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Booze Bust: Can Exercise and Alcohol Go Hand in Hand?

Booze Bust: Can Exercise and Alcohol Go Hand in Hand?By Collette DeBenedetto 

Avoid the bloat

Avoid the bloat. There are times when we can't avoid a bit of bloating, especially for women, but at every other time of the month, we do have a choice. Avoiding alcohol can make the difference between a flat tummy and the morning-after belly. Food that's high in sodium, like chips, pretzels, soy sauce, prepackaged soups, and pizza, can make us retain water and never want to take our sarongs off. Eating large portions of food, as opposed to small meals throughout the day, can also make our waistline look bigger.

Are you Skinny Fat?

5 Ways to Defeat Skinny FatTake better care of yourself — no matter what you weigh.

Chia Seeds - Banana Jam recipe.

The answers are obvious.

If you ever get frustrated with your rate of progress (and who doesn't), just remember; success is always guaranteed to the persistent. Nothing in the world can stop someone who knows what they want and is willing to continue paying the price until they get it. It just takes time.

Fitness Tip: Stand and Sit Up Straight -

Fitness Tip: Stand and Sit Up Straight - No slouching on the cardio equipment please! Stand up straight, hold your head up high, and get more out of your cardio workouts! Standing upright and supporting your own bodyweight uses the stabilizing muscles of the torso. The more muscles you use during any exercise, the more fat burning your body can do!

Fitness Tip: One Size Does not Fit All -

Fitness Tip: One Size Does not Fit All - Don't forget that weight training machines are designed to fit all different shapes and sizes. Make sure you take the time to adjust each weight machine to fit your body height and dimension. A few extra moments will reduce your risk of injury and make the exercise more effective.

Exercising While Your Pregnant

Exercising While Your PregnantA Pregnancy Fitness Guide Exercising While Your Pregnant - A Pregnancy Fitness Guide  

This Time It’s Different

You've been here before. You told your friends that you were going to lose weight last year...only to fall off the wagon two weeks later and give up.

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