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Quick, Healthy Dinners

How many times have you found yourself driving home from work with no idea what to make for dinner? So instead you order take-out or stop at the nearest fast-food place..What you put into your body is so important to your health- mentally, physically, and emotionally. It is extremely essential to eat nutrient dense foods- so stopping at these quick and easy restaurants are not going to help your waistline or your mind. 

How you can keep your New Year's Resolutions!

Become motivated.

Don't Diet..Make a Lifestyle Change

I know it's been said before..but diets don't work. If you want to lose the weight and keep it off you have to make a lifestyle change! Here are some reasons on why a making a lifestyle change is better than a diet: 1. Dieting is all about numbers- your weight, calories you eat, calories you burn..Who really wants to count numbers everyday??

Solving Nutrition Myths

1. Eating fat will make you not true! A diet high in healthy fats is better for you than a low-fat diet, in terms of weight loss. Stay away from Trans and Saturated Fats. Add unsaturated fats in your diet..examples: nuts, salmon, olive oil.2. Bread makes you gain weight...FALSE!

The number one excuse on why people don't exercise...

 "I don't have time"  --Does this phrase sound familiar to you?? yes, it's true everyone is hardpressed for time- between work, family, and social life.. Here's a little secret--> you can work out in a shorter amount of time at a harder intensity and get the same results (maybe even better results) 

How to be Hot AND Healthy!

Working out and eating a healthful diet isn't just to obtain that hot body- it also makes you feel great and helps prevent diseases...Here are some great ways that I obtained from P90X's Extreme Newsletter on how to obtain that overall goodness! 

Stop the Yo-Yo Dieting

Many women have been on more than a few fad diets and still have trouble keeping the weight off! Yo-Yo dieting is very unhealthy for your body and your mind. Consistent weight loss and weight gain cycling back and forth can cause feelings of failure and a loss in your own confidence.  Instead of trying another fad diet for the new year opt for a healthier lifestyle by eating clean. And get a personal trainer to help coach you and motivate you through you workouts and food questions! 

The Holidays are not an excuse!

Over the holidays the average person gains about 1-2lbs. And research shows that people rarely lose that weight.  How can you avoid this weight gain?? Stick to your workout!! How to Power through the excuses: "I don't have time"-  You have to make the time- get up a half an hour earlier. Work out first thing in the morning. Strive for 2-3 days a week. 

6 Positive Steps to Better Nutrition and Health

1. Honor your Hunger- Feed your body with adequate energy and carbohydrates. Excess hunger will trigger you to overeat. Eating when your hungry will help rebuild your trust with yourself and food. 2. Respect your body signals-  your body will tell you when you are no longer hungry. Take breaks and pause in the middle your meals and see how food tastes and what your current fullness level is. 

Holiday Workout and New Year Resolutions

Don't wait until the new year to start your weight loss resolutions! Get started now and get a jump start on your weight loss. Contact me now to get started and I will help motivate you through the holidays and work around your busy schedule! I know you want to look amazing for that New Years Eve party!! Don't get me wrong.. New Year Resolutions are an excellent way to begin your fitness regimen...So if you just don't have the time now let's set something up for the new year! 
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