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The word  'workout'  when it comes to exercise suggests hard work. From now on the word workout should be replaced with training. The word 'bootcamp' well that belongs to the army. It has no meaning in the fitness field........ really.. From now on that word shoud be replaced with group training. Ok my 2 cents worth is done.

Finding your balance

This is the time of year when our focus is everywhere but on ourselves. Some of us tend to let our good habits of the year slip, having an extra helping of stuffing or that extra dessert at a Christmas party and not setting aside some time to exercise. This can snowball ...into weight gain and feelings of guilt. Despair not—just making one habit change can get you back on track.


When reading/watching all the New Years advice ( including Facebook) on weight loss, diets and exercise doesn't your head want to explode! Information overload people. If there is no research behind it.... ignore it. Have a great weekend 


If you work in Downtown Dallas and looking for a fun and challenging workout come down to the T. Boone Picken YMCA and find me. I will design you a individual program to help reach all your fitnees goals. While having a blast doing it. Hope to see YOU soon.   
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