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The Perfectionist Does Opera His Way, New York Times, Sunday, February 2, 2014

“My whole life, it is a run,” – said Dmitri Tcherniakov, Russian stage director – “A run with a goal. Sometimes I’m running and I’m gasping for air. Sometimes I run in happiness, sometimes I run in fear. And I want an opportunity to stop and look at things differently.”

Reading "Severe Drought Has U.S. West Fearing Worst", article in New York Times, published Sunday, February 2, 2014

Today I can barely walk and ride to my home – train is not working, sidewalks are a complete mess and one snowstorm followed by another, lower temperature did not give people any relaxation... But! Why I was so interested in this article? In New York situation with drinking water are excellent, near my apartment - huge Reservoir with drinking water, nothing to worry about!

A few thoughts about Business – reading the article in New York Times “Domino’s Delivery Workers Settle Suit For $1.3 Million”

   Two bicycle delivery men sued the Domino’s franchisee that employed them, accusing it of minimum wage and overtime violations. The names of these two men are Anatole Yameogo and Rodriguez Herrera. They are working for Domino’s pizza shop on East 89 Street in Manhattan. I remember Domino’s pizza shop between 74 and 75 St. and 1st Ave; I lived there 2 years ago. Delivery men are working very hard every day, often risking their lives; I don’t even mention the bad weather, when delivery men have to work in intolerable conditions.

Drive car until you're a hundred!

Now I can believe that New Year really started! And it started very strong, with cold, wind and snow. I never saw it here before! So we have to be strong, too! Like real New Yorkers, resisting this harsh weather!   My attention was caught by an article in New York Times for December 14, 2013. The title of the article is “The Aging May Have Alternative to Giving up the Car Keys”, from First Business Page.

Notes on obesity

My attention this week was caught by the article from “Essence” magazine, written by Jeannine Amber. The name of the article intrigued me – “The new science of weight loss”. Good, it is very relevant to me, because I am working on it every day!

Time to work very hard, November 23.

   Thanksgiving...Black Friday...Beautiful weather outside...   What to do? - Of course, celebrate, but not to long.Remember, that for Personal Trainers it is best time to work with future clients.   But how to work?I had choose to work both ways:first, I had delivered flyers about my practice,second, I had choose another very productive tactic - sitting with flyers on the most busy street - Broadway /I had brought with myself portable table and chair/Here some examle of this sitting:

Practicing balance and core training, November 21.

12 PM - chicken soup,broccoli with rice, green tea.1 PM - studying NASM "Balance and Core" Training, watching video.But where am I may practice "Balance and Core" movement? I decided put myself directly to unstabilized activity - on the ice of the Ice Rink Van Cortlandt Park.2PM - 3 PM - practicing.I had kept myself near fence, and had tried strokes:Long write slide, short left slideLong write slide, short left

Very long day, November 16.

5:00 - breakfast6:00 - visiting "Stop and Shop", buying gloves and Outdoor Trash Bags.6:00AM - 9:00AM.My "Outdoor activity" had began.I had collected dead leaves in Trash Bags.9:30AM - second breakfast.10:30AM - 12PM.I had visited New York Botanical Garden.Today had been "Train Show "Preview. It had been amazingly beautiful there and I had dreamed about - may be one day all Bronx will be looking exactly like NYBG today?1:00PM - I had returned home for dinner

I can not reach my clients, November 7.

I can not reach my clients, who have living in Yonkers and Riverdale, so, what to do?

Cold, long dark evenings, November 1 - 2.

   In my apartment very cold.I have sitting and watching news about terrible devastations and damages. "Foundation of a house in Seaside Heights that had been partially washed away...Two boys, 11 and 13, died in North Salem, when a tree crashed through the living room...9,000 residents in several states remain in rescue shelters..."
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