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Power Walk through Neighborhood, September 6.

What is the great day today! The school have been started, so I have decided to celebrate this date.8 a.m. - oatmeal cereal, nuts, cranberry.Coffee, water, bread with butter.10 a.m. - 2 p.m.Walk.

Not Running Today - working with clients in my home, September 3.

 3 p.m. - I have cleaned up my apartment, three times washing floor, removing not needed object's from the room.Preparing and cleaning Kettlebells, Swiss Balls, Medicine Balls.Advising my family's members not to use bathroom and shower, when clients will be arrived.

Running on the bicycle to meet Bronx River, August 31.

8 30 a.m. - hot dogs, tomato, cold coffee with added whey protein in it, water.

Saturday Run, new tactic to slowing down Protein Breakdown.

3 p.m. Chicken-potato salad, mandarine, water.3 50 p.m. - weightened myself.4 p.m. - 5.30 p.m.Saturday's repetitive Sprinting in the Van Cortlandt Park.A lot of people, children's,barbekue all around.Great smell of summer.Trying to drink water and slower activity, when feeling tired.My post-exercise snack today consist of two equal meals, one of them I have drank immediately after activity, another will be consumed after 2 hours.5 40 p.m.:1 scoops of MetaboLife (5 g Proteins),1/2 scoops of Gold Standard Whey (12 g Proteins),

Running on the bicycle to train clients, August 24.

4 p.m. - soup "Chili", bread, tea.Preparing snack to go:banana,bread with peanut butter.Drinking 2 glass of water.Preparing my bicycle for road.4.30 p.m. - I was the hitting road first time in direction that I have had never be before.A little nervous.Van Cortlandt Park, Riverdale, Yonkers.Downtown of Yonkers, beautiful Getty Square, Library, restorants.Where am I - I have forgot that I was heading to my clients for one second.6 p.m. - I have reach my destination.6 p.m. - 7 p.m.Very intensive session.7 05.p.m. - leaving my clients.

Running through all long summer day, August 21.

6 a.m. - milk, sereal, glass of water, weightening myself.6 15a.m.-7 15a.m.Running in Van Cortlandt Park with my husband.All three month he had looking how I have been running in the woods, today he have decided try to challenge himself too.It was very slowly activity, all the time I have worried for my husband, but he was good, he have run almost two big circles in the park.7 20a.m.oatmeal with fruits, coffee, vitamins - C, B, E in the form of Olive oil, mineral supplements  - Ca,Mg.Water.

August 20, Sprinting to the finish line - Taking Exam.

  9 a.m. - woke up (I have allowed myself plenty of sleep), sereal, milk, peanut butter, coffee, water. One drop of Basil oil I have put on the tissue and have inhaled aroma (Basil is an age-old calmative that have beenused to reduce anxiety, lift spirits, and improve concentration)9 a.m.-11 a.m.Exam.   "The kinetic chain specifically adapting to the type of known as...  Which plane of reactive training increase muscle spindle activity...

Running through NASM certifications, August 14.

   7 a.m. - cereal, milk, grapes, water.   8 30 a.m. - 10 a.m.Run. No sanscreen applying today, afternoon should be a rain.On the "Classic" Playground I have drank more water and have run "free style".Golf club, a lot of visitors today, Van Cortlandt Park, woods.Great place to exercise and analyze information.The words and images from "Lengthening Techniques" portion, where DR. Clark have showed his techniques on the "model" Kelly.

Stadying NASM Certifications, August !0.

 8.30 p.m. - 9 p.m.I was refreshing my head by brisk walking in the Park.  9 p.m. - the study have began.I have prepared myself for comfortable reading - chair, lamp, tea.  "...There are several methods available..."  ..."Each method can be used separately..."  ..." Conversely, recent research has also indicated..."

Bying Brittney Cut Off Shorts, analizing food labels, August 8.

9 a.m. - pre-running snack (sereal,bread with peanut butter, water, coffee)9 45 a.m. - weightened myself in shoes,sunscreen, wearing long-sleeve shirt to increase difficulty in exercize).
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