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Walking around, wearing 2 sports costumes, October 16.

7:30AM - breakfast.8:00AM - 10:30AM.Brisk walking.Starting on Broadway at 238, all way up to the Wave Hill, crossing Van Cortlandt Park, too.Outside have been cold, so I decided to wearing two costumes in layers for warming myself.It was right decision, because the air was crisp and I have felt it flow through me.

Mid-day Run in the Middle of Fall, October 10.

 5:00AM - breakfast.8:30AM - snack.12:00PM - lunch.1:30PM - 3:00PM.Run in the Van Cortlandt Park.I have run slowly, without sprinting today.The weather have been amazing.Bailey Avenue, Fort Independence ST,very noisy Broadway, and I have rich the Park.Canadian Geeses still have sat there, and only a few people.The water fountain have been working.I can't believe, I have saw the Eagle today.He have sat on the fence and have looking around on the cars and people.3:15 - glass of water, no snacking after run (activity have been not intensive)

Cross-Bronx Bicycling, October 5.

7 AM - breakfast.9 30AM - snack, sunscreen, cotton shirt with long sleeve, cap.

Running through the end of Summer, September 30.

  2 30 p.m. - dinner (chicken soup, vegetables, coffee with crunberry cake.4 30pm - 5 30 pm.Run in the Park.Almost all week I have no chance to exercise myself.Every step I have made with effort, I cannot accomodate myself to the brisk, fresh air after rain, the road have been slippy.The Park have been empty - only one group of players in white uniform was there, one Korean lady and one bicyclist.But after 20 minutes I have felt myself better, started to breeze more efficiently, and have finish the circle almost sprinting.  After-Run snack:

Recovery Run through the woods, September 24.

9 a.m. - breakfast.Milk,sereal, farmer cheese, bread, banana.11 a.m. - 12 30 p.m.Three mile Run in the Park.What type of activity I have to choose today?I have deciced to do "recovery" activity, running in Zone 1.(RER 0.80 - 0.90, Heart Rate Percentage 65-75).I have not using any monitors, but how I know exactly that I am in Zone 1?If You can speak and sing without any effort - You are in this Zone, using muscle glycogen and fatty acids.

Smoothly running to the Fall, September 20.

8 a.m. - breakfast.Cereal,milk, farm cheese, bread, coffee.9 a.m. - visiting near my home "Stop and Shop" supermarket.When I have standed near cassier, I have noticed magazine "Fitness" I immediately have brought in my shopping cart.9 30 a.m. - I have reading article on the page 94 "Rock Star ABS"No gym required" about exclusive lower body workout from Madonna's trainer.(by Jannet Lee).

Working on Resume, September 17.

11 p.m. - reading requirements for jobs.   -Conducting Group Seminars   -Developing Group and Individual Athletic Nutritional Program   -Preventing Athletes from injuries and physiologial stresses. What the links I have to use in my background that will have to bring me in today's "Certified Fitness Nutritional Specialist" and "Cardio Performance Specialist"?What I have to emphisized? And what I have to not mentioned?

The End of Season - creating flyers, September,15.

  The summer have finished already, so I have to start with new strength amd power my business.What I have to do? I have to clearly realized where I am now - in time and space.It is new neighborhood for me, very diversed - from Spanish-speaking neighborhood to Russian "embassador territory", ending up with very closed English-speaking "Riverdale" Community.

Running two day's on the interview, September 10 and 11.

September 10.9 a.m. - breakfast, preparing meal "to go" (cold turkey, raisins, apples).10 30 a.m. - have looking for a bus in Larchmont.11 a.m. - have boarded.12 p.m. - Larchmont.I have cannot find New York Sports Club there!After a few minutes I have realized that I have reach Marmaroneck already!12 p.m. - 1 p.m. - brisk walking from Marmaroneck to the Larchmont.1 30 p.m. - 2.p.m.Interview.2 p.m. - 3 p.m.brisk walking to the New Rochelle.Lunch in the Park.3 30 p.m. -boarding to the bus.

Run when Turkey is in oven, September 9.

8 30 a.m. - Rice Pudding, coffee, water.9 a.m. - Picking up the frozen Turkey, making from foil and meat rolling-stone.Bringing in oven and forgetting about it for three hours.Preparing myself for getting out.
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