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Great tip on squatting form Nick Nilsson. If you dont know who he is, you should. When you're doing a barbell squat, the toughest point in the movement to maintain your form is just as you're coming up out of the bottom (a.k.a. "the hole"). It's at this point where you may have a tendency to lean forward then rely on the lower back (and

Kettlebell Density Training

One of my favorite trainings. Get to it! Workout of the Day. Kettlebell Density Training. Intsructions. 8 reps per set. Each set takes no more than 1 min. 5 exercises done has a circuit. Do 4 rounds. 1. KB jump squats 2. KB Split squats 8 reps each leg 3. KB uneven pushups. 8 on each arm 4. KB Rows 8 on each arm


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Today's High intensity Training

A little gift from me to tahnk you for following my blogTodays training. Tabata's 20 sec work /10 sec rest/ 1. Front plank 20ses/ side plank 10 sec/Front plank 20 sec/ side plank 10sec 4 rounds. 2. Resistance band chest press 20/10 8 rounds 3. Speed squats 20/10 8 rounds 4. Resistance band rows. 20/10 8 rounds 5. High knees 20/10 8 rounds   


Please measure your improvement by what you see in the mirror and not by the buff people at the gym or on magazines. Ok; off my soap box now. 


The word  'workout'  when it comes to exercise suggests hard work. From now on the word workout should be replaced with training. The word 'bootcamp' well that belongs to the army. It has no meaning in the fitness field........ really.. From now on that word shoud be replaced with group training. Ok my 2 cents worth is done.

Finding your balance

This is the time of year when our focus is everywhere but on ourselves. Some of us tend to let our good habits of the year slip, having an extra helping of stuffing or that extra dessert at a Christmas party and not setting aside some time to exercise. This can snowball ...into weight gain and feelings of guilt. Despair not—just making one habit change can get you back on track.


When reading/watching all the New Years advice ( including Facebook) on weight loss, diets and exercise doesn't your head want to explode! Information overload people. If there is no research behind it.... ignore it. Have a great weekend 


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