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Take Charge!

Seize the Day! - There is no better opportunity than now to take action. What does procrastination bring? An easy way to overcome this is by setting yourself up for success each day. Put a game-plan together and item by item check them off. Chunk the day into small projects and achievements. This activity will in itself move you forward. Get up get moving and make it happen! This is your time. 

Be Me

Yeah, yeah, I know, be you?  No, just the opposite, be yourself.  The more I interact with my clients, family and friends I learn more and more how it is important to be myself.  Sometimes we try and emulate others, impress others (feats of strength) or just flat out lie to others to hype ourselves.  Today, take time to figure out who you are.  You say, I know who I am, really do you.  Well, the clock starts now.  Share your thoughts please.

Difference Making Defined!

To make a difference, you often must be different. It takes courage and confidence to go against the grain of negativity that may surround you. That courage can bring great rewards, so in times of great difficulty and stress, choose to be a beacon of encouragement, understanding and positive purpose. Be different and truly make a valuable positive difference. 

Identify yourself

“The only way you discover a new identity is by letting an old one go. And the only way you’ll find security in Christ is by throwing down the human securities we tend to cling too.” Mark Batterson  What part of your identity are you hanging onto like it is a security blanket, giving you comfort, even though it's holding you back? Is it time to let go?


Don’t waiting forever for conditions to be perfect. Go ahead with the way things are, with what you have, and get busy creating new value. You are surrounded by great abundance, so make positive and diligent use of it. Stand up straight, take a deep breath, put a smile on your face and get busy making good things happen. This is your moment, ACT!

Choices we make!

Choice is a powerful thing. It provides us with a great deal of personal responsibility. There may be external factors in each of our days, but the choices in which we make are what make our successes or struggles. Stay the course, HOLD FAST, and NEVER give up. You are the captain of your own destiny. Be the best you, YOU can be.


another long day, training since 7am, is time to relax and, well just relax.  After a long day at 3 gyms the body looks forward to sitting!  How do you relax after a long day?

No Title Needed

I will not be a victim to my circumstances, my weakness, or my AGE. I will not make excuses. I will succeed or fail. And then try again, often at something harder.

Are you Interesting?

If you want to be interesting, be interested. If you wish to truly learn, teach. If you would like to be wealthy, be generous. Every day is an opportunity to raise your life to a higher level by giving the best that you have. Put it into action and make things happen. 

Believe It, Receive It

The gift you receive, to start each day a new, is the universes way of providing absolute power in your hands to make it what you choose it to be. Cleans yourself of all the thoughts, actions, and beliefs leading up to today that may have kept you from your achievements and begin fresh with renewed energy, action and optimism. YOU create your own successes, whatever they may be. 
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