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Good Times!

Hey everybody!! I've been having some really GOOD times this week~ Tuesday was our 19th anniversary, so we basically HUNG OUT as much as possible. It was a fun time with my MAN!! We ate together, bought stuff together (one item was our "gift"- a mulcher), built a fire together (the burn ban just got lifted, yay!!) and hunted together + PLUS Other activities too!!

SSS Starting Stuff

Starting Thoughts: Where are you in your journey? I'm in a transition...I've been working hard, just not quite to a place of "peace" with my performance, consistency and discipline. I've made good progress in my fitness level the past 3 months-- yet, I want more. I'm on the attack to get MORE!

Getting it out of my system!!

I was instructed by a wise woman to "GET IT OUT OF MY SYSTEM" this week in preparation for the SSS contest that starts on Monday-- so that's what I did yesterday, LOL! I took the day off of workouts, went out to eat, had dessert and some other TREATS! It was a defining moment of BEING DONE with all that business!!!! BTW- yesterday evening TOM came with no pain or probelms-- much better than how mean he was last month! 

Big Excitement!

Putting in the time!

Make it GREAT!

Another week starts....2 weeks until kids go back school- I can't wait!! My kids have gotten progressivly more lazy as the summer's go on and I've had enough of it, lol! Prodding them to do "anything" has been wearing me out! They need school!!!


Summer is coming to an end quickly!!! SO....Today I took the kids +1 to see the "Dark Knight Rises"...It was a good fun way to start the new month with the kids. August is going to be an awesome month in so many ways-- fitness wise, friend wise, family wise and fun wise!!

Celery, you are my friend...

Yep, that's right, CELERY has been my friend the past couple days. It's actually VERY GOOD! Why is it so easy to foget how yummy green veggies can be?

Sucked In!!

I keep getting SUCKED INto being on my computer-- I'm getting off it right after I post this. Instead I need to get SUCKED INto cleaning my house!! All the while SUCKING IT IN (my tummy that is, lol)!!Yesterday, I got in a modified leg workout as I brought TIA (my 9 year old DD) through a workout: a circuit #3x's through Squats Lunges Abductor-V's Laying side leg raises Sit ups

the next 3+ weeks!!

HI!! I have 25 days until a fun photoshoot on August 17th....my goal is to be more photoshoot ready than I am now. More fit, more lean and more confident in my body. I took photos and stats yesterday since it was my first official day of "Buffing" this month. Here are a few of the shots- 
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