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FRIDAY FINISHERS. Empty the tank with one of these 2 workout finishers 1. Countdown- 2 exercises 1a. High knees or run on the spot 1 b. Bodyweight Squat. Start at 20 reps for high knees then without rest do 20 bodyweight squats. The go down by 2 and do 18 high knees then 18 bodyweight squats. The 16, 14 , 12 , 10 all the way down to 2. Low impact way of cranking your heart rate. 2. Upper Body Tabata's. - resistance band. 20 sec work 10 sec rest- adavanced. 15/15. Intermd. 10sec work/ 20 sec rest beginner.


EXCELLENT take home advice from Adam Bornstein of Born Fitness and Men's Health fame. Tip 1: Help your hunger…by drinking black tea. It decreases blood sugar after a meal for up to 2.5 hours. The real benefit? You’ll feel fuller faster and stay satisfied longer.


GREAT ADVICE Eat less CRAP: (C)arbonated drinks. (R)efined sugars. (A)rtificial sweeteners. (P)rocessed foods. Not that hard right? 

Pain Free

PAIN FREE One of the reasons we exercise correct? Move it or lose it. We do eveything in our power to stay healthly and pain free. Sometimes that is not enough. It wasn't for me. If that is the case please check out this book. It has changed my life. For real Pain Free - A Revolutionary Method for stopping Chronic Pain By Pete Egoscue. You will not sorry 

5 Inflammatory Foods

5 Inflammatory Foods Thought I would share these pearls of wisdom from Rick Kaseji If you suffer from chronic pain and need to lose a few pounds, eliminate these 5 foods from your diet. 1) Sugar - This one is obvious. Nothing damages the digestive track like sugar.


Please read. Pat Rigsby is a smart man.  37 valuable tips.  

Quick Tip

. To improve your grip strength and endurance wrap a rubber band from your thumb to your little finger and spread your fingers apart against the resistance on the rubber band. Aim for 2 to 3 sets and 50 reps 

Limiting Weight Gain

Just a quick tip. If you ever over indulge please drink plenty of cold water the following day. It will cut down on the carb bloat and limit your weight gain. 


Great tip on squatting form Nick Nilsson. If you dont know who he is, you should. When you're doing a barbell squat, the toughest point in the movement to maintain your form is just as you're coming up out of the bottom (a.k.a. "the hole"). It's at this point where you may have a tendency to lean forward then rely on the lower back (and

Kettlebell Density Training

One of my favorite trainings. Get to it! Workout of the Day. Kettlebell Density Training. Intsructions. 8 reps per set. Each set takes no more than 1 min. 5 exercises done has a circuit. Do 4 rounds. 1. KB jump squats 2. KB Split squats 8 reps each leg 3. KB uneven pushups. 8 on each arm 4. KB Rows 8 on each arm
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