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Don't Worry

 Take the high road and choose to make this weekend on of peace, happiness and joy! You deserve to be Happy.  So, don'w worry about things you cannot control, embrace those things and expect change for the good. 

What Ya Gonna Do?

[WHAT TO DO IN TIMES LIKE THIS]: Take responsibility for your life because you are the creative force of your life. Fellow great minds, we cannot afford to leave our lives in the hands of other people. Remember if you do not take charge of your life now, other people will do so for you. TAKE CHARGE OF YOURSELF AND OF YOUR WORLD!!!

Sand, Rocks and Pebbles

IMPORTANT THINGS IN LIFE. A philosophy professor stood before his class with some items on the

Be A Bit Risky, Go On!!

No risk, no reward.  There have been billions of people throughout history who have had th

Drip or Pour? still wasted water

On wasted time: A bucket with a small hole in the bottom gets just as empty as a bucket that is deliberately kicked over. -Paul Meyer

Saturday Night Simple!

Its simple - JUST Keep Going! Determination, consistent habits, and constant evolution - YOU CAN DO IT!

No Average Joe's Here!

No one wants to be just adequate. Our goal is to be more than adequate. Decide today to excel, focus, and be intentional about a particular area of growth in your life.

Am I Responsible?

Choose to take responsibility, to take the initiative, and to take action. Make it your business to make real progress, and you will.  Regardless of where you are in life, always strive to learn, teach and inspire...kpg


On a personal note -  I stopped by my church today to pickup some things for my 6 month old, Ella Louise at the community services department.  So, I decided to stick around and asked to help out.  It was moving to spend time just helping others outside of the training environment.  Now, I have volunteered many times in the past, but this was different.  I actually paid attention to others, folks picking up clothes, food and such. 

How full is your glass?

A psychologist walked around a room while teaching stress management to an audience. As she raised a glass of water, everyone expected they'd be asked the "half empty or half full" question.
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