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10 days

10 days to Go!! warm up 5 min on r-bike incline press machine, sets of 10 65 80 100Bench 95x10 115x10 135x6 115x10Cable flys 40x10 50x10 60x10tricep extensions 50#x10x3Tricep machines 3 different a set or 2 of eachTricep push downs Don't know the weights just numbers 13x10 15x10 17x10x2

11 days to Go!!

11 days to go...Holy cow!! we are at the halfway point of our 21 days!! I certainly hope you are progressing nicely and having small victories daily towards breaking and making your habits. Staying engaged and focused is vital- be sure to check in and update us on your progress in the rally room.Today's post is located here: http://therallyroom.com/node/51874

13 days to go

13 days to Go!!Lucky #13-- what's your mindset about your habits today? if you want to break the bad ones; YOU MUST BE STRONG!! Stand up to the temptations and stay positive-- you can do it!!Today's link is here:http://therallyroom.com/node/51852

14 days to Go...Kicking the Haibt!!

14 days to GO!!Well, 1 week of the contest is over and we are ready to rock the next 2!!There are 14 days of the "Kick the Habit" contest left, and I feel my Mojo on the rise~ How are you doing?? More focused than ever I hope!!Be sure to visit the rally room today for your task, some encouragement and workout ideas:http://therallyroom.com/node/51849

15 Days

Hi ya gals.... You all seem to be busy beavers today :)I hope you are setting some time aside to rest a bit today, I have been all morning. I am also continuing to "feel" better little by little. Gracie though is sick again today...poor thing :(

16 Days to Go...

Hey ya...we have just 16 days to go to kick our habits!! It's the weekend and that means we have to be even more focused than during the week.Today's workouts, support and encouragement is found here: http://therallyroom.com/node/51825Tell yourself..."I will have an amazing CHAMPION weekend-- I will not lose the ground I gained this week!! NO backsliding, no way!!"Here's yesterday's workout

17 days to go...

17 days to go... It's amazing how almost everyone in our 21 day contest is focused improving on their diet!! I love the determination and desire shown by you to eat better~ Congrats!! You are being a great leader for your family!!

18 Days to Go~ THANKFUL!!

Hi Ya Ladies,18 days left to go and I am thankful I've done so well towards my habits this week!! Today's "TASKs" are located here:http://therallyroom.com/node/51753

19 days left! FOCUS!

We are on day 3 of the 21 day contest, leaving us with just 19 days~ We must stay focused during that entire time!!Be sure to READ and do the TASKS for today-- FOCUS!!! http://therallyroom.com/node/51730

20 days to go!! LEG plans~

20 days to go in our 21 day: kick the habit contest!.... I SO EXCITED about this contest and all the great goals my BuffSisters have posted in the Rally Room.Hope you got off to a great start yesterday...Here's day 2's link to content~ http://therallyroom.com/node/51727Please feel free to comment on the post- questions and input are encouraged!!
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