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Keeping Going

I've been keeping going with the every day in May! got in a casual workout on Friday of a Hike 30 mins, a good track workout yesterday of 8x100's- 30 mins total and today hit the bike, did some yoga, back, abs and booty work- 40 mins total. Kids have been keeping me going like crazy...drive here, go there, etc... Today has been much better- thank goodness since it's cycle day 2. Travis and I are going to watch "American Sniper" to get in the mood for Memorial Day.I'll post more tomorrow, later babes~ Michelle

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New Apparel Store

Ya gotta check out my new store!! http://buffmother.spreadshirt.com/ Today through Wednesday, you can get $5 off an order of $30- use code HANG5 Other than that, things are good here...just very busy. Gunner is having 3 friends spend the night and I'm supposed to be cleaning right now, HA! Yesterday's track practice was fun, we did hurdles and long jump. I didn't run much as I am still so sore from Tues. I did do enough though to make it count for a 20 min workout Still hitting it every day in May!! 

Decided to return my FitBit Surge... It was not "scientific" or accurate enough for me. I am a NERD. Went to school for Exercise Science and YES, I excelled at the NERDY labs we did to test fitness levels, strength, metabolism, body-fat, heart rate, EKG's etc... so having a piece of equipment that doesn't quite operate on the SCIENCE drove me insane!

Hey ya's, Happy Cinco de Mayo! I am so excited that so many of you are IN our 40 days to Fit contest!! You can start late and even if you don't fully join in you can still benefit from the AMAZING ATTITUDES caused by this contest! I promise that you will have more mojo after these 40 days! Join us!!Celebrate my 40th with me. Join us in www.teambuffmother.com for our 40 days to fit contest #buffmother #motivation #contest #bikini 


29th of April and my 29th Day in a row for workouts!! If you have never tried this EVERY DAY workout mentality you should! Something every day changes things in my brain-- so many less excuses, no loss of momentum and such a sense of pride!Today was 21 mins of bike in the morning, then 20 mins of lifting just now: inverted pull ups, bicep curls and pull ups- plus some core work for both my abs and lower back.Yesterday, I had a good solid run for 20 mins-- a couple intervals at 8mph, then 10 mins straight at 8. It was good and no quad flare up!!

Boosting Attire

warm up bikeInverted pull ups 3x10 under; over; bicepKnee ups front 2x20 Knee ups left side 2x10 Knee ups right side 2x10Edge of bench hip ups 2x10Rows 95 x 9 Overhand 95 x10 under hand x2sets2 rounds: Ball ladder 10 each side Ball above head both hands 20 Oblique on ball 10 each side Ball full sit ups 10Snatch 45x10Shoulder press 45x10 55 10x3sets (curl bar)Standing high knees leaning forward 10 each leg then 20 alternating x2 setsSit ups 40 Reverse crunches 20Bicep curls 55 × 10; 65x 10x2sets

Really Boosting! FITBIT

Squats- 45x10 135x10x2sets 155x10 135x10Dead lifts 135x10x4setsLeg Extensions 115x10x3sets + a bit of extra VMO short range of motionsLeg Curls 40x10 50x10x2sets abs series on the ball That was it, but very effective-- total workout time was 45mins


HI Ya! Time to write my POA for the week. POA is PLAN OF ATTACK...we all need one and should make one weekly. S- Treadmill run plus mish mosh of back, abs, booty M- 20mins bike; LEG DAY T- Track day W- Bike in AM; Back, shoulders biceps Th- chest, tris, abs-- KID's last meet of 2015 "Conference" F- Track Day Sa- at least 20mins of something - we'll see how sore I am Su- Track day Just announced the 4 winners of our Gym Angel Give away!!

Workout Mojo on the rise!

Just a reminder we are on day 10 in our FAB ABS Feb challenge-- we are a third done?? Have you made any progress?? Here's today's post http://www.teambuffmother.com/...e-abs-fab-abs-day-10 Yesterday I got in a GREAT run outside on the hills-- first hard run outside since I had the flu 3 weeks ago-- can you say SUCKING WIND! Yes, I hate that, but it's true, you don't magically stay in shape by doing nothing, lol!
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