Par-tay in L.A.

Last night’s welcome party had an L.A. theme as the World convention will be there in 2010. That means glitz, glamour and good-looking people. Lots of good music and dancing. Because we fitness people are all fitnessy and whatnot, it can be hard to tell the difference between the paid dancers and the partying dancers. That is to say, we are all so talented. I even got up on stage and did my moonwalk to a Michael Jackson song. Someone somewhere must have blackmail photos—time will tell.

Editor in chief Sandy Todd Webster mysteriously disappeared during the dance-off—Okay, there wasn’t a dance-off and technically speaking, she was doing her Twitter thingie, but she did miss my hot dance moves so there you have it. But she did meet my husband and one of my kids, so now she knows I really have more than just my imaginary friends.

Oh, speaking of friends, I saw my new friend Leah again (see my Thursday post). She is so dang funny that we should both run away from our day jobs (she’s been finishing her Master’s thesis here as well as prepping for her presentation) and take our act on the road. So look for us next year—we’ll be the ones hanging out in the lobby telling jokes for spare change (we’ll call it coffee money to be polite).

My son collected the flashing fake ice cubes from the party so his pockets were lighting up all the way back to the room. He even had them in the pool, which made him easy to find. That’s another benefit here—the pool is open until 11 p.m. I haven’t actually gone in, but it’s nice to know I could take a late night plunge.

This morning I slept in until 7:15 as the first class wasn’t until 8:00. Then I had Yoav Avidar for step. It was fun, but halfway through my brain seized up and started leaking on the floor like bad antifreeze. The only thing missing was the bluish foam. I quickly ran and got a snack from my bag, which invigorated me so much that I sat down and watched for the rest of the hour. Somehow that made class so much easier to follow.

My second class of the morning was Petra Kolber’s dance class. She’s the only person I’ve seen who can teach dance while holding a delicious and refreshing beverage. She said we were rock stars. I explained to a friend that my dancing looked more like a rock lobster, but hey, who cares? There wasn’t a video camera around.

I am now going to go take a bath in a tubful of coffee. Decaf of course, you can only imagine what caffeine would do to me. I’ll be back later after my afternoon classes with a full report.

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