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Looking for a workout for in between personal training sessions??

You don't need to rely on a gym to get the benefits of a great workout! Here a few options of workouts to do indoors or outdoors on an enjoyable summer day: 1. Step ups- I like to incorporate step ups with my clients. You can use a bench, a step, or really anything that has a platform. Start by stepping on the platform or flat surface with your right foot. Then power your left knee up towards the sky. Place left foot back down on the ground. Followed by your right foot. Repeat other side. 

Thoughts on Tabata Training...

Basic Definition--> 20 seconds of high intensity training followed by 10 seconds of rest. Repeat for 8 rounds= 4 minutes. Individuals who perform Tabata style training can improve their aerobic and anerobic endurance. There are many styles of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and this is just one of them that is highly effective. HIIT is time efficient and a great way to get into shape. It's even more effective than training at a moderate intensity for 60 minutes. 

Where's your game face?!?!

How serious are you about your health and fitness?? Are you getting in shape because there is something deep inside you that is motivating you?? Get a game face! --> it means you mean business. It's that look you get in your eyes that I know you ARE going to reach your goals! Now you just have to find your motivation, your reason WHY you want to reach your goals. Once you set  your goals and get your GAME FACE on nothing will stop you!! 

Burn that Fat!!

Here are some tips to get rid of that unwanted belly fat: 1. Be smart at Exercising::Better is to lift heavy for lower reps. You need to work your muscles and work them hard to burn that excess fat. So put down those 5lb dumbbells are start challenging yourself!High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)2. Be smart at Eating::

How to lose weight and maintain it!

1. Pump up your Protein-- People who consume more protein maintain their weight loss longer than those who don't. Higher amounts of protein make you feel full longer and it helps build lean muscle tissue.

Feel like you need to Detox after the holiday??

While celebrating the 4th of July can be fun being with Family, BBQ's, Swimming, and Fireworks it also comes with eating Junk Food! I don't believe in Detox's....but I do believe in "Eating Clean"!! A great way to detox without drinking horrible tasting juices or going on a dreaded fast try eating natural, nutrient-dense whole foods and cut back on all processed foods. You will look better and feel better!! 

Strike a Balance Between Calories In and Calories Out

If you are sweating it out each day but the scale isn't budging then you need to start looking at the amount of calories you consume compared to the amount of calories you burn. This can be tricky..because working out revs up your metabolism and torches calories...but it can also make you hungry!! A few tweaks to make to get you on track:: 

Burn 100 Calories!!

Bursts of activity can burn extra calories throughout your day. It will help rev up your metabolism, give you extra energy, and give your mood a boost! *Keep in mind--don't count these activities as your actual "workout"--These are extra activities to incorporate into your day as an added calorie burn bonus! 

Healthy BBQ Ideas

Healthy Grilling Choose Lean Meats or FishMarinated chicken breast, halibut, scallops or shrimp are delicious low-fat grilling fare. Salmon is another great option.Opt for lean cuts of beef. Flank steak, filet mignon, top loin or round are good choices. Use marinades to add flavor and also to tenderize the meat. Lean cuts of pork and lamb are fine, too. For lean, read “loin.” Trim all visible fat before cooking.   
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