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Let's Write!

I am so excited to have so many friends are committed to working hard for the next 70 days for this year's "SuperSTAR Success" contest!!! The Contest officially starts for us on Monday 1/24/11! Time to Get READY~!! I need to take some time to JOURNAL. Write it down!! I'd like to encourage you to Do the same...Let's write: 1.Do you remember how great you felt both physically and mentally when you were at your peak physical condition?

Live It!

Hey, Hey, Hey!! it's that time again!! Time for a 10 week Official BuffMother! contest!!! I'll be posting more details within the day in the BuffMother Rally Room!! GET READY!! So...Last night we went to the movies : "Monday night Movie time" with the family was a great experience. The 3 girls went to Narnia while Travis, Gunner and I saw "True Grit" a cowboy movie with Jeff Bridges and Matt Damon. It was a fun movie!

Tackle It!

"Tackle it today!! Take it on, head first and pound it out!"...that's my mindset towards cleaning my house today. When I started this morning it was such a complete mess that I was getting ADD from all the messes within the mess. LOL! Now a couple hours in I can breath again and feel the progress, YAY!! As I clean, I'm realizing that I'm ready to TACKLE other items in my life. I am ready to take on new goals, dreams and responsibilities!!

wonderful wednesday

I am in a great mood today!! It's really been a wonderful wednesday and I can't wait for more!! The day started by getting my kids off to school!! YAY!! Then I watched a video on netflix "a case for Christ"...interesting stuff. Meanwhile I had tons of coffee and took care of my fun little Furball puppy! It's so fun having a real life stuffed animal, lol!! Next I got to chat with SWEET Shana!!

be a BEAR!

Anyone who knows me knows I typically am all about getting out of the house to go workout at the gym.... Well, not right now! I don't wanna go anywhere! I am in hibernation mode. That's why I moved my gym from the garage into the living room. And I'm loving it!!!! Last night, I got in a great chest wo with the hubby and finished it off with 20 mins on the bike. I did some ab stuff while I was riding to help be extra efficient :). Then we watched the BCS Championship...I really wanted Oregon to win...too bad!
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