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Cold hard truth!

I'm Back!

Hey!! I'm back from my ski trip to Keystone...it was an amazing time! I skied 2 days, fell approximately 30 times and have only 1 bad bruise to show for it!! LOL!! It was a great break from real life and now I am trying my hardest to "RE-ENTER" life at full speed--- TOUGH to do!!

Going "DARK"

In spy movies, I just love it when the spy goes out on a mission and has to go "dark"...they are invisible to their support team and just out there on their own in the danger. Well, I am going "DARK" for a few days-- my vacation mode is on and that means little to no computer time! I need the break from time to time.


Habit BROKEN or ATTAINED!If you participated in the contest, Be sure to Submit your official entry by March 4th= starting stats, final stats, a written paragraph sharing your thought about the contest, and at least 1 photo of yourself to michelle@buffmother.com.Stats (start and end):Height AgeWeight: Chest: Waist: Hips: Thigh:

1 day

1 dayHere is my leg workout from yesterday: 10 min. r-bike warm upFree motion squats 3 sets warm up for squatsSquats 95x20x2 135x10x1 145x10x2Smith lunges 70x10x4Cleans- form practice Bar x10Dead lifts 95x10x3Abductor 60x20x10Multi-hip down motion 120x20 160x20 180x10 200x10 KILLER!!

3 Days to Go!

3 days...Just 3 days to Go! Do you remember how focused you were during the first 3 days of this contest- REGAIN That EXCITEMENT!!You can accomplish a lot in just 3 days of effort.Today's post: http://therallyroom.com/node/51917Kick it in; Kick your habit!!

4 days to go!

4 days to Go!!Today is wake up call time-- are you truly taking control of your life??Please READ and DO today's task and workout:http://therallyroom.com/node/51916We just have 4 days to go...make it count!

5 Days to Go

There is just 5 days left to kick your habit!I certainly hope the daily tasks and workout ideas have helped you stay engaged.here's today's: http://therallyroom.com/node/51915I started a post earlier about my workouts and got interrupted by my kiddos...things around here have been very crazy this week.

6 days to go...

Just 6 days to go...have you liked your results?Check out this task about creating a happier life: http://therallyroom.com/node/51914I have been thinking about this all day...things keep on popping up that make me come back to CHALLENGE=CHANGE

8 days to GO!

HI!!We have just 8 days to go of our 21 day Kick the Habit contest. I certainly hope you are focused and ready to finish this challenge strong.Today's task, workout ideas and tips are located here: http://therallyroom.com/node/51912Time to FINISH this!! Make yourself PROUD!! Here's my leg workout: 
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