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3 simple rules!

3 things in human life are important. The 1st is to be kind. The 2nd is to be kind. And the 3rd is to be kind. -Henry James  This was a well needed qoute that I read today, sometimes we (I) allow ego to step in and conquer humility, I know that does not happen to any of YOU :-) but I do fall victim every now and then.  Thank goodness for other people's wisdom, have a great day team! 

take the Challenge!

Challenge yourself to focus on the positive influences and possibilities in your life. Turn your attention to things of real value. They will shine the light on new possibilities and inject positive energy into your efforts. Focus on real abundance in your life and that attention will make abundance grow. 

You - Can

ENCOURAGEMENT: "What YOU believe about yourself, What YOU think about ourself determines everything about yourself. " Your self image is the lid on your potential. John C. Maxwell TAKE AWAY:

What Do You Expect?

The quality of your life is driven by the quality of your standards. Low standards will generate low results and high standards will generate high results. Align yourself with your greatest purpose. Life will always meet your standards, so raise them high. Expect more of yourself and you will get it. 

the little things in life

Great day indeed!  A new milestone in my life, 49 years old, March 31st...This has been an incredible journey, along the road there have been pitfalls, successes, milestones, triumph's, downfalls, joy, peace, discontent, elation and sprinkle in a regret or two (but not many).  Having reflected on all of this not much would change for me, yes of course we can always say more money, but that does not elimate stress or bring comfort or security to the intangible things we encounter in life, not at all.

Make it about YOU!!!!

You may achieve success in your first attempt, yet most will accomplish true success from repeated efforts done consistently over and over again. If you can do it once, you can do it again. Keep doing it long enough, and it will become a part of you. Make success a part of YOU and it will never leave your side. 

2nd cup

MORNING CUP OF MOTIVATION: WE can not move any further ahead than our own BELIEF. Our BELIEFS are like the eyes to the who we are, what we are, and what we BEcome. So What are we Believing about ourselves Today? LIfe is what we make it, because Life is made based on what We believe about it. 

One Word!

The difference between success and failure comes in one word - Perseverance. So when all the chips seem to be stacked against you, dig deep, take a deep breath, lift yourself up and face adversity straight in the face. Do this and time and time again the door to success opens and failure becomes a fading memory. 


Prepare for what you know is coming, and you’ll be much better positioned to deal with what you don’t know is coming. Stop playing catch up and be ahead of the curve. Action does not always bare immediate results, but consistent action will carry you through the lean times and when success comes, it comes HUGE! So, keep from getting discouraged by any means necessary. The biggest hurdles are of our own creation. 

Be Authentic

MORNING CUP OF MOTIVATION: "I think people want to follow authentic leaders, not perfect leaders...To be AUTHENTIC is to be real" (John C. Maxwell)
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