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Keeping my head in the right place

I run into negative people on a daily basis. I have had countless emails condemning me for being too sexy, accusing me of being "porn", notes and comments continually that I have to delete--tons from men, but many from MEAN WOMEN. People may think they KNOW me, but they have no clue! I have learned to shrug most items off-- delete and ignore is my motto. I also block people quite often from my online profiles. I am NOT HERE FOR THEM, I am here for those I can help and inspire. I am NOT HERE OF FOR THE CHURCH/Christian community either~!

Without a dryer

Seriously what does a mom of 4 do without a dryer...NO LAUNDRY, that's what, lol!! My dryer that's only 10 months old quit on me last week just as it dried the final load prior to our trip to MN. When we got home I called about it, and they can't get anyone here sooner than the 31st!

One EXTRA day...

We are home!! After ONE EXTRA DAY of travel due to flight issues, I'm so glad to be home and back to my "farm" lol!! It's gorgous here right now-- beautiful fall colors plus tons of green still!! I love fall!!While I was gone I got in 2 runs for my workouts-- NO LIFTING-- so this week I'll be hitting the weights.


HI Ya's!!Well...yesterday was a much more productive day than Monday FOR SURE!!

When to REST?

So many times I've been asked the question, "When should I REST instead of workout?" ...It's a tough one, but in general I go by about 4 different parameters:1- Is my workout going to add to my tiredness in a negative way or am I tired because I need to get moving? 2- Would an hour nap do me more good than a workout? 3- Am I sick or on the verge of getting sick? 4- Am I depleted, sore and physically in need of a day off?

Time is Flying by!

This week is going to be a blast!! We have a trip to Dallas on Friday- and until then I'll be eating my GREENS (and proteins), working out, prepping for the trip, shopping and doing my taxes.M- run, tennis cycle day 27 T- upper body lift and some bike intervals W-tennis and LOTS of driving- Th- Leg workout -tax appt F-NO WORKOUT- drive to Dallas, rehersal Dinner Sa- workout at hotel; wedding at 7 Su- workout at hotel in am before drive homeLet's have a stellar week #8!! Time is Flying by!

But seriously, when is life going to SETTLE DOWN??

Ok, I've been through many CHAOTIC times in my life-- this doesn't "appear" to be one of those seasons, yet I seem to have NO TIME?? I am seriously confused on why I feel so busy!! I guess that's just the life of a MOTHER?? ...AND I expect that in less than 10 years I'll be an empty nester longing for the days when my kids were here with us.To recap my week:Monday- Chest lifting workout + a hills run

My plan of attack for week 07

I had a good week 6- Got in most of my workouts -- PLUS a lot of other stuff!! This weekend I took off of workouts but was very active-- today we built a fire and cleaned up a bunch of dead trees and logs- I LOVED IT, but it was a ton of work. Yesterday I brush hogged-- that went well too.

Insulin Resistance

Yesterday I posted a bit about my insulin issues--"I've had a lot on my mind the past couple days-- I got some news about the blood/hormone tests I had done at the beginning of the month. The results support some of what I've theorized for quite some time about my body's response to carbs, I am INSULIN RESISTANT. Thankfully I've been eating higher protein/fat with lower carbs now for the past 9 years and am very consistent with my exercise because if I hadn't I'd most likely have Diabetes.


I'm so happy with how my leg workout went-- the highlights were 2 sets of squats at 165#'s-- the first 6 reps, the second at 3 (this set was the 6th overall, so I was getting tired)And deadlifts at 155#'s...it's ben awhile since I've gone this high in weight and i feel it already!! YAY!! here's a picture Gunner took of me squatting 155
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