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100% not good enough!

Why not look at the world with a different perspective. Open your eyes to everything you are missing and you wont believe how amazing you can be.  Fortune favors those who choose to see it coming. Prosperity belongs to those who work to bring it to life. 


My goal: a healthy lifestyle. It's not easy for me; the desire to workout with the intensity that makes the workout not as much fun as it feels like punishment, the avoidance of unhealthy foods that I love. But, as I try to find the balance; staying active enough and eating clean enough to boost my health inside my body and out. I am grateful for the choices I can make. 

Be A Sport!!

MID DAY CUP OF MOTIVATION: Life is a sport called Progress. Called GROWTH. LIFE is the greatest game ever played. It takes Focused strategies, committed players, and a supportive team, that's got your back, to stay in and succeed in the GAME.


The FIVE R's are key words that summarize a Negative Thought Stopping procedure that can help you achieve this goal. Each word sets up the thought process for the next step in this sequential procedure. Implementing this thought process on a consistent basis, with intensity, is critical to successfully learning to stop negative or counter-productive thoughts.


Why not look at the world with a different perspective. Open your eyes to everything you are missing and you won't believe how amazing you can be.  There is an old saying, "how can I soar like an Eagle if I am flying with turkeys".  This is such a true statement, people who fly low typically want you to fly with them.  

i quit

It takes hard work and suffering to get to where you want to be.. day by day you must take it in and realize you are different than you were yesterday..

Who do you work for?

"Spiritual practice is about transformation, but it's also, and more importantly, about working with what is." Angel Kyodo Williams


MOTIVATION: BE POSITIVE. Stay on the POSITIVE side of life. We SAY what we continue to Think. We have a SAY in how we show up and turn around our lives. Our lives LISTEN to and reflect what we SAY. So keep saying something GOOD. It's a process but You've got this! 

Who Am I?

TEAM MOTIVATION: "A MAXIMIZER is someone who has unlimited capacity of learning, sharing, developing, and nurturing. He is someone who does not set boundaries but expand them, and reach deeper up to the point of resistance. He does not stop when he meets hindrances along the way.


Be Exceptional. Be Amazing. Be your one TRUE self. Make it happen. Its only you who can make life what it can be. Go after it with no regret. The time is now.
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