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June 24 - "Easy Sunday Morning Run"

3 p.m. - woke up because somebody's car alarm sounding.Running immediately to the kitchen to drink glass of milk / to prevent muscle breakdown/Sleeping to the 8.30 a.m.9 a.m. - breakfast.Cereal, glass of milk, banana, eggs, coffee.10.30 - 11 45 - run.Van Cortland Park was full of people, children, sportsmens. First 10 min. - easy run, looking around.Then starting concentrating only to the road where I was running. Drinking water from water fountain.Today not so hot, so I had skipped carbo - electrolyte drink and running only on water.

June 20. Hot Sayna Run.

12 p.m. - sandwich from "Subway", "Gatorade".1 p.m. - glass of water, coffee.2 p.m. - juice, water.3 p.m. - 4.20 p.m. - running in Van Cortland Park.Start slowly, paying attention to the breathing.Watering myself as much as possible.After 40 min. run feel that I am anable to move because of the heat. Lie down on the grass for 2-3 minutes, than  continue to run.Nobody was running at this time.Van Cortland Atletic Field was almost empty.4.45 - eggs, tomato juice, coffee with milk, walnuts, dry apricots.

June 19 - preparing to run tomorrow.

   Tomorrow will be very hot and humid weather. What I have to do?What I will be facing tomorrow during run? - Dehydration? Muscle cramps? Or even heatstroke?To prepare myself properly I went to the store and bought: tomato juice - contain Na+, K+,pretzels - contain Na+milk - contain Ca+Gatorade - contain K+,Na+Running during hot and humid weather will be different - tomorrow it will be impossible running on my fat storage - I have to swich my body to anaerobic metabolism, tomorrow I will be running on carbs.

June 18, working on my body composition.

9 a.m. - cereal and milk.Cheking my metabolic rate - heart rate when you wake up, but still in the bed./RMR/.Cheking hydration status.Drinking 2 glass of water.12 - lunch in the cafeteria in the "Concorse Plaza".3 p.m. snacking with food that I brought from home.5p.m. - 6.30 p.m. - run.If my goal is to improve body composition I have to:   - depleting fat storage   - increasing glycogen storage.

Running to Westchester county...

6.00 a.m. - eggs, salmon, bread and coffee.1 glass of water.Preparing food in portions for all day - 2 zip lock bag  - in my "Under Armor" bag, the rest - in refrigerator.9 a.m. snack, 2 glass of water.11 a.m.  - heavily put sunscreen on myself, shorts with long sleeve /to increase sweating rate/11 15 a.m. - 12.45 p.m. - running to Westchester County and returning back.

June 13, Wednesday, Taking the measurements.

   At home I have 3 scales.One scales show that I am 180 pounds, another scales - 170, and the third scale the best - I am only 160 pounds! Which measurements to believe? - Of course, only that scales that you use every day.So, My weight now is 170 pounds.   Another activity my favorite, too - it's calculating waist to hip ratio. All you have to have call "santimeter" or "inchmeter" /I am joking/My waist in inches - 32,hip - 42. All I have to do  - divide 32 to 42 - it will be 0.8.

Monday, June11 - running with companion.

 5.30 a.m. - cereal with milk, banana with peanut butter sandwich, 2 glass of water.7.30 - 8.30 - run.Today I run with companion. My companion was young lady, she moved recently in this area and was glad to found somebody to run ( she afraid to run in unfamiliar place alone).It was difficult exercise for me today, because of the talking. But it was very beneficial - it made possible for me measured the volume and intensity of training.

June 8, Friday's afternoon run.

6 a.m. - 2 glass of water, light breakfast.9 a.m. - heavy, restoran - style "Irish" breakfast, coffee, water.12.30 - snack - greek yogurt and banana.3 p.m. - 4.20 p.m. - run. During activity drink almost 500 ml of water, and still loosing 2 pounds of weight.So I should replenish my water balance - drinking of approximately 1 L .It is a lot!Starting as usual with easy stretch - slow running 10 min, warming myself.Then again stretch and easy plyometric exercise. Today was very hot, humid. I decided slow down my activity .

Tuesday - Wednesday, running up to the hills.

Tuesday, 4 p.m. Non-sweetened soy milk, whole-wheat bread.5 p.m. - 6 p.m. - run.10 min. easy run, stretch, than swiching activity - up to the hills quickly, down - very slowly - 20 min.Than - run how I am would like - observing neigboorhood, enjoying people, pick up some garbage and put it in the garbage can. Drinking water as much as possible.6.15  - after-run shake ;whey protein - 10g,casein protein - 5g,mangopeanut butter - 1 teaspoon;1 glass of water. Wednesday.

June 4 - running through the woods.

   6 a.m. - cheking hydration status. If, for example, your urine is of the apple juice color - you are moderately dehydrated.6.15 - cereal with milk, bread with honey, fruit.9 a.m. - snack.1 p.m. - lunch.4 p.m. - snack.
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