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Thursday afternoon Run, July 12.

2 p.m. greek yogurt, slice of cheese, 2 glass of water.3 p.m. - 4 15 p.m. - Run.Start slowly,gradually increase speed. Try to drink as much as possible.Working today on the 100 - 200 m distance (it is means that I try to deplete my glycogen stores)Look around - only a few people running today.Feel myself during activity dood, but heat finally hit me in the end of the exercise.Tty to calm dawn, decrease speed, breathe deeply.4 20 p.m. - 3 pounds lost, have to drink minimum 4 glass of water.To restore glycogen stores, I try this:

Run after rain. July 8.

6 a.m. - breakfast.Sereal with dried apricots, peanuts. Orange juice, water, coffee.6 a.m. - 7 a.m..Walking through neighborhood with my husband.Van Cortland Park look terrible in this early hours.Yesterday late was rain, people who barbequing here run out from the Park, leaving all their belongins.I am immediately brought back home my husband and run cleaning the mess.8 a.m. - 9 a.m. Run in the clean Park with great feelings, seeing two rabbits.9.30 a.m. - beef, potato, salad, water.(I was very hungry after Run and cleaning the Park).

At home, preparing to Run tomorrow. July 8.

3 p.m. - finally at home.8 a.m. - greek yogurt, water.8 a.m. - 9 a.m. - in supermarket "Pioneer".Buying food essential for hot, humid weather.It was so many "items" that I hardly can move myself. One workers recommend me tie up bags together so those could be carried over the shoulder.All food soon be delivered this way at home.

Missing New-York, two days Run.July 5 and 6.

July 5. Running to the Mission District.11 a.m. - snack with protein supplement, water, banana.12 a.m. - 12 30 p.m. Run.Market street, people, cold, windy, street cars.In the Mission - beautiful paintings on the wall, picturesque habitant, blue sky.2 p.m. - lunch.Sushi, a lot og green tea.July 6.6 a.m. - water, bread with peanutbutter.6 a.m.-7 a.m.  - Run.Mason street,Huntigton square, roses, fountain, feeling myself like in Monmart in Paris.Try to repeat a few times incline - decline climbs, very difficult.

San Francisko Run, July 3.

6 a.m.wake-up, cramps in the leg.Drinking 2 glass of water.Looking cafeteria to eat.2 hours looking...Finally found, ordering breakfast.8 a.m. - breakfast.9 a.m. - heading to the "Old Navy" to buy some warm clothes on sale, because very cold outside.10 a.m. - buying soy and whey protein supplements. Drinking coffee in the hotel room.

Reading nutritional labels and playing piano, June 29.

7 a.m. - Friday Summer Morning!After breakfast I like enjoying my coffee.But what cookie I have to choose for that?   Trader Joe's Organic Animal Crackers Low in fat - Low in sodium orPalitos Integrales Whole Wheat Breadsticks?For answering this questions I have to do some math - divide Total carbs to Sugar:Trader Joe's - 6g :25 =0.24 - more than 20 %Palitos Integrales - 1g : 13 =0.07, less than 20% of sugar in the product. So, I choose "Palito Integrales", because it more healthy!

Well - prerared afternoon run - June 28.

  1 p.m. - lunch, diluted juice, banana.2.45 - weightened myself - 170 pounds.Diluted juice, salty crakers. Sunscreen.3 p.m. - 4 p.m. - run. Van Cortland Park was very busy today - day of the opening pool.A lot of happy children, many tennisist's and golfist's.Everybody happy and try to spent their time the most. So do I.Starting slowly, very carefully crossing the road, I gradually increase the speed.Today - run in the woods.50 m sprint - 50 m slowly - 10 times,then 100 m quickly - 100 m slowly - 10 times

Running to the supermarket, June 27.

   Thursday, Friday and Saturday will be very hot. What to do? - Prepare yourself ahead - so, I came to the nearest supermarket "Pioneer" and bought: Eastern Potatoes 5 lbs / contain Potassium - great options for your heart duting heat /Supreme Imitation Crabmeat /Sodium - 620 mg,Protein 6g /Fage Greek Strained Yogurt / Protein - 23g , the price was only 3$ /Goya Red Kidney Beans - /Protein 7g, Sodium 350 mg, Dietary fiber - 8g /Minute Maid Orangeade /Sugars - 30g, Sodium - 15 mg /

Not running - sitting in the playground, June 26.

Today I decided not to run - but instead help people to be active in my community. I choose Bailey Playground - nearest from my home.1 p.m. - 4 teenagers coming and starting in front of me broking down small children swings. /the favorite activity in each playground/Hello, /I smiled/ - would you like to exercise? - Teenagers rolling eyes on me, but with interest.And I showed them very fun and simple activity.They smiling and do it, totally forgot to breaking swings!

Swimming through the rain, June 25.

7 a.m. - salmon, bread, coffee,fruit.9 a.m. - 9 30 - waiting in the Riverbank State Park for opening. Everybody looking in the window - thunderstorm passing by.9 40 a.m. - I am in the water!9 40 - 10 20 a.m. - swimming in the fast line...slowly.10 45 a.m. - waiting in another line - in McDonald's.Ordering McMuffin, coffee, fruit salad.Eating and reading food's label:Calories - 300Protein - 18 gFat - 12g
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