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Helendale/Silver Lakes ZUMBA Notice:

 Helendale/Silver Lakes ZUMBA Notice: FYI - ZUMBA ZIN is coming to the high desert (HD)! YES - the HD is now on the ZUMBA map! Details are still in the works (looking at Aug 21st or 28th), so stay tuned.

Getting ZUMBA GOLD Certified July 24th

Zumba Gold®This specialty course is designed for current Zumba Instructors who wish to teach the active older adult and addresses the anatomical, physiological and psychological needs specific to this population. It will also prepare you to teach students just starting their journey to a fit and healthy lifestyle and who want to join the fitness-party for the first time. The Zumba Gold® program also includes a Zumba chair workout.

3:23 pm ............the danger zone.....

A new study shows......that this is the time of the day when dieters are most likely to ditch their discipline and snack on something junky. Be aware and avoid this pattern. You learned this behavior.... so you can UN-learn it! Do something active instead…… go for a walk or clean the house. Side note: Stash some nuts, carrots or fruit in your desk so you always have a healthy alternative. Have a happy June! Patty

I'm getting my (HKC) Hardstyle Kettlebell Certification @ Dragon Door

I just registered for my (HKC) Hardstyle Kettlebell Certification – July 23rd in Torrance, CA. I can’t wait.I must say, I love working out with the kettlebells...but........Before I train my clients, I need to get certified. 

CSD Zumba Class starts at 5pm Wed June 1st @ 5pm

....I’m all Zumba ready for my Silver Lakes CSD Zumba class at 5pm Wed June well as, 6pm Bootcamp and 7:15pm Yoga classes! JOIN ME to get FIT for LIFE…… (not just bikini season!)… lol Also - Next Monday, June 6th join me for 5pm Step Cardio Conditioning, 6pm Bootcamp and 7:15pm Zumba.... Call first - classes are full..... Cheers - Patty 

FITNESS Announcement: Patty Hartong - Zumba Certified

FITNESS Announcement: Patty Hartong - Zumba Certified CSD Group Fitness Instructor now serving Silver Lakes and Helendale. My Monday night class is full – Would anyone be interested in a 5pm Wednesday class or a Friday night class? Contact the CSD - or Email me @ or call me at 760-951-3508. ZUMBA® FITNESS. MOVING THE WORLD TO A NEW BEAT.

Change the way you think about exercise!

Think happy thoughts. And yes, I'm serious about this one. In exploring the effects of positive thinking, researchers have found that individuals who think positively tend to have lower rates of depression, a better ability to cope with and manage stress, an increased life span, and are more likely to adopt and adhere to an active, healthy lifestyle long-term. The process of consciously changing the way we think about something is called cognitive restructuring, and requires us to develop a mindfull awareness of our automatic thoughts, or the that takes place in our minds all day long.

NEW CSD Group Fitness Class - coming soon

Hello Silver Lakes Fit Females Great news: The CSD is looking into adding a new low impact class to Monday nights. It would be more of low impact step/conditioning class, like before. All fitness levels encouraged.  > *Time: 5:00pm -5:50pm – approx 50 minute class> *Program Design:   20-30 minutes cardio (step) with conditioning (weights, bands and bars) followed by a 15 minute core (abs) workout.

Stealth Vegetables Help Dieters

Fewer calories and more nutrition, even in brownies..... Pureeing vegetables and then slipping them into food where they'll be undetectable — that's a sneaky technique parents have been using on picky kids for ages. But researchers at Pennsylvania State University decided to try it on a group of adults to see whether it could help them cut calories and lose weight. It worked — even better than the researchers expected.

Gluteal Amnesia

Gluteal Amnesia One thing I commonly find while treating low back pain is what I have come to call “gluteal amnesia”. That is, the individuals have at some point forgotten how to use the glutes correctly in coordination with the rest of the muscles of the body. When that happens other muscles must step up and take up the slack“ typically it’s the lumbar extensor muscles and/or the hamstrings that step up, and since those muscles aren’t built for that specific function, eventually they become painful and injured. Let’s talk about the glute for a second.
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