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Day 3, running through the rain.

   12 p.m. Protein and low - glycemic carb's.

Day 2, running in Central Park.

May 14.   Not to hot, but very humid.I applied Ultra Sheer sunblock, weightened myself before running,and - start running toward Central Park.   Again, first 30 min. - 2 min.quickly - 2 min.slowly,  Next 30 min slowly run,  Next 30 min medium run.   When running I asking myself - what type of energy I used?   First 30 min.  - aerobic and anaerobic,   Next - aerobic /I am using my fat storage/   Next 30 min. - anaerobic /I am using glycogen storage /

How I start running in Central Park.

 May,9. 10.30.Very hot, difficult to breeze - very humid.I start on the 75 street and 1 avenu. Then I pass entrance in the park and joined the Big Circle heading North. 2 min run, 2 min walk. In my way I drink water from fountain.30 min this tempo. Then next 30 min I run without stop. And last 30 min I almost sprinting.When I get home - total running time was - 1,5 hour -I prepare for myself high-energy drink.   1/2 cup milk   20 g whey protein   1/2 banana   3 cubic ice
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