I'm a VIP

Well, face it. Everyone is a Very Important Person, but after a full day of workouts, workshops and lectures, V.I.P. stands for something else too. By the time I slapped on some make-up to enhance my natural features (okay, to hide the bags) and headed for the VIP party, I discovered that it really means Vertically Intact Person. In other words, only those who are still standing actually make it to the party. I was so proud of being a Vertically Intact Person…until I spotted a chair. Then I became H.I.P.—Happily In Place.

While guarding my chair, I made some new friends. Leah from Vancouver, Canada, is a first-time presenter, offering an aqua class for mother and baby. As I have no intention of producing another baby, and my 15- year-old son is under strict instructions not to provide one for many years; I decided the class wouldn’t work for me. I also met Jacqueline Yue. She provided me with some information for one of the World Beat columns earlier this year, so it was thrill to meet her in person. I told her I was much better looking over e-mail!

Even though my family arrived rather late last night (10:15, but that’s late here), I was still determined to wake up in time for my 7:00 a.m. class as it was a tubing workout with Aileen Sheron, one of my all-time favorite presenters. Not only did she have lots of good ideas for tubing exercises, but also such smooth transitions. The session was taped, so I can’t see any reason for you not to take a look (check the IDEA store at http://www.ideafit.com/online-exercise-videos). It was called Variable Resistance. By tonight, to me, variable resistance will mean do I have a soft or firm pillow? That’s how it is here –you long for a nap all day, but don’t take one because there is so much to do.

Oooh, I ran into Fred Hoffman out in the hallway. He even called me beautiful. Wow, now I know I really am…. going to recommend glasses to him! Well, what did you think I’d say?

Today I am wearing my new organic bamboo shorts that I got in the Expo Hall yesterday. I feel so sustainable. I wonder if I can turn them into chopsticks when they wear out. Or flooring.

After going over to the restaurant to sign for my son’s breakfast, I had to get medical care from the shock I received at the bill. For two 15-year-olds, it was $50 for breakfast. I told them to eat from the buffet until lunch…Sunday. Although, it did look delicious. Out of a sense of motherly duty, I had the waiter remove the coffee cups. For some reason, these boys like to try and order coffee. Two teenage boys hyped up on caffeine. That sounds ideal. I’m just imagining air guitar and drums on hyperspeed.

Speaking of drums, after doing Drums Alive®: Step and Drum, I headed over to Peter Twist’s One-on-One Partner Training. It looked really fun. I say “looked” because I was under strict doctor’s orders to sit down and observe. Doctor Me! That’s another nice thing about the conventions—if you are too tired to keep moving you can sit by the wall and take notes. I was laughing so hard at one of his moves that it was hard to write. The move involved partners facing each other, palms together. Then one partner tries to stomp on the other’s toes. I call that move “Dancing with my husband unless he’s had at least two beers.” I don’t think that’s what Peter calls it. He followed it up with a move where one partner holds both hands together in front of the chest while the other person draws a “gun” from the hips and tries to slap their hands. I call that move “No, you can’t have my car keys until you get a permit.”
Well, time to go check out the Expo Hall. Or see if the boys are still eating as directed. One thin mint…(hint: that’s a Monty Python line)

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