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Self Motivated

Self motivation is like a muscle, it needs exercise to keep strong and in good shape. If you fail to exercise a muscle it will gradually atrophy until it becomes completely useless.  

Stronger than you are!

Accept what is as if you had chosen it, and avoid creating stories and hypothetical outcomes that don't exist.

Weekend Nugget

Growth happens in the heart and in the the mind, before anywhere else. It's an inside job and everyday is an opportunity called Progress. Just remember every moment and everyday is your personal process.

wishing, waiting, nothing!

Dont waste time sitting and wishing for good things to happen. Go MAKE THEM HAPPEN. Today! Whats stopping you? Now is the time to move (literally) in life.  We were born to LIVE LIFE, not wallow in misery, be constantly depressed, upset, sad, etc.  Those emotions take up entirely too much energy and effort. 

What A Character!

MOTIVATION: "You can always tell how much someone cares by the way they give." -

Float Like A Butterfly!

"Its not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog" (message) - No matter big or small, don't let the challenges keep you down. Of course you'll get knocked down, but get back up and go after it again! Be the champion you know yourself to be.



Don't Worry

 Take the high road and choose to make this weekend on of peace, happiness and joy! You deserve to be Happy.  So, don'w worry about things you cannot control, embrace those things and expect change for the good. 

What Ya Gonna Do?

[WHAT TO DO IN TIMES LIKE THIS]: Take responsibility for your life because you are the creative force of your life. Fellow great minds, we cannot afford to leave our lives in the hands of other people. Remember if you do not take charge of your life now, other people will do so for you. TAKE CHARGE OF YOURSELF AND OF YOUR WORLD!!!

Sand, Rocks and Pebbles

IMPORTANT THINGS IN LIFE. A philosophy professor stood before his class with some items on the
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