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You will accomplish whatever you sincerely BELIEVE you will accomplish. And you can believe whatever you choose to believe. Visualize yourself reaching the goal, and your belief will grow. Take consistent steps in the direction of that goal and allow yourself, with everything you are, to fully believe in whatever you seek to do. It will surely be. 


We all have to be, this is our choosing in life.  We can BE good, we can BE bad, we can BE many things.  In my line of work I am always in BE mode, my life has to have purpose, meaning and a drive for excellence in my day.  What will you BE today? let me know ;-) Talent is God give.  Be Humble. Fame is man-given.  Be grateful. Conceit is self-given. Be Careful.  

Brown Fat Craze

I have been reading about the new surge in Brown Fat research and how this is being translated into new programs, pills and typical sales marketing hype for those who think there is a fast way to drop weight and keep it off.  Don't believe the hype, these studies have been mostly used on mice and have been around for at least 5 years.  I will not go into great detail on this but encourage you to take the time to read more, avoid getting excited and DO NOT stand in line to be the first on your block to try out this method :-)

Reach High

What is it with Climbing, Reaching and Achieving?  Well, as we journey through or daily walks, we should always strive to accomplish something.  This is simple stuff, set the goal and go about achieving it.  Whether it is long term, short term, regardless of the goal or length, go and do it.  

Failure Not an Option!

Nobody needs to say "That's it!" when they fail, as though it is the end--or as though it's the ultimate achievement. It's just a truth on the road of life. Just make sure you don't apply it to the whole of life: Failure is a definition, not an accomplishment

_____Does the body good!

What a week it has been, my body has responded to the physical toll of training, working out, traveling between clients, kids and sickness.  After saying all that I am still very thankful for my week and am looking forward to rest. REST does the body good!!!

Hold Fast

What a day it is turning out to be.  It is the middle of the week, for the first time in a while I can say it is hump week.  In my profession my clients are liken to my 2 young daughters.  Both are glad and excited to see you, whether it is playing or training.  So, I may not have the energy, strength or stamina to make it, but then I realize it is not about me, because I am a servent.  So, today I will hold fast, muster the energy, strength, patience and be alive for this day.

Not Today

How often have we said to ourselves I should do this but "not today", is it a grand assumption that tomorrow is our decision. Well for me, I am learning to work to do all I can TODAY! Be motivated to accomplish your goals, get one step closer to the place you have envisioned yourself to be. Not Today? well, how about not waiting until tomorrow.


Results are the measurements of your success.  I am inspired daily by my clients progress, goals met and milestones reached.  Whether it is at work, home or play, be inspired to reach your goals, getting results out of yourself or from others.  

Monday Morning Quarterback

Congratulations, if you are reading this message that means you are still in the Land of the Living.  That is something to celebrate.  It was a long weekend but restful, which for me is a blessing.  There are many things we can set out to do today, but looking at how we lved our lives yesterday, let's take a moment and play Monday Morning Quarterback.  Are there any moments you could think of and say "I should/could have done or handled that differently".  
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