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How can you benefit from a Personal Trainer?

A personal trainer gives you motivation, accountability, and helps you stay on track to achieve your goals.I help my clients make better choices for their individual lifestyle. There is an abundance of contradicting health and fitness information out there and I guide my clients to make sense of all the information and separate truth from myth. Aside from coaching you during workout routines, I will teach you proper form and techique, as well as, assist on implementing a healthy dietary plan for maximum benefits.

Some reasons you may not be losing the extra weight...

* Counting all your calories equally- processed foods does not equal whole foods. - Select items in their most natural form. * Not eating enough carbs- Carbohydrates are the best form of energy! you just need to choose the right ones- whole grains, vegggies, fruits, legumes- * Waiting too long in between meals - you should be eating something at least every 3 hours to keep your metabolism going ( I shoot for every 2-4 hours) Try healthy snacks inbetween meals like nuts and fruits. 

Enrich your diet

You can afford to buy fruits and vegetables. Fruits and Vegetables should making up most of your daily food intake and it is actually cheaper to buy produce you love. The U.S. Department of Agriculture found that consumers can eat 3 servings of fruits and 4 servings of vegetables a day for only 64 cents! Stop buying the junk food and use your money to gain a healthy lifestyle. Try a new fruit or veggie every week and eat all different colors for added nutrients to your diet.

Be efficient!

Make the most out of every workout! If you have limited time do cardio intervals to get your heart pumping for more calorie burn. When lifting weights- take it slow: when you lift weights too fast you start to pick up momentum which doesn't effectively activate all of your muscle fibers.

7 changes for a healthier lifestyle

1. Choose more Fruits and Vegetables (lower your intake of trans and saturated fats)2. Choose whole wheat bread over white bread (Increase your intake of fiber and lower your sugar intake)3. Choose Grilled or Baked instead of Fried ( balance your energy more sufficiently)4. Exercise Reguarly (Reduce the risk of diseases)5. Use salt and sugar in moderation (don't waste calories)6. Drink more water! (Hydration is key to losing weight)7. Drink alcohol in moderation. 

5 Tips to Keeping Bones Healthy

1. Eat lots of leafy Greens2. Up your Dairy intake3. Fortify your diet with Calcium ( dairy, veggies, fortified cereals, fish)4. Make sure you get enough Vitamin D ( Seafood, eggs, sun, dairy)5. Vitamin K= Strong Bones (Broccoli, spinach, avocado, grapes) *Information obtained from the National Academy of Sports Medicine

Getting Back in the Game!

The best way to get back on a normal healthy routine is to do it with intention and establish a short term goal that is maintainable to motivate you to get back on track! Once I returned from our honeymoon I gave myself a few days to relax and catch up on what I missed..then I jumped right back into a normal routine- Starting with fun workouts, walking my dog, and making homecooked meals and snacks! (Got awesome ideas from Spain) Finding what motivates you is key!

Enjoying my honeymoon..

I am in torremolinos, Spain with my new hubby and we are having a fantastic time! While taking a "break" from my normal workout routine we are still being active- taking long walks everyday exploring the city and the beaches. Also trying out the discotechs (dance clubs) - taking zumba classes at home over the past couple of weeks have really improved my salsa dancing abilities- at least I believe so! It is exciting trying new types of food and I am excited to expand my recipe book at home and begin making some healthy spanish meals!
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