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Time is Flying by!

This week is going to be a blast!! We have a trip to Dallas on Friday- and until then I'll be eating my GREENS (and proteins), working out, prepping for the trip, shopping and doing my taxes.M- run, tennis cycle day 27 T- upper body lift and some bike intervals W-tennis and LOTS of driving- Th- Leg workout -tax appt F-NO WORKOUT- drive to Dallas, rehersal Dinner Sa- workout at hotel; wedding at 7 Su- workout at hotel in am before drive homeLet's have a stellar week #8!! Time is Flying by!

But seriously, when is life going to SETTLE DOWN??

Ok, I've been through many CHAOTIC times in my life-- this doesn't "appear" to be one of those seasons, yet I seem to have NO TIME?? I am seriously confused on why I feel so busy!! I guess that's just the life of a MOTHER?? ...AND I expect that in less than 10 years I'll be an empty nester longing for the days when my kids were here with us.To recap my week:Monday- Chest lifting workout + a hills run

My plan of attack for week 07

I had a good week 6- Got in most of my workouts -- PLUS a lot of other stuff!! This weekend I took off of workouts but was very active-- today we built a fire and cleaned up a bunch of dead trees and logs- I LOVED IT, but it was a ton of work. Yesterday I brush hogged-- that went well too.

Insulin Resistance

Yesterday I posted a bit about my insulin issues--"I've had a lot on my mind the past couple days-- I got some news about the blood/hormone tests I had done at the beginning of the month. The results support some of what I've theorized for quite some time about my body's response to carbs, I am INSULIN RESISTANT. Thankfully I've been eating higher protein/fat with lower carbs now for the past 9 years and am very consistent with my exercise because if I hadn't I'd most likely have Diabetes.


I'm so happy with how my leg workout went-- the highlights were 2 sets of squats at 165#'s-- the first 6 reps, the second at 3 (this set was the 6th overall, so I was getting tired)And deadlifts at 155#'s...it's ben awhile since I've gone this high in weight and i feel it already!! YAY!! here's a picture Gunner took of me squatting 155

Sport Specific

HELLLLOOOOO!!!I feel like I've been posting quite a bit but most of it's been contest related, not personal blogs. Let me catch you up:M- ran a warm up and then 2 hills and 5 fast sprints-- I also mowed/trimmed lawn T- ran a longer run with some intervals in it W- tennis lesson and a bit of chest workout

More on Buffing

MORE ON Buffing- “the first half of the month”- Sweet happiness –2 weeks…http://youtu.be/Z-41zW7e-eM Mindset -Hit it hard –shoot for overall weight loss (chances are you are motivated and post boosting phase so you have lots of strength and energy) -Return to a lower caloric intake- rapid weight loss level- 10x’s your goal weight is about right -Be relentless in your workouts, hit them hard and intense

Good Times!

Hey everybody!! I've been having some really GOOD times this week~ Tuesday was our 19th anniversary, so we basically HUNG OUT as much as possible. It was a fun time with my MAN!! We ate together, bought stuff together (one item was our "gift"- a mulcher), built a fire together (the burn ban just got lifted, yay!!) and hunted together + PLUS Other activities too!!

SSS Starting Stuff

Starting Thoughts: Where are you in your journey? I'm in a transition...I've been working hard, just not quite to a place of "peace" with my performance, consistency and discipline. I've made good progress in my fitness level the past 3 months-- yet, I want more. I'm on the attack to get MORE!

Getting it out of my system!!

I was instructed by a wise woman to "GET IT OUT OF MY SYSTEM" this week in preparation for the SSS contest that starts on Monday-- so that's what I did yesterday, LOL! I took the day off of workouts, went out to eat, had dessert and some other TREATS! It was a defining moment of BEING DONE with all that business!!!! BTW- yesterday evening TOM came with no pain or probelms-- much better than how mean he was last month! 
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