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Recovery- The Forgotten part of fitness

Most if us,  have pulled up sore after exercising. The first step in the morning .........

It's more about what you cannot see................

IT'S MORE ABOUT WHAT YOU CANNOT SEE..................... All those popular gadgets, gizmo's and over hyped exercise programs focus on the muscles you can see like you the six pack. But in my opinion it what's you cannot see that's important. The inner deep muscles of your core. Let's call them the body's seat belt. When their tight and strong so are you. Do this for a strong core today.



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Challenge Time

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Fitness Myths Busted

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Plug these tips/tricks in next time your training. 1.Pair lower body exercises with an upper body exercises, resting as little as possible. You’ll get more done in less time and burn more calories. 2.Always do exercises that work multiple muscles. E.g., squats, push-ups and lunges. No bicep curls allowed. Again you’ll burn more calories and build more lean muscle. 3.Use the same piece of equipment when you pair exercises. You’ll cut down on rest time and again you’ll burn more calories. The Balance guy setting you straight.
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