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Final Week!

 Good Morning– It’s the start of our Final Week for the Shine in 49 contest~ WOW!!! Here’s a PDF download for you that lays out the final week in detail. 

15 Days to Go!!

I've got 15 days to go until my birthday~ whoohoo!!! Why is it that I get so fired up to be fit for my birthday EVERY YEAR??? It's so motivating for me!! I just love feeling my best on "MY DAY"!!

Going to the movies

Yesterday, a conference call, listen here:weights-injuries~~~~I think we'll go to the movies today~!yesteday I got in a good workout~ my 11th day of working out in a row!!

Mini-Challenge!! OOOPs, I forgot!!

YEAH- i realized last night that I forgot to issue our Mini-Challenge for this week!! OOOPs!! the challenge is at least 10 - 10 second stomach VACUUMS a day.Week #4 Mini Challenge- do at least 10 stomach vacuums each day (10-15 secs each).

What energizes ME ??

HI Ladies!! I certainly had an amazing Mother's day~ it was perfect!! It was productive, fun, relaxing and energizing all at the same time~ those kind of days are the BEST!!here's a few pics:My day started off outside with my DD Layla-- we were catching some rays in our bikini's together :)A bit later in the day our whole family went out for "lupper"~

over the HUMP day

Wow!! that Warrior dash kicked my booty! I feel like I am finally over the HUMP in recovering from it!! I ended up taking yesterday "off" so today will be my MAKE UP workout day.

TGIF!! Shine in 49: Day 12

HI Everyone!! TGIF!!! My day today will be spent driving to Kansas City to meet up with our TEAM for the Warrior Dash tomorrow~ I'm very exctied to see everyone, hang out and have a fun playing in the mud! LOL!! I picked up our shirts yesterday and they are CUTE! We'll take tons of pictures I am SURE! So....I've been CRAZY busy with a car in the shop, dr. appts, meetings, broken AC, planting tress, baby mice, softball games, etc....


I can't tell you how exciting it is to have so many women fired up to get fit, healthy and SHINE for SUMMER!! The Energy is certainly contagious! It goes to show how Energy is transferable! Another NON-tangible that is so vital to a successful fitness program is your mind. As you workout you must not only strengthen your skeletal muscles but also "MIND MUSCLE".

My Day 1 - "Shine in 49"

Be OPTIMISTIC that you can SHINE!!Today's day #1-- workout plan as laid out in the PDF-  

A tiny bit sick

Well, I guess all my "go, go, go" caught up with me a bit! I'm now a tiny bit sick~ way better than last night though! Hope that was the worst of it! I'm not the only person sick-- my lifting buddy is home again today with the same thing, but worse. He's got a horrible fever! Poor boy!Anyhow, life goes on and I'm getting things done today-- my plan is to get some sun and a run in today.
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