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The truth about Sodium

Yes, Sodium is an essential nutrient, a critical electrolyte and is needed for normal body function... but when is it too much?? Your sodium intake should be at about 1500 mg/dayYour sodium intake should not exceed 2300 mg/day. Unfortunately most American's take in about 3000-6000mg/day- most of it is from processed foods. If you eat a lot of asian/chinese food which contains the flavor enhancer MSG- your intake level of sodium could be as high as 12,000-16,000 mg/day! 

Stay Hydrated!

One of the most important things that you can do for yourself is hydrate yourself with WATER!! Water will give you energy and hydration and it is absolutely essential to live.  To avoid dehydration during or after your workouts you should be drinking plenty of water throughout the day. Water is super important to give you enegy and stamina through your workouts! So don't wait until you feel dehydrated to fill up your glass with water...  Mild Dehydration -->

Eating Habits and your Diet

Control your weight successfully by cutting 200-300 calories/day rather than completely restricting your diet. If you make small sustainable changs and focus on the balance of various food groups you will see a more permanent change. Crash Diets= Don't work- You might get that rapid weight loss your looking for, but you won't maintain it. Adopt a level of food intake you can live with! Balance your energy sources:

Some tips to be lean while "going green"

 eat less red meat -ban bottled water (invest in a reusable water bottle) -snack substantially ( ditch the processed food- choose whole foods) -be an efficient shopper ( reuse bags and buy in bulk) -eat locally ( be a regulat at your local farmers market) -cook more and order less takeout -limit packaged, single serving beverages and snacks 

Weight Management Strategies

To begin your journey on losing weight-->Establish healthy eating and exercise patterns and accept limitations of heredity.Aim to achieve a body weight that optimizes health.Your initial goal should be to Prevent/Stop weight gain Begin by reducing 100 calories a day from your diet.Instead of focusing on a particular weight as yoru goal, focus on living a healthy lifestyle For permanent weight management--> Adopt healthful behaviors:

See more results from your workouts

Are you bored with your workout? Have you stopped seeing results? It might be time to switch up your exercise regimen and start seeing results! Your workout should never be a routine. You need to mix up workouts, try new exercises, use your own bodyweight, and add intensity. You don't need a gym to get an effective workout. Cardio machines and strength training machines get boring and won't give you the best workout you can achieve. Try some plyometrics, crossfit training, intervals, and body weight circuit training.

Conquer your Cravings

What you put into your body is just as important as getting exercise everday when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle. It's time you gain control over what food your putting into your body! Stick to whole foods and prepare your meals at home as much as possible. I know this isn't always possible and cravings can arise. Here are some strategies to use when your appetite is getting the best of you: 1. Get enough sleep- the less the sleep you get the more cravings you will have

The importance of your Core

Strengthening your core will support you during activities like quickly changing direction or competing in sports. Your core/ abs play a very important role in everyday activity. During your workouts concentrate on activating your core and incorporate core exercises into everyday workout routines. You will notice an improvement in your day-day life, as well as, gain strength and flexibility in your abdominal muscles.

Tabata Training

Are you tired of working out for hours upon hours and not seeing results?? Tabata training is done in as little as 4 minutes and you gain more benefits than walking on that treadmill for an hour. Example of Interval Time:8 circuits20 seconds high intensity10 seconds resttotaling 4 minutes 

Eating out? Watching your Cholesterol Intake? Here are some healthful tips:

Choose restaurants that have low-fat or low-cholesterol menu items.Select fish, poultry, or meat that is broiled, grilled, baked, or steamed- rather than fried.Choose lean deli meats- Turkey or Roast Beef, instead of Salami or BolognaPick vegetables that are seasoned with spices, rather than butter or sourcream.Control your serving size- ask for a small size or a container to take some home.Choose pizza topped with veggies or minimal cheese (Less Cheese=Less Fat)*List adapted from NCEP (National Cholesterol Educat
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