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Diet Foods - Will TheyMake You Fat?

Can diet foods make you fat? I realize that this sounds like a contradiction, but the diet industry is like that. You need to come armed with some savvy to weed through the hype. Just look at what happened in the 1980s, when “fat-free” was a fad. “Fat-free” appeared on all types of foods, and consumers (not surprisingly) assumed that fat-free meant calorie-free. Au contraire! For example, fat-free cookies have just as many calories as the original, maybe even more.

When Your Healthy Diet Isn't So Healthy

Hi Everyone - - Another week closer to our goals - How is your HEALTHY eating coming along?Are you eating too many “healthy” nuts BECAUSE THEY ARE “GOOD FOR YOU”? What about healthy avocadoes, are you eating maybe ½ of an avocado, instead of a ¼ or less? Are you juicing only high fructose fruits because they are good for you but not adding protein? Are you buying expensive frozen yogurts because they have yogurt in the name?  Or what about that fancy high calorie coffee drinks?

How to Lose Weight—and Keep It Off

How do people successfully lose weight

Barefoot Training

Barefoot training has recently experienced a surge in popularity and has been shown to improve foot mobility, stability, and activity. Additionally, it has been linked to increased lower limb muscle firing and greater muscle activation patterns through the kinetic chain. In some cases, there is evidence that barefoot training can even decrease lower extremity, hip and low back pain. 

SUP-Stand Up Paddling

SUP-Stand Up Paddling by Patty Hartong Learning to do Standing + Paddling = The newest fad in the water sports, known as SUP. What’s SUP? ‘Stand Up Paddling’, a rewarding workout atop a buoyant long board. See my facebook for a video of me learning how to SUP!

The Ultimate Fitness Class - Helendale CSD

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: CSD Step has changed to an Interval/Circuit Class. This class offers you a total body workout! We will still incorporate upper and lower body exercises into one high intensity and dynamite conditioning class. We will continue to utilize step aerobics as one of many exercise tools. Each class combines a variety of interval/cardio drills and muscle conditioning exercises to provide you with the ultimate workout.

Food Inc - the movie - a must see..

You can watch it instantly on your computer on Netflix. If you have not watched this movie - now is the time. Even if you don't find it relevant - at least be informed.... Patty

Day 1 Blog

Just learning how to set up a blog.... back to you later... Cheers - Patty
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