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The 37-year-old former Dutch international vowed

Seedorf AC Milan announced officially took AC Milan jersey office signed a contract until 2016Milan, January 16 Xinhua sports news AC Milan on Arsenal jersey the 16th announced that they have officially and Clarence Seedorf has signed a contract valid until June 2016.

Handicap Handicap , the current water level continued to fall

Bischofia original analysis:

Allegri does not believe that the player 's strength

AC Milan scrap wood to stay one day be thrown sudden exposure are superfluous bull rush ChelseaAC Milan last summer 's deal to buy Matri proved to be worthless ,AC Milan jersey as Pacini injury , picked up Robinho state , the power forward position Matri can already be regarded as superfluous people , AC Milan do not want to continue in his body wasted time , decided in the winter to Matri resold .

Maurice ( rocket ) Richard cup (Maurice 'Rocket' Richard Trophy)" share

Pittsburgh Penguins - Crosby

Serie A small team exercise, but more likely is temporarily

AC Milan missed Reggie repurchase Argentina 1 iron main push two new signings will leave first showNew Year ushered in the first game AC Milan a victory that inspired the morale for the next half of the season off to a good start, but AC Milan in the transfer market has suffered obstacles,Barcelona jersey Belgian midfielder satisfied Ingo Portland is increasingly away from AC Milan .

Keisuke Honda is also caused by the Japanese fans crazy

Japan's core cast three weeks of hard training endlessly AC Milan jersey No. 10 was added on sale

Turin Danbu Rocio, the two sides have also embarked

AC Milan striker signed midfielder 're just signing Xiangui ! Jing Bao sale a salary pillar

Yin Bali Germain missed Ravitch , Milan need to avoid

Sent 750,000 Europe ! AC Milan grabbed Tieyao sold a bad person , but in the hands of terrorist

Brazilian midfielder Robinho squad , and in Brazil sidelined

Giants AC Milan : Champions League and then we are also the only child miserable trouble generals : ? Walking difficultAfter losing to Inter Milan derby AC Milan in Serie A standings wholesale jerseys embarrassment came in the first 13 , for such a situation , Galliani also stand up position, said the team under half need to rebound.

Neymar accumulated yellow card suspension

sidelined " Sabre " unsheathed his hat to help Barcelona reversal
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