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To all my Personal Training clients and TEAM CSD fitness peeps!!!I want to thank you all for supporting me in my quest to bring a safe and effective fitness program to Silver Lakes….I could not do it without each and every one of you..Thank you from the bottom of my heart!Your trainer:  Patty

Burn 100 Calories Anywhere

Tweak of the Week: Burn 100 Calories Anywhere Exercise will help you reach your weight-loss goals — we know that. But a recent Scottish study of roughly 20,000 adults also found that exercise reduces stress, eases anxiety, fights depression, and boosts happiness and energy levels. The study found that participants could get these benefits with as little as one 20-minute workout per week.

workout!!!! anywhere!! anytime!!

Happy being fit!!!

Posted by one of our fit females:

One Healthy Habit at a time:

Focus On One Healthy Habit Making healthy changes to your lifestyle can be very, very overwhelming. There is so much information out there about what you should eat and what you shouldn’t eat. What exercises you should do and what exercises you shouldn’t do. For someone just learning about fitness or healthy eating, it can be a lot to take in. ...


Fitness Tip: Persistence! - Violate this step and you'll never achieve permanent results. A10-year study was recently conducted which proves that persistence is the single most important aspect of any diet or exercise program. The study followed a group of people (Group #1) who exercised and dieted very strictly, but sporadically. They were compared to a group of people (Group #2) who exercised mildly and followed a very basic diet, but Group #2 never varied from their routine.

Nutrition Bars“or Candy Bars?

Nutrition Bars…or Candy Bars? "If you’re running a marathon or embarking on a rigorous three-day hike, there may be a place for more traditional energy bars with high calorie and carbohydrate counts, but for most of us, who are just boarding a plane or bouncing between meetings, an apple or handful of nuts is a much better option". Do you eat protein bars? If so - when?

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Fitness Tip!!!

Eat breakfast within 15 minutes of waking up followed by a meal every 3-4hours.  You must fuel your body (not starve it) to get your metabolism revving and
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