please, oh please, never think you know it all. If you know everything there is to know about training people of all shapes, sizes, backgrounds and persuasions, then why aren't you teaching the rest of us how to solve the world's health problems? In case you haven't noticed, people are getting fatter and sicker. Yeah, that's right -- in spite of how awesome you are.

Independence from Mediocrity

After a pretty gloomy July 4th here in San Diego (which I was fine with, actually), the show of all shows -- the one we've been working on all year with much determination and thrill -- opened its doors wide for the preconference and expo preview.I have to tell you; it's already rocking here. The vibe is incredible. Thirty years of health and fitness education, camaraderie and lasting friendships have culminated in an event that is sure to create real fireworks, which is more than the city of San Diego can say for its lackluster fireworks display last night (Google it).

The Pilates Challenge: Stop Writing About it and Just Do it!

 I love fitness. I always have. The most frustrating thing for me as an obese child growing up in an obese family was lack of physical activity. I felt trapped inside my body. I couldn’t understand why my body didn’t bend, twist and maneuver the way other kids’ bodies did. Why couldn’t I tumble, use the monkey bars and dodge the ball quicker? I felt like an athlete and I succeeded at some sports; but I never felt as if I lived up to my true potential.  I’ve made it a mission to find that lost athlete inside me in my adult years.

I'd Like to Give the World a (Fill in the Blank)

I am leaving IDEA Personal Trainer Institute today--hopefully a step ahead of the "wintry mix"--in a better body that houses a better mind and spirit. I personally believe that a healthy body is the gateway to a healthy mind, but then again I also believe the whole kit and caboodle is intertwined to a point that we don't really know the main influencer. I do know this: I feel better when I take care of my vehicle. This seems to also be the case with the folks who trust me to train them.

Foundations: How Secure is Your Dream Home?

Why aren't you at this event? Do you already know it all? In her session, One of the Top 10 Biggest Mistakes Trainers Make and How to Avoid Them, Nicki Anderson listed the know-it-all mentality as one trap personal trainers fall into. "I have a degree and 7 years of experience. I don't need to go to a conference to learn anything new. There's nothing new. I know it all." How can that be possible? I really want to know. Hardly anyone was talking about fascial lines 10 years ago.

Life is Like a Heavy Rope (and Other Observations)

I start looking forward to IDEA Personal Trainer Institute around November when all the holiday hub bub starts. I am not a fan of the holidays, but this event is like Christmas to me and it's one gift after another--continuing education, networking, a break from routine and play. After enjoying a nice, full day of the conference I can definitely say I am like a kid who got exactly what she wanted for "Christmas." The key must have been unlocking the power of my psoas first thing this morning in Sue Hitzmann's session by the same name.
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